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  1. I wish I could say she was uncomfortable. Among the sorry, sordid parts about this episode though was the obvious, dismissive "I don't care/I can't be bothered" attitude in her demeanor. There wasn't the slightest bit of remorse or shame or guilt. It would have been great to step into the movie world for a moment and pull a Rodney Dangerfield at the end of "Caddyshack" as Ted Knight wants to stiff him and not pay up, whereupon Rodney exclaims: "Yeah, that's what I thought. Hey Moose... Rocco... help the judge find his checkbook."
  2. You have to have some thick skin to have a yard sale as you'll be dealing with the public and all of their idiosyncrasies. I've had some profitable ones, but to get there I've seen people offer fifty cents on a marked $20.00 item, I've seen (or rather, missed seeing) people shoplift items marked at fifty cents and I've had someone gather up 10-15 items from all over, offer $1-$2, then leave them in disgust when I wasn't enthralled with the offer. But the one that sticks in my mind was this well-dressed lady in her mid-40s who tooled up in a Mercedes. She struck me as a nouveau riche type and was one of those "touch" browsers that had to pick up every item, only to put it down again and usually in the wrong place. One such item was a small, cheap ceramic palm tree S&P shaker with 2 ceramic coconuts that hung at the top with small holes for the salt and pepper. I had it marked at $1.00 and laid it down flat so the small coconuts would not roll off or make the tree tip and fall with any wind. Sure enough, she picked it up and one of the two fell on the concrete, shattering it and making it now a unilateral salt shaker (or pepper... I don't remember which). Of course she sought me out, apologized for breaking the item, paid the buck and went on her way...... Nahhh, I'm just kidding. No apologies, she put it back like nothing happened, left the broken piece on the ground and started walking to her car. I guess if it would have been anyone else I would have just shrugged and put it down to breakage accidents and let it ride, but it bothered me to have someone stroll over to your property, break something, and because of a sense of entitlement, a feeling that they're better than you or simply bad manners they would just walk away as if nothing happened without even an apology or at least an acknowledgement. I intercepted, pointed out that she had broken this item which was no longer useful and asked her to pay-up. She said she didn't have money. I looked pointedly at her Benz, raised an eyebrow Spock-like and noted that people usually don't go to yard sales without money (at this point I knew I was never going to get a cent out of this creature, so I decided to see how far to extend the ridiculousness). She insisted she had none and continued to walk to the car, when I again interjected to point out what had happened and what she intended to do about paying for this broken item which I could no longer sell. She didn't break stride and said she would just have to go to an ATM and return with the money. I repeated everything again, emphasizing the absurdity and with an incredulous tone. "Let me get this straight: You broke a $1 item, you don't have $1 in your posession (not even in change), you're going to track down an ATM, get the dollar then return and pay for this shaker?" She continued to mutter that she would, then just drove away, leaving me in a cloud of diesel.
  3. Purchased several more ASM from Jeff who worked with me on price and was shipped/arrived as fast as if he just walked across the street to deliver the goods. Thanks Jeff!
  4. Purchased a couple of ASM from Jeff and all super-smooth with great communication and fast, sturdy shipping. Thanks again!
  5. The greater the age or the price will garner some interest since one declaration will usually lead to the other being asked. There's usually some interest in the scarcity factor (especially if it's a WWII book), a bit of polite golf clapping, then everyone heads for the booze cabinet. Oddly enough, no one's ever mentioned the obvious: How do you get it in/out of the slab if you want to read it? On reflection, this is probably the same reaction you'd get regardless of the collectible, no matter how treasured the item or passionate you might be about it. If someone showed me a cabinet full of "Precious Moments" figurines or trotted out a stamp collection, I'd have a hard time being excited about it though I'd be mannered enough to listen for a bit just to learn something new (all the while edging nearer to the door). I suppose there would be some extra salivating if a collectible elicits sentiment based on a person's own past or the greater the historic significance/impressiveness the item represents ("Why yes, Bertram... that is the space capsule Neal Armstrong returned in after he first walked on the moon") but even then you still might get a "meh" from some folks.
  6. If only real life was like a comic book: He makes that idiotic statement, you feel yourself becoming enraged, and being enraged you start turning green... gaining mass and muscle...becoming an all-powerful furious behemoth that unleashes his full wrath on the surroundings. Eventually the store is leveled, your anger subsides, and you walk out somewhat dazed (but satisfied) as the owner sputters " trashed my store!" To which the correct reply of course is: "You're gonna' let that bother you?"
  7. I'm a Kirby Cap fan but was also wowed by Steranko's brief take on the character. I'll insert another selection though as my all-time worst rendition that I remember even now. Every page of Robbins' run was excruciating to turn to and couldn't be saved even if Hemingway was writing the dialogue.
  8. For: Vault of Horror #38, Tales From the Crypt #s 26, 35, 38, Crime SuspenStories #13 all at 15% off! It's Christmas in... well... Thanksgiving. Also, PM sent.
  9. More like "if I could afford it," I'd get one of the Frazetta oil paintings that graced the covers of Creepy, Eerie or any of the Lancer Conan paperbacks. I don't think I could get tired of looking at them and as far as investment value...yow!
  10. Forgit about them crummy comics... How much for thet thar glitzy striped bedsheet?
  11. The "Lonesome" George Gobel quote comes to mind when he stepped out as Johnny Carson's guest while, still sitting on the couch, was Dean Martin and Bob Hope: "Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"