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  1. I don't feel old yet. I don't feel young, though.
  2. Hey, I only need FF 1, 3, & 4. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to get them. Like you, I have volumes 2 through whatever volume is current, plus annuals, minis, and one-shots. No regrets, though. It's soothing to know there's order in those longboxes.
  3. Yep. I bought a VF copy for 3.99 before Avengers came out. The MCU was about to explode, but I managed to get that book before GOTG was really being talked about. That usually doesn't happen to me unless some new comic I buy at cover price gets hot.
  4. I really love the era from around issue 112-200, with the high points being from about 158-177.
  5. ASM 1-present + annuals Avengers 1-present + annuals Captain America 100-present + annuals Defenders 1-152 Doctor Strange 169-present Incredible Hulk 102-present Iron Man 1-present Justice League Of America (1960) 1-261 + all series after Marvel Team-Up Marvel Two-In-One Spectacular Spider-Man Spider-Man (PPSM) Uncanny X-Men 94-present Web Of Spider-Man Werewolf By Night X-Men / New X-Men / X-Men / X-Men Legacy X-Factor X-Force I didn't include a bunch of newer titles & shorter runs from Silver & Bronze ages. Probably have 50 or more of those.
  6. I don't think either of these are particularly well known or acclaimed, but were satisfying as single issues when I read them: Avengers 160 "The Trial" Amazing Spider-Man 153 "The Longest Hundred Yards"
  7. I purchased a GA Batman and two SA Batman from Sharon, and I'm thrilled with the books. For the price I paid, the books were much more solid than I expected. Everything was packed well and it arrived quickly. I'll be watching for her sales from here forward.
  8. Kieron Gillen wrote the first Vader series. Check out his run on Journey Into Mystery from around 2011, too. He can be fantastic at times.
  9. When I got back into collecting in 2011, I would arrange my new comics in order of the least intriguing to the one I wanted to read most, and would read them and file them away within a day or two. In about 2013, I started using 2 different database for my collection, so I always entered them before I read them. I was still very good about reading them several days before Weds rolled around again, until 1 week, I didn't. Since the sun came up the next day, I realized I was putting too much pressure on myself to read all my new books immediately. I started using a short box to keep my unread new books in, with the intention of reading them before the newest batch of books. Out of nowhere, it started getting difficult for me to concentrate enough to sit down and read a stack of comics without my mind wandering, and when I would finally be able to do that, I would start nodding off. I'm still dealing with this. For the most part, the short box I set aside for new books kept filling up, so I would file all of them away except for a select group that I wanted to read most. The process repeated so many times that I eventually filed all of them away, and each week only added the ones that appealed the most to me to my reading box. That's what I do now, after entering all the new comics into the 2 databases. About every 6 months, I have to empty the box and start from scratch again. Occasionally, I'm able to read 5-10 comics from my stack in one sitting, but I doubt I'll ever be able to spend hours getting swept away in the stories. I still love them and I love the hobby, and I still buy them like crazy, but I've had to learn to enjoy them differently since this began.
  10. I have instructions in my will to contact, since they will buy every last book, and be the fairest to a non-collector. If I ever decide to get rid of them myself, it all depends on what the reason is for selling them. My entire downstairs is set up with all my hobby and play stuff, and the comics are safely tucked away in 2 bedrooms without windows, so they aren't in the way of anything. I'm 53, divorced and not looking, and have 2 levels of house with 3 other bedrooms separate from my comic stuff, so I don't foresee them interfering with my life if I ever lose interest.
  11. Just asked a question. I'm not a dealer. I'm a collector who has enough money to actually do the things most people only talk about. If you're who I think you are, you're not a dealer either, just a malcontent who gets off marking snarky comments on message boards.
  12. Don't know if it ever will. I've had an account for years, but only periodically post anything. I didn't realize there was a number of posts required to ask questions.
  13. How would you go about looking for them, especially locally? Serious question.