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  1. elibowman

    PGM Batman 227

    Thanks, all. I appreciate all the opinions. I believe it to be in the 7.0 range. This is largely based on comparing it to the CGC 6.0 that I am upgrading from, and also the damage to the lower right front corner seems worse in the scan than it does in hand. Regardless of what grade I get when I finally sub it, I upgraded in my eyes, and that's the most important on a keeper copy.
  2. That’s a wrap folks. Thanks.
  3. elibowman

    PGM Fantastic Four 1

    6.0 for me...such a great book.
  4. Amazingly pretty 5.0....reading the thread, I was at 6.5. Seems to me like a good candidate to see what Joey can do.
  5. I scrolled slowly based on your lead in. I had the front in the 6.0 range...unfortunately, I think you will top out at 4.0 with the piece out.
  6. Recently upgraded (I think) to this raw book. I am curious what you guys think. I hope to send in this spring.
  7. Please note that at the top of the front cover scan, there is a bit of a rainbow area. This is some kind of reflection due to the case not laying perfectly flat on the undersized scanner bed, and is not on the book.
  8. Finally got the scanner going. Let's see if this helps at all. I should note that there are Newton rings present on the front of the 227. Sorry, my scanner bed is not quite big enough to get the whole slab on it. Price was $325 + shipping, then $325 shipped...NOW $315 shipped in the US