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  1. At $130K they should spend $100 on a decent camera/scanner to take pictures. Seriously.
  2. Reach out to "kaizerdawg" on Instagram. He has a beautiful 8.0 copy. Tell him "howling_mad_fate" sent you. Not sure if he's looking to move it or not.
  3. May just be easier to send Comcav a spreadsheet first and let him pick through things.
  4. Maybe "common" is a bad term, but if anything the print run to 9.8 ratio proves my point further. It's not that uncommon in high grades. There's books with VASTLY larger print runs that have the same number or less of 9.8s. This could be for a variety of reasons, but strictly speaking given the low print run, limited distribution, and non-major publisher nature, 30 doesn't seem extremely scarce--despite what the Gerber index may or may not be. Of 897 on the registry, which is a significant portion of the original run, 350 are graded 9.0 or above. That's a lot. I'm not arguing the merit of the book, or it's contributions. I grew up with TNMT, I get it, but I don't think it's that big of a mystery why it's jumping in price. Individuals in the same age group can now afford nostalgia. This is the same thing we're seeing with Japanese Domestic Market cars, and is reminiscent of muscle cars about 20 years ago. Or video games, which have skyrocketed in the past 5 years. Will it be a $150K book 10 years from now? Maybe. It's just as likely it'll be a $10K book. Who knows. There's always market forces at play. EDIT - these are my final thoughts on this as well, not trying to clog things up.
  5. Market dynamics aren't that complex when you paint with a broad stroke. People need to eat and need shelter, period. If the market dips, or God forbid looks anything like 10-12 years ago, people panic and sell-off collectibles and unnecessary items. That extra demand quickly impacts the value and generally rockets them downward. Those who have extra cash pick them up and hold. It's the whole "the rich get richer" concept in a nutshell. Looking for deals? Have physically money ready for the next turn down and buy, buy, buy. It's also about spare cash and patience.
  6. I'm sorry, 30 copies in 9.8 isn't common. 30 copies...9.8...not common? In comparison to maybe Action Comics 1 or Captain America 1, sure, but that's INCREDIBLY common. I'm not placing judgment on the value or whether it's a wise pick-up (I don't believe it is, at least not long-term), but let's call it what it is. A fairly common yet super high-demand book.
  7. Oofta, I've never seen you get beat before. This thread has a lot of eyes on it!
  8. Frankly I'd argue that's debatable, but that's for another time. Keep posting the hits!
  9. Ha, some of us gotta sleep. Admittedly though, the refreshing is probably taxing on the site/server.
  10. Do you have some kind of auto-refresh? Dang. I wish there was a rule where large threads provided a listing of books, or at least genres. I want to go to sleep, not hit F5 for the rest of the night.
  11. I believe you meant $1,600! EDIT: any pre-code crime or horror coming?
  12. Thank you for this! More than it actually should I suspect.