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  1. I collect mostly published art or commissions of characters from the DC Trinity by my favorite artists.
  2. Thanks for posting these pics! Wish I could have been there. There are so many pieces which I would like to get a better look at them. Who is the art dealer for the booth with AH's Big Barda piece?
  3. For a sketch like that, it is hard to tell if it is legit or not. Seeing the construction lines in the drawing and reviewing the seller's other auctions of artists' sketches, I would lean towards it being legit. Whoever wins this just may get a great deal if that is going price for Mignola head sketches. The Byrne fake is no longer available on eBay! Looks like someone did report it and eBay took it down.
  4. The only thing that may be original work on this piece is Superman's cape but it is certainly not drawn by Byrne. The art is on thin paper. Sounds like tracing paper to me. Has anyone seen this and reported it to ebay?