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  1. Got it. I dont know a lot about him. I absolutely don't question his heart, but just seemed odd for a comic newsletter when it didnt really talk about it other than "Heres a picture..."
  2. Pic of Chuck visiting Matthew Shepherd's grave in Washington DC in the newsletter this week. Random or is there some kind of connection there? I don't get it.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 - $500 (Unsigned on eBay are $475-500) Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2 - $150
  4. Some others that I have and can take a pic if anyone is interested. All of these are 9.8 NM/MT and signed/slabbed yellow label: Gamora #1 A Gamora #1 B Elektra #1 A Elektra #1 B Black Cat #1 A Black Cat #1 C Domino #1 Cover C (Steranko homage) X-Men Gold 1 A X-Men Gold 1 B X-Men Gold 1 C
  5. X-Men Blue #1 A - $110 Uncanny X-Men 510 $260 Amazing Spider-Man #1 - $140 Extraordinary X-Men 1 - $140 Kabuki 1 - $140 Amazing Spider-man 4 - $360 Spider-Gwen 1 - $240 Iron Fist 1 Midtown Exclusive - $110 Guardians of the Galaxy 4 - $590 Deadpool vs X-Force - $150 Amazing Spider-Man #601 - $120 - Amazing Spider-Man 606 - $110
  6. J. SCOTT CAMPBELL SIGNATURE SERIES SLABS! SELLING SOME OF MY JSC COLLECTION. I HAVE SOME OTHERS SO IF YOU WANT SOMETHING NOT HERE, ASK AND I MIGHT HAVE IT. - 1st in the sales thread beats any agreement between parties via PM or elsewhere. - Paypal only. (Your paypal address must be confirmed and I only ship to the confirmed address noted in your paypal account.) - No probies or HOS - Payment must be made within 3 days of the initial invoice unless prior arrangement is made. - Shipping is $13.00 flat and ships USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Day). I will ship within 2 business days (usually within 1) and provide tracking info. Thick box and bubble wrapped. - PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT currently shipping outside of the USA at this time. - Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt of package at buyer's expense. - Combined shipping and discounts for multiple (PM me) Any questions, post here or PM me. Check out my kudos thread in sig.
  7. That amount is just what I do. I see why some people would want the extra security. I'm a bit of a risk taker and just haven't had any major issues with USPS Priority Mail.
  8. This is such a nice book and nice sig. I had this same book signed by him, but he used silver and signed over Spidey's face. I was so pissed. After that, I always got Stan's signatures myself or window boxed.
  9. Stan's signature on some books will always add value. Yes, he signed a ton of stuff, but when you combine his signature with a special book (a silver age he worked on, a key). People always crapped on how many books he signed, but having a key Spider-man book with the creator of Spider-man on it will have value. Having a Funko Pop with his signature? That I believe will not hold value, but who knows.
  10. I would say $300+ or even $500. If you do a lot of sales, in the end, you spend a lot on insurance when USPS is generally good. Ive only had 1 package go missing and I didnt buy the extra insurance. They gave me a refund of the shipping and the $50 basic insurance.
  11. Now, ebayer's can return just about anything unfortunately. Some time back though, when I had a "no return policy", a buyer contacted me about a CGC SS Walking Dead book. It was a cheap book that had Michonne on it and it was signed by Danai Gurira. The buy claimed I never put what "print" it was, but yet there were high rez pics that clearly said "second print" on the slab. He said it wasn't worth as much now. But, it was such a cheap book, that according to GPA, was only a few dollars difference to first print. Anyway, I was pissed that they were saying I was deceptive. I called eBay and told them the story. I told them that I did NOT want him to return the item and for them to look at my sales numbers. They almost immediately said, "Yes, you are right, he should have seen the pictures." They denied his claim. Calling them can help.
  12. It's the best cover he has done in years. Hope he continues this sort of creativity.
  13. Collecting in general has changed though over these past 30 years. Not just comics. For plentiful books, you may be right, but the core superheroes and villains are pretty safe bets. First appearances and keys. I think pretty cover art books and many moderns may fall into the fads category with a few exceptions. Thus, why this thread is popular for flipping. The business has definitely changed, but what the MCU (DC to a certain extent as well) has done is create many, many new fans. So, as certain first appearances and keys hibernate in many collector's PCs, they will mostly rise over time (with maybe some slight dips along the way). Since Hollywood figured out the cash cow of these worlds and characters, they will continue to find ways to get these successful characters into movies, TV and other consumer media/products. Some may go dormant for brief periods, but you can be sure they will always reappear at some point.
  14. Millions of people going and seeing a great/successful movie (or watching a TV show) adds focus to the character, adds the perception that the character's value is going up and adds new fans who are just now experiencing the character and want to connect to it somehow by spending money. Black Panther is probably one of the best recent examples.