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  1. IMO, SIKTC still has room to grow if it really is going to make it on a streamer. I do think it will and I think it will be popular. That genre does well and it fits with what Netflix does. Budget wouldn't be that high either so I bet it gets done. Im hanging onto all my SIKTC books for a while longer. I spec'd on Jupiter's Legacy a couple years ago and I think one reason it isn't resonating well is just the saturation of super-hero tv series (and the quality of them). SIKTC will feel original and fresh in comparison. Wider audience. As for the bubble, I think its gonna take a recession
  2. He said on twitter the other day that its back in production...
  3. I thought he had posted it on twitter, but I could be wrong. Ill go look in a bit.
  4. Yeah, I heard it was back in production again for Netflix series.
  5. Isn't there a special cover for that one that is more rare? Different color web or something? I dont know much about that book, but always thought it was a cheap one.
  6. Yeah, it is odd, but I figured the NF deal would move the needle if anything. I was in for just cover price on most of his stuff. I LOVED Reborn and bought into that one heavy. Lots of cover price purchases. If done well, it will be great. I got some of those signed by Millar when he was at C2E2.
  7. I plan to watch it this week. Looks decent from previews to me. Plus, lack of Marvel series at the moment. I spec'd on this and a few other Millar series back when NF bought his company. I think Reborn and Nemesis would be hits. I need to list my Jupiter's Legacy books, but I probably wont make much on them. Oh well.
  8. DC has done some dumb move, but it would be terrible to switch Kal-El's race. It would be bound to fail. They need to follow Marvel's model with Miles Morales. Done perfectly. Connects with people across races. I won't see a comic book movie that is made to make a political/racial statement. They need to stick to the comic storylines. Diversity exists there without trying to erase a superheroes history.
  9. Depends on the book, but PGX 9.8 would probably be the pick for me. I buy a lot of raws, slabbed to get signed for signature series so I hunt for good 9.6's to crack and re-grade after sig. Ive had some good luck. I cant recall ever getting a lower grade (Im sure its happened once or twice), but my bump rate is pretty good. Best one was a Batman 608 RRP that had a couple small spine ticks (it was 9.6). Got it signed by Jim Lee and it came back 9.8. I was a bit shocked.
  10. Modern Fast Track (11 books) 3/12 - USPS delivered to CGC 4/5 - Received by CGC 4/28 - Shipped to me by CGC
  11. Why are people complaining about turn around times?!?! Come on, it only took them 3 weeks for my modern fast track. CGC stats.... Received: 4/5/21 Shipped: 4/28/21 Of course, USPS delievered it to them on 3/12. 7-10 business days my a** for "received".
  12. And right now, the online submission is very fast and speedy. Haha.
  13. So their deadline extension basically helps them, but no one else? I dont think getting the books to CGC in the next month was going to be the problem. The issue was getting them submitted on their site. No extension for that, you just have an extra 30 days now to get them to CGC (which helps them out since it will slow the books they receive). Wow.
  14. Im not speculating about your "bullet" analogy. That analogy would not fly with any reputable company.
  15. Most major companies know how much load their servers can take. I have no idea if CGC has an internal team or if they outsource (I assume the latter). If they have a vendor or team they pay to handle the server load, that answer is not a good one. I would be looking for another vendor. In this case, I simply think they knew there would be issues, but it would just be a road bump. I doubt any changes were made, but Im speculating.