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  1. I just dipped a pinkie back and see that Silver Age has gotten expensive! But it’s insane how a early Superman is this affordable!
  2. Hard to find in any shape especially let alone to be this intact and vibrant in this grade. The water damage on the top right and color breaks along spine and outside of cover is what gives it the grade. Graded with white pages, probably the most presentable 3.0 out there as I have seen the other 4.0 that went up on Hakes (and didn't sell regardless of GPA) and it was right alongside this copy aside from it having off white to white pages. Open to trades as I have been craving to get back into the game for some time now. I am always a batman guy so I am always down for golden age bats, GG
  3. I disagree! My lot just went live and I submitted maybe January?
  4. More Fun Comics #57 Larson Pedigree CGC 6.0 More Fun Comics #61 Classic Cover CBCS 6.0 Mark the calendar! No reserve auction ends on April 29th! These gorgeous pieces are hopefully going fund my wedding! Thanks in advance guys
  5. Strange Worlds and Wings Comics have sold. Still have more to choose from! I will most likely be adding another killer book for you guys to fight over shortly
  6. Good morning bump. Have another book I am thinking about throwing into the mix but would want to see some action on here before I do Regards, Niko