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  1. Latest addition to my Fantastic Four jam piece, Human Torch by 92 year old Joe Sinnott. Very fortunate to have added Joe to this piece, can’t thank Mark and Joe enough. Joe Sinnott had an unbelievable career in comics, very glad he was able to be a part of the jam. Just have to decide on who should complete Sue and Thing. John Byrne - Reed Richards/ partially completed Thing Mike Zeck/ John Beatty - Dr Doom Joe Sinnott - Human Torch
  2. FOR SALE $8200 USD (including shipping fees) OR BEST OFFERCGC 1.0 Amazing Fantasy 15 signed by Stan Lee (right edge of book trimmed). Please message me offers or any questions and concerns. Will ship to the US and Canada, PayPal only. I’ve received numerous offers on other platforms, and I’d be open to any offers above $7900.
  3. I’m selling my CGC 1.0 AF 15, signed by Stan, unfortunately the right edge is trimmed.
  4. Can’t wait! Will the first round of comic guests be announced at that time?
  5. Absolutely ZERO chance that is a legit Todd McFarlane sketch, not even close to his style. It seems like the seller wasn't even copying from a McFarlane sketch, looks more like Victor Olazaba.
  6. IT drawing created using copic and touch markers.
  7. It’s possible, but I’m not sure if John would have been using grey markers at the time, the illustration was drawn many years ago. I’ve used dry markers before and it looks very similar, you can see how some areas of the tone are much darker than other parts, and how it’s quite streaky in certain areas.
  8. Thanks! It’s very cool how John was able to use the dry marker effect to create those different tones, gives it a much more finished look. I was actually just about to email you to see if you still meet with Mr. Romita every now and then. I’d love to have a picture of him holding the piece to frame and display with it.
  9. Was very happy to have won the John Romita full body Punisher illustration, been trying to get it since I first saw the auction on eBay, unfortunately I never won it. Second times a charm! John Romita is a my favorite artist, so this is a personal grail. Link to CAF post;
  10. Thanks for the information and your opinion. By the way, can you see why this book is considered to be trimmed along the entire right side of the book? I still have troubles understanding how this book could be trimmed with all of the wear on the edges. Figured you might have some knowledge. Thanks
  11. Work in progress pic of a Hellboy headshot.
  12. I’m not entirely sure how long they have been pressing for, but I’ve used one of them before on multiple occasions, and he’s done an amazing jobs on all my books, they present so much better. He’s also pressed many high end keys before, told me that it looks like my af 15 would get a grade bump if I decided to send it to CCS. So you think it’s not even worth the $50 to send it in for a screening with CCS?
  13. It’s seems as though I’ve been getting many mixed opinions on this, also posted in a CGC group on fb and recieved over 70 comments. Some strongly agree that with a good press it’ll get a grade bump, and others think it’s too risky, and may cause more damage. Have also shown the book to a couple pressers and they too think differently. But most people have agreed that it’s best to submit my book for a screening with CCS, and they’ll determine what’s best. If they recommend a press, than I’ll go from there.
  14. Here’s a pic to explain my last point. My copy is on the right.
  15. That could be a possibility for sure. However, when I looked at other trimmed examples with chipping on the cover, the spaces between the chippings would be perfectly straight, and look as though they received no wear at all, I don't see this on my copy. The only straight area on the cover is in the bottom right corner, and where I thought it had been trimmed. After my findings, it is impossible that bottom right edge could be trimmed, although it's straight, it goes to the very edge of the book. I can also tell because none of the artowork on the edge of the cover is missing, everything that belongs on the edge of the cover is there. I really wish CGC could have provided more detail in the notes about the trimming.