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  1. Your a pleasure to deal with fast easy transaction yet again. Great communication thanks a lot and I’ll keep you informed if any more hero’s come my way 👍
  2. Hi molly Back to the future use 2015 issue #1 only 62 graded copies of this book they are extremely hard to find. Most copies are signed which makes them very expensive. I can’t find any recent sales on eBay as they are that rare This standard #1 has been updated. Thank you
  3. Hi guys just want to get peoples thoughts on this message I’ve recieved from a member called bigclutch I’ve checked out his profile and there is nothing on there. My first thought is this is a scam of some description just want other members thoughts and possibly warn other members about this guy. “Hey! Shoot me your address. I've got a little something we'd like to send you for TWD's 15th Anniversary. -shawn“ Cheers guys adam
  4. Hi mollie please could you add back to the future #9 the regular variant to the “back to the future (2015 complete with variants)” set please the certificate number is 1433601011 many thanks adam
  5. Posted: March 12, 2018 11:40:26 am Hi have recently bought this comic and will be sending it in to get graded but just wanted to see what label CGC will give it. Below is all about the comic but it’s the bottom paragraph that got me thinking it won’t come back a blue label. Thanks for taking the time to read my post I look forward to hearing back from anyone Publisher* - Image Series Title* - WALKING DEAD Issue(s)* #1 variant Cover Date* 2004 This Museum Edition version of The Walking Dead #1 was made shortly after the original comic came out as part of a promotion for the Fear Fest Horror Con around mid-Ohio in 2004. However, due to slow vendor sales the con was cancelled. After that, the comic books were kept in storage for about a decade before resurfacing again. The intent was to give the comics to the top tier ticket buyers in their ticket package. There were gold stickers made that were going to be applied on the back cover above the numbering that showed the Fear Fest Horror Con name along with the promotion company's name on it; however, since the con was cancelled, the stickers were never affixed and are now long gone. This comic has a prestige cover printed by Quebecor and is limited to 100 copies; most of which still have not been released into circulation making it one of the most rare walking dead books in existence. The inside is black and white and printed on a high quality paper. Each comic is hand-numbered
  6. Hi Mollie could you add to the back to the future idw 2015 complete with variants set back to the future #1 jet pack/ forbidden planet variant many thanks Adam
  7. Hi Mollie could you add Back to the future (idw) issue #10 & #10 subscription edition. To the back to the future(2015 complete with variants) set and issue #10 to the back to the future (2015) set Many thanks adam
  8. Hi did the spots get removed once your comic got reholdered? I'm only asking as I have the same problem and hope they are not on the comic
  9. Thanks for the idea I have already tried this unfortunately with no success he likes to get his hands on things he knows he's not allowed then destroys them he's a bit like a puppy at the moment I can't wait for this faze to end. he even got hold of my work diary and ripped every page out of it, chewed on a few pages and ripped up the rest. I lost a lot of business that week. I now leave my diary in my van lesson learnt. I've had to resort to duck taping the lids onto the long boxes I have in the spair bedroom/ office every day I come home there are baby teeth marks and stress marks on the lid where he has tried to get in. I just hope he doesn't figure out how to get through duck tape. I have never know a child to be so obsessed with paper!
  10. I have a 2 year old that gets everywhere and likes to rip pages out of books and magazines. i hide them the best I can but when I'm at work he runs around the house terrorising my wife and she can't keep tabs on him every second I have long box after long box of comics and try to slab all the valuable ones to make sure they don't get destroyed while I'm at work. By my little monster
  11. Slabbing it would be mainly for more added protection and hopefully make it easier to sell in future when I'm ready to let it go to a new home.
  12. Image comics release there 25th anniversary blind box which has been selling on eBay for upwards of $300 due to there only being 1992 boxes made. Each box contains 25 random comics, so in all the 1992 boxes there are 49,800 comics up for grabs. Out of these 49,800 comics there are 500 here's Negan comics which is the main reason people are buying these boxes. Now I didn't know until I opened up my box and found one that There is also 25 blank sketch covers of here's Negan printed with original artwork on the covers. These sketch covers as you can imagine are every walking dead fans dream my question is do I send it in to get graded with the dreaded green label or leave it raw? Also would the green label put people off buying it if I came to sell it at a later date? Below is my here's Negan sketch cover
  13. Set: Back t the future IDW (2015 cmplete with variants) Book: Back to the future #1 Rebel base edition certificate number 0291288016 many thanks adam
  14. Hi Gemma could you please add Back to the future (2015) IDW issue #1 wizard world edition certificate number #1427316005 many thanks
  15. Hi Gemma Is it possible to create a Back to the future (2015) set without variants? Many thanks Adam