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  1. So what is this exactly? A later reprint married to a reprinted cover? Or is the entire issue just a straight-up reprint?
  2. But will they slow down now that it's clear they aren't coming to the big screen again for awhile? X-Men and FF were riding the hype train with the recent Fox acquisition. How will this effect prices?
  3. That's a strong price. However it's also been an undervalued key for far too long.
  4. FF #4 and SC #22 are continuing to see appreciation. Frankly it's about time on both.
  5. Have you tried scanning in a darker room with the cover open? It doesn't completely mitigate the glare, but absolutely helps!
  6. FYI. This book is now for sale here -
  7. Please see pictures below. Marvel Spotlight 28 CGC 9.8 with white pages 30 cent price variant 1 of 5 on the CGC census Reduced to $2900 shipped to your door via USPS (US only). Check preferred. No returns. Thank you!
  8. Hanging on my wall currently...
  9. I feel like this is a key that will absolutely explode if any credible news of a pending movie ever hits. Everyone loves Green Lantern.
  10. Absolutely not. Thor 165 is solidly the first Warlock. Marvel Premiere #1 would be the first Adam Warlock--unless I have those two backwards.
  11. If you want to get technical sure. You can take that a step further and refer to the Alter Ego issue and the DC Treasury issue that predated #28, but no one recognizes (or cares) about those either.