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  1. Websurfing, I came across a Fine Arts auction this month from Toronto's 888 Auctions that includes pieces attributed to Will Eisner, Bob Kane, Charles Schulz, and Jack Kirby. I still get a kick out of comics art showing up in "real" art auctions (and am especially amused that they don't identify the Demon or The Spirit as the characters for Kirby and Eisner...) so I figured this might be of interest to the crowd here. Lot #190: Jack Kirby American Pop Art Ink on Paper: Lot 217: Will Eisner American Pop Marker on Paper: Lot 103 Charles Schulz Mixed Media on Paper Pop Art: Lot 123 Bob Kane American Pop Mixed Media Batman:
  2. I've gone to this show a few times when it was in a Seacacus hotel and remember loving it. Hasbrouck Heights is a bit more of a hassle for me to get to (coming in from New York/Long Island and haven't been able to take the car, but that's on me...) so I haven't been to a many of the recent shows. But I do love Comic Art Con, and I'm sure it'll be a great time if you go. And if they ever do manage to move it back to Secaucus (or other closer-to-The-City place) I'm sure I'd be back in a heartbeat, And someone who's going--post pictures please!
  3. Are there any markings on the back? If not, that might support the idea of it being an unpublished piece...
  4. I've been to a few of the Veteri/Gallo Comic Art Con shows, and it's definitely great. The new Hasbrouck Heights location is a little more a hassle for me to get to than the old Secaucus one. I guess that the old Secaucus hotel venue is closed or under renovation or something, but I do hope that show gets back to Seacaucus proper at some point. Anyway, I'm theoretically willing to give this new NYC expo a shot at least one time--assuming at least a few good dealers set up to exhibit. But I ain't gonna stay at Hotel Penn if I can avoid it.
  5. For what it's worth, Meth is currently running a gofundme campaign aimed to create a scholarship in Rich's name at the Joe Kubert School of Comic Art, which is also worth a look, a thought, or a donation--for it's own sake, of course, but also noteworthy is that Meth is offering a recent artist portfolio and (very limited quantities) of original art as incentives...
  6. Some people might be interested in what the final price for the item would be, even if they're not interested in purchasing that item and using eBay's watch function to easily "bookmark" the auction for ease of later reference.