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  1. I’m sure he will, he’s a die hard punisher fan. Can’t really afford the first appearance, wish I can purchase in a copy similar to this but doubtful. But he will be over the moon when he sees it slabbed.
  2. Hello all can you guys please grade this book. The marks on the book are indents not tears or rips. Not sure if pressing will help. it’s also a newsstand edition.
  3. Hello all can you guys please grade this book. Will love to get it CgC to give to my son. His fav marvel character is punisher...
  4. I have one page of detective comics #140. It pictures the riddler in his first appearance ever. Questions is NG 1 page how much will this re sell for ?
  5. Pages are in my opinion white - off white. No damage to any pages and stables still completely attached. Lays flat. unfortunately no cover but I just got a repo which came out amazing. But really want to sell to put towards an actual full issue.
  6. I’ve always had a problem pricing anything like this. I also have 1 page from Batman #1 nothing crazy doesn’t even show Batman but it’s from the book. But I can never find a legit answer on how much. I’ve always heard comics are worth what a person is willing to pay but that’s just silly to me. any thoughts ?
  7. I will like to know how mill this fetch, it’s 1 page but it’s one of the earliest comics rare to find for an affordable price at any grade. I have the most important page for it which is the first mentioned of Gotham besides all the joker pages. At a NG blue CgC label how much will this fetch.
  8. Hot this book for $86 dollars. Not sure if I won on this one or lost as far as investment. Can you guys rate it and let me know.
  9. Got this comic for a steal regardless of condition. But if sent to CGC, to keep not re sell. What grade will I receive.