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  1. This is one actually looks like Stan...
  2. Not for the less-than 9.4 stuff, but I could seriously see a "due to collector demand!" introduction of a CGC 9.7 and possibly the reintroduction of the 9.5.
  3. It kinda was, and they had a daughter who went on to become The Huntress.
  4. That's exactly what I said - you pay extra for "faster grading" not "better grading".
  5. I've seen demographics on "percentage of comic readers who were kids" and it's like 90% in the 30's and 0% now.
  6. I was just waiting for a "blame the victim" comment to appear. I will remind you from my above post, that these are all 15-17 year old kids who have literally never been to a Con before, religiously checked the website and Facebook pages before going, and all had $50-$100 in spending money on them. One girl went over to get an auto from some co-star on Riverdale and it was $125-$150 a pop, which is absolutely outlandish and kinda heartbreaking if you think about it.
  7. Actually, that was the main complaint because CGC stated "we treat every book the same", and 99% of the time you effectively pay for faster grading.
  8. Actually, they still do on Walkthrough, where a lot of the most valuable books go, with a 3% knock off FMV from $150 Min to $5,000 Max. And I don't know if they do it anymore, but CGC used to "bump" books that pre-graded higher than the FMV of the class, up to a higher-priced level. I remember a thread about that, and people were pissed that it still took XX days to process, rather than the XX of the tier they actually paid for. So they effectively "charged more for a 9.8 compared to a 9.0".
  9. Even now, long after the ComicCON is over, this answer is still on the site: How Much Does it Cost to Get an Autograph: Each guest sets his/her own price for autographs and photo ops. We don't currently have access to those prices, but we are trying to get them before the show so people can prepare accordingly. In that regard, you can get as many signatures as you are willing to pay for (possibly limited by how large the remaining line is behind you, of course).
  10. Huh? I always thought CGC charged more for higher-priced books? Has that changed?
  11. Comics and comic book media-related shows are currently going in the same direction as baseball cards did. My kids are in high school now, and the comic book hype has gotten so big that we recently had a big ComicCon here in Ottawa, with some relatively big names appearing, including William Shatner. So a lot of their friends were all hyped up to go, including one guy who blew his entire birthday $$$ on bringing a pile of friends there. Of course, there was little information on in-show costs (the website said it would be "coming soon" but never showed up) and there were huge Facebook threads about "how much are autographs/photos" and "how much are the discussions?", etc. but again, the organizers kept their mouths shut. (After the Saturday show, some nice folks posted itemized lists of the inflated costs, and there was a healthy slam session after that.) So these hyped-up teens flow into the ComicCon floor (at $55-$150 a ticket) only to find some seriously high-priced autos, like in the range of hundreds of dollars (and some no-shows) - a huge tomato surprise given that the Con website had absolutely no info and facebook inquiries went unanswered. One girl who paid for her entire family said "there was nothing to do but walk around" as everything was vastly overpriced and scams and ripoffs were everywhere. One jerk was selling "Mystery Boxes" with action figures and toys, and one guy showed his and it was 2 USED and broken action figures that wouldn't sell for 10-cents BNIB. The current joke that day was "Now I know why they call it a Con", which was pretty amusing to me. As my kid told me on Monday, they were still extremely angry and bitter about being scammed. It was the biggest letdown that many had experienced in their short lives and the poor guy who blew his birthday stash was still irate. They had pocket money with them, like $50-$75 for spending, but that doesn't do squat when the autograph you want is $200 and pictures are $100. None of them intend to attend another ComicCon. These pseudo-celebrities realize that this gravy train won't run forever, and are trying to bleed the nerds dry as fast as they can, but this whole cycle of greed is just going to kill off the phenomenon even faster. Greed kills hobbies, and I remember the exact same thing happening with card shows. I used to take my dad to shows during the mid-late-80's, and it started with free admittance and stars like Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull signing autographs for FREE (yes Virginia, it did happen), to the 90's, walking into a $30 show and seeing minor leaguers and never-been's selling their scrawl for $100 or more. I walked out, and never came back, just like these kids at the ComicCon.