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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a lurker here although I've posted every now and again. I'm a comic art enthusiast, and I'm paring my collection down a bit, really to make way for more Frank Quitely pieces. I have a few pieces available on ComicLink in the latest auction, and seeing how they only advertise more prominent pieces I decided to take it upon myself to share what I have up for sale. This Beautiful Kevin Nowlan Mary Marvel A page from Howard Chaykin's The Shadow An awesome Jim Lee page from Grant Morrison's Multiversity The inimitable Kevin Maguire drawing the FF and Gen 13 And Gary Frank's amazing work from Supreme Power Thanks for letting me share. If anyone has any other suggestions where I can spread the word let me know. I'm going to post on the Comicart-l, but that's the only other place I know. Thanks! chuck
  2. A heads up for any other FQ collectors on here. On Frank Quitely's animated film's indiegogo campaign, they've added a tier where you can get an original Frank Quitely head sketch of the main character for $300.