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  1. Not exactly. I’ve had a ton of people message me about prints/digital copies of my jam, would definitely be cool if Marvel decides to use it for something. It’d be the only way fans could obtain a copy of it, hopefully Marvel sees the potential in it. However it might be a bit tricky as they’d have to gain permission from all 22 artists.
  2. My Amazing Spider-Man jam piece is officially complete! Mike Zeck started the jam off in 2017, 22 artists and over 15 conventions later, it is now complete courtesy of Edgar Delgado who added digital colors. Thrilled with the end result, despite the challenges it was a very fun journey. Todd McFarlane - Scorpion J Scott Campbell - Lizard John Romita Jr - Vulture Adam Hughes - Gwen Stacy Frank Cho - Mary Jane Arthur Adams - Hobgoblin Adam Kubert - Kingpin Ron Frenz - Spider-Man Humberto Ramos - Green Goblin Mike Zeck - Punisher Mark Bagley - Sandman Tyler Kirkham - R
  3. An update on my Amazing Spider-Man jam. Mark Morales finished inking a blue line print of the jam, you can see all of the updates on his social media including a video of the piece. Some of the contributors include Todd McFarlane, J Scott Campbell, John Romita Jr, Art Adams, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, and many more new and old Spidey artists. Next, I will be sending a digital file to Edgar Delgado for colors and then I’ll own a set of pencilled, inked, and colored versions.
  4. Exactly. He probably assumed I’d find his post with my jam on his wall sooner or later, even though it’s unlikely because that was the first time I discovered his account. To shift the blame elsewhere he told me purchased it at a show and lead me on some wild goose chase with barely any clues. Honestly I don’t even think he’s selling any prints of it. He just really wanted a copy to display on his wall. What really pisses me off is all the constant lies he told me. I wasted hours researching various stores, contacting artists, making posts on other platforms etc. Before it got cancelled,
  5. Not sure if any of you are still following this thread but I’ve got an update. Been thinking lately about how odd this whole situation was, and decided to move my attention elsewhere. As I suspected, I don’t think someone was selling prints of my jam after all. The guy who supposedly purchased the print told me he found it at a local show that took place on December 7th. I just realized that the photo he posted of his room (with my print on his wall) was posted on November 30th... days before the con even took place. I think you all can tell where this is going. Can’t believe it took me this l
  6. Technically they shouldn’t be doing that but at least it was drawn by them. In my case, the guy selling the prints didn’t contribute to the jam nor does he own it.
  7. Joker pencil sketch, which was colored on procreate.
  8. I understand what you’re getting at Mike. I’m glad that people like my jam piece but I hate this circumstance. I’ve declined countless requests for prints, knowing that it’d be wrong for me to be reproducing 20 different artist’s work, and profiting off it. But someone who has no affiliation with me, and had nothing to do with the completion of my jam is profiting off not only the artists, but myself. I spent so much time and money to complete that jam, I’d love to make some of that money back by selling prints but I know I can’t, it wouldn’t be right. He is also putting myself at risk,
  9. Think I may have found the culprit, but I’m stilling waiting to confirm. They actually rep an artist who added to my jam. I’ll update the thread once I know for sure.
  10. He’s not a CGC witness. If he pressed my book, Stan’s signature would no longer be verified.
  11. It’s held up just fine. It was done on great quality bristol board and doesn’t bend or crease easily. 6 of them were mail away contributions, I tried to avoid mailing it out as much as possible but some artists rarely ever attend cons around me. I always keep it in a top loader, wether I’m sending it out, bringing it to a show, or displaying it. Only ever take it out when an artist is adding to it.
  12. @jqa3 Mark Morales will be inking the jam, you can find all the details here;
  13. I doubt they’ll ever know with the way the guy is handling it. I spent a lot of time searching for prints also being sold online and can’t find any, even after image searches and browsing on social media. So far I’ve only found one print, and as far as I know they’ve only been sold at a small holiday con in Toronto. If he starts to sell them online and at bigger shows, then they might find out about. I still have no idea how many copies he’s made and sold, only know the price he’s charging and a brief description of his booth which unfortunately doesn’t help much.
  14. Well said. Whoever is selling them must not care about the potential consequences. Hate knowing that someone is not only profiting off of the the artist’s work, but also all of my time and money put into completing that jam.