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  1. Thank you for a painless, quick, and wonderful transaction! A+
  2. Haha, I've seen that. I appreciate it! Hopefully Sauce Dog or another was able to pick it up (don't get greedy on me Sauce Dog!).
  3. All, If anyone is looking at parting with MFC 55 or 61 please send me a PM. Thank you and happy hunting!
  4. Terrible in MN, no surprise. Check out this resource if you haven't. Digs down into why we're seeing issues, plus the political component of course.
  5. Totally! I spoke to my sister and brother in-law about those, both of whom collect things outside comics. Prices within their respective hobbies are going bonkers as well. You can see this with cars, comics, sports cards, watches, etc. Things are just on fire. Great for sellers; bad time for buyers.
  6. It seems like prices on all collectibles are rocketing. The cold reality? Some have done extremely well this year, while others have suffered greatly. It seems to be playing out with collectibles of all sorts.
  7. Hi, I appreciate the offer. I'd like to stay at least 4.0+ or higher on this one if possible. Thank you though--GLWTS!
  8. I mean, even then that's debatable at best. The closest thing we can compare them to is DC and generally the disparity is huge. You could always argue that most books in super high-grade, say 9.8 or 9.6 are rare (at least in comparison to demand), but high-grade Marvel's aren't what I would consider "tough to find".
  9. There's 938 of them on the CGC Census, they aren't exactly rare. They fetch insane prices though. Kind of like the Tesla of comics.