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  1. The greater the age or the price will garner some interest since one declaration will usually lead to the other being asked. There's usually some interest in the scarcity factor (especially if it's a WWII book), a bit of polite golf clapping, then everyone heads for the booze cabinet. Oddly enough, no one's ever mentioned the obvious: How do you get it in/out of the slab if you want to read it? On reflection, this is probably the same reaction you'd get regardless of the collectible, no matter how treasured the item or passionate you might be about it. If someone showed me a cabinet full of "Precious Moments" figurines or trotted out a stamp collection, I'd have a hard time being excited about it though I'd be mannered enough to listen for a bit just to learn something new (all the while edging nearer to the door). I suppose there would be some extra salivating if a collectible elicits sentiment based on a person's own past or the greater the historic significance/impressiveness the item represents ("Why yes, Bertram... that is the space capsule Neal Armstrong returned in after he first walked on the moon") but even then you still might get a "meh" from some folks.
  2. If only real life was like a comic book: He makes that idiotic statement, you feel yourself becoming enraged, and being enraged you start turning green... gaining mass and muscle...becoming an all-powerful furious behemoth that unleashes his full wrath on the surroundings. Eventually the store is leveled, your anger subsides, and you walk out somewhat dazed (but satisfied) as the owner sputters " trashed my store!" To which the correct reply of course is: "You're gonna' let that bother you?"
  3. I'm a Kirby Cap fan but was also wowed by Steranko's brief take on the character. I'll insert another selection though as my all-time worst rendition that I remember even now. Every page of Robbins' run was excruciating to turn to and couldn't be saved even if Hemingway was writing the dialogue.
  4. For: Vault of Horror #38, Tales From the Crypt #s 26, 35, 38, Crime SuspenStories #13 all at 15% off! It's Christmas in... well... Thanksgiving. Also, PM sent.
  5. More like "if I could afford it," I'd get one of the Frazetta oil paintings that graced the covers of Creepy, Eerie or any of the Lancer Conan paperbacks. I don't think I could get tired of looking at them and as far as investment value...yow!
  6. Forgit about them crummy comics... How much for thet thar glitzy striped bedsheet?
  7. The "Lonesome" George Gobel quote comes to mind when he stepped out as Johnny Carson's guest while, still sitting on the couch, was Dean Martin and Bob Hope: "Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"
  8. I'm visualizing a reverse Crime Suspenstories #22 if I linger here too long, with my wife holding the axe and me in the starring role.
  9. Re. that Human Torch #12: I didn't know Schomburg had it in him! I've seen near-impalements, near-drownings, bondage, torture and more flying bullets not hitting the mark since the "A-Team" but to have an arm melted off to the bone? (And by a major hero too!). That's the stuff of strong PCH.
  10. ASM #14, DD #1 and X-Men #1 per PM. Thank you!
  11. And just to add to the disaster potential, it's been raining down here like crazy for the last week with (probable) worsening conditions as the time gets closer. Where's that "calm before the storm" I always read about?
  12. Bought a couple of books and had a smooth transaction with great communication, bullet-proof packing, and fast shipping. Thanks Dave!