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  1. elibowman

    PGM Strange Tales 135

    @Gnasher and @1950's war comics How much are you guys downgrading for the foxing? This is a defect I am just not as comfortable with understanding how far down I should go. Structurally, I believe this book is quite a bit better than 6.0. Maybe that's because I have it in hand. But, if the foxing is worth 1.0-2.0 points, then we are on the same page. Let me know what you think here, and thanks again for the help.
  2. Yeah, the last few months have been ridiculous. Usually, I find a small handful of books in this place that should be $5-15 for $1-3, or I find some higher dollar books that are priced right on the edge of where I would be comfortable. I have only bought in this shop occasionally over the years, but lately it has been great. I found out that one of the dealers had a husband pass away. She is SLOWLY but surely putting his stuff up for sale. The comics are only part, I guess. So, I would like to just get a look at the whole collection, and get a chance to pick it. But, I think I will have to be content with her bringing in a stack every couple weeks. The Strange Tales stack was a NICE surprise. Most has been bronze/copper runs. Nothing too exciting. This dealer had the one Fox romance book, and I have grabbed a few Sgt Fury 12c issues at sub-$5 prices. But the Strange Tales stack was a bonanza. I think there are some upgrades for my ST125 - 160 run, but I have to go back and check them out with a list in hand. The Crime Mysteries and Astonishing were from another dealer altogether who prices his stuff WAY too high. Those two just happened to be special. I was happy to pay his prices for that pair of books.
  3. elibowman

    PGM Strange Tales 110

    I had little choice last night. Basement was my only option, and overhead lights were all I had.
  4. elibowman

    PGM Strange Tales 135

    Staples are both tight and clean. Not soiling on the back, just foxing. The part near the spine presents a little differently, but I am pretty sure it’s the same.
  5. Also snagged this with my 135 I am asking about. This one isn’t as nice. Small piece of tape on front cover bottom. A bit rough around the edges. Let me know what you think.
  6. elibowman

    PGM Strange Tales 135

    Ugh. The shadows are worse than I thought too. Sorry about that, guys.
  7. Snagged this beaut today. Wasn’t cheap per se, but I’m pretty sure it will be alright :). Some light spine stress (a press would help). My biggest issue is the fixing on the back cover. This is really where I need help. Let me know what you think. Sorry about that first pic. I’ll try and get a sharp one tomorrow.
  8. I have an antique store along my commute that I have had some decent luck with over the years. The last couple months have been off the charts. In late summer I got a Crime Mysteries 4 and an Astonishing 30 (!!!). I picked up a sweet Fox romance book in September. All three of these cost me $100+, but my returns on that were off the charts. Then today I grabbed this lot for $200.
  9. My chargeback was completed last month. Sadly, I never got any responses to my messages.
  10. elibowman

    Robot Man's KUDOS Thread

    Love dealing with Bob. I just got a shipment from him, and it was well packed and accurately graded.
  11. elibowman

    Iganatz kudos/feedback

    Picked up a a couple Silver Age books, and couldn't be happier. Good prices, and well graded.
  12. elibowman


    Rick’s sales never disappoint. Always something I’ve never even seen before.