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  1. 17 new Suicide Squad pages by Luke McDonnell, John K Snyder III, and Geof Isherwood. Also Geof's first piece from his new Facebook stream, and a Hellboy from my boy. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerynew.asp?GCat=114146
  2. Are you bidding on that JJ? I notice it's the same number of bidders as last week. I was hoping to pick it up as it would cap off a series of pages I have that come before it but once you add H.A. fees + shipping + tax it becomes over $800 as it is. So now it becomes for me.
  3. I was one of the fortunate ones who was chosen in a raffle for a Remarque inside my copy of volume 2 of Dike Ruan's new sketchbook https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerynew.asp?GCat=114146
  4. Oh yes, that cover was all the scandal when it came out. Guice's cover for used Christian music singer Amy Grant's likeness without her permission, which lead to her management filing a complaint against Marvel Comics. They claimed the cover gave the appearance she was associating with witchcraft. A US District Court sealed an out-of-court settlement between Grant and Marvel in early 1991, with a consent decree that Marvel did not admit to any liability or wrongdoing.
  5. Thank you, yes everything in my collection is a keeper. I don't sell anything. Zeea is a helluva colorist.
  6. Neal Adams Linda Carter as Wonder Woman colored by his daughter Zia. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerynew.asp?GCat=114146
  7. The Guice market is bafflingly soft imo, as are the artists in that vein. If you're buying it with eyes toward flipping you may be in for a long wait for a short gain. I think the films have a short term effect on collecting if at all. They do however seem to spawn a huge uptick in commissions for the characters in said films. I was at a Con the weekend Logan was released and that's all anyone seemed to be asking for. I had the same experience when Black Panther was released.
  8. I remember that cover being up for auction. Congratz on the catch.
  9. I think it's more a case of some of our newer collectors making their impact on late 80's early 90's art market. I like this page-it's got a great panel right in the middle of the page but the Loa storyline was pretty forgettable imo.
  10. May the collecting Gods bless and keep BCarter27 for keeping me sane this year.
  11. 2 new pieces this week, a Tim Truman Scout War Shaman page and a knight from my boy Justice. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerynew.asp?GCat=114146
  12. Eight of my recent Neal Adams head shot pieces arrived today. Instead of ordering the ones he showcases in his live feeds I went for some unique variations and/or rarely done versions of characters in non-profile poses. I really like how they came out, I hope y'all do as well. Some of them are now featured on the walls as examples of ideas for orders since I asked for mine. Here's a couple of examples-take a look at the gallery for others.