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  1. Strange Worlds and Wings Comics have sold. Still have more to choose from! I will most likely be adding another killer book for you guys to fight over shortly
  2. Good morning bump. Have another book I am thinking about throwing into the mix but would want to see some action on here before I do Regards, Niko
  3. That’s it for now. I’m off to bed and I’ll do a quick bump in the morning for all the cats that missed the post tonight. Good night everybody! Niko
  4. Hit #3 1940 Lou Fine Cover - $330 - Centrefold missing, detached page that goes behind centrefold. Photos aren’t photoshopped, the book it’s insanely red!
  5. Swamp Thing #1 Signed by Len Wein & Bernie Wrightson - $420 Double Sig usually seem on the HOS92 but not on the Swampy!
  6. Haven't seen another copy out in the wile. Tough book with a killer classic robot cover Strange Adventures #50 CGC 2.5 - $300
  7. Fiction house goodness with colors that absolutely pop! One currently listed at 6.5 with slightly brittle pages with no orange in sight. Copy you see here tells you every thing you need to know when it comes to PQ - Wings Comics #94 - $1,150
  8. Kicking it off with a Gerber 7. Between 21-50 copies in existence. Only 5 more graded higher than the 6.0 - Strange Worlds #8 CGC 6.0 - $1,500
  9. Kudos thread:  I have purchased and sold books to and from a few gents here on the forums but where I do most of my selling is on my profile on Instagram and those of you who follow me on Instagram and have done business with me can vouch for me.  As usual first wins the prize! Will respond to reasonable offers via PM, I'll take it trumps that. No HOS'ers Payment: Paypal only, (Cash or EMT acceptable for Canada only), payment due within 3 days of purchase Shipping: USPS Priority Shipping is included in the price for anywhere in Canada or USA (on land)!!!!!!!!!! Returns: I am not accepting returns but as always will work with you on and if anything troubling comes up as I look to keep relationships healthy and happy.