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  1. It proved to be inconclusive. I've been advised by the vintage collecting community that I should submit it to a grading company at some point and see if it gets flagged or not.
  2. We are in a terrible market from a buying perspective. As one collector noted to me yesterday (echoing thoughts that I have had myself), everyone is scared of leaving money on the table in this environment, so everything really good is priced in the stratosphere these days (at least for mainstream superhero art) - "no regrets" pricing. Meanwhile, the quality of art hitting the auction block has been steadily declining as well, perhaps in part due to people not wanting to risk having one of the few pieces that gets hosed even in a hot hot hot market (re: potential unbearable regret). Plus, pr
  3. If people think the OA market is hot, I saw a video today of the top 25 soccer card sales of Q1 2019. A Lionel Messi rookie in PSA 10 topped the list at $13,950. The same card sold for almost $117K a few months ago. So many people rushed to buy a piece of the 1958 Alifabolaget Pele PSA 9 rookie card that Rally Road offered fractional shares in yesterday (at a $315,000 valuation) that it crashed their system and the card will have to be re-offered to the public sometime next week. That is the market we are in nowadays for basically any and every asset that is perceived to have value.
  4. "Virtuous circle" refers to a self-reinforcing feedback loop with favorable results, and does not carry any moralistic judgments.
  5. These steroidal prices have little to do with OA fundamentals specifically. Money is being devalued into oblivion and any asset perceived to have value is seeing price inflation like crazy these days. Comic guys are buying comics, OA guys are buying OA, stock guys are buying stocks, art guys are buying art, card guys are buying cards, real estate guys are buying real estate, Pokemon guys are buying Pokemon, Bitcoin guys are buying's all roofing like crazy and it's begetting a virtuous circle whereby people feel (and are, on paper) richer and more confident by the day, thus spurri
  6. I thought it was the trifecta of 1. Money Printer 2. Goes 3. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  7. I think it is largely true at all price points, yes. I don't think it would be true at all to say that wealthy Boomers dominate the high to ultra high end while Gen Xers dominate everything lower, as Gen Xers (e.g., Mandel, Roberts, The Vacuum, Fishler, Fish and probably most of the biggest dealers just squeak into the early Xers category I'm guessing) are heavily represented at the very highest levels of the hobby, and one step down from those guys is utterly dominated by Xers. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be a smooth upward ride until the Xers cash out - other thin
  8. I think there is far more market cap of OA in the hands of Gen Xers at this point than Baby Boomers. There are some notable Boomers with massive collections (e.g., Halperin, Thibodeaux, Koch, etc.), but, generally speaking, you saw a huge redistribution of OA from the Boomers to the Xers over the past 20 years or so. Xers have led the OA bull market and the remaining Boomers have largely just been along for the ride.
  9. I don't have a problem keeping it at $10-20K...but people should be aware that we are likely talking about the very low end of the range for generic A pages. As with everything, though, true A+ pages can end up just about anywhere these days.
  10. Yeah, but would you take multiple pages at $9,999? Because that's a lot different than taking multiple pages at $5-6K. There may not be many/any A-level Smith X-Men pages available at the lower end of the $5-10K range anymore. But, there are probably not any A pages at the upper end of the $10-$20K range either (those few that would sell at that price would more realistically be called A+++ pages). The reality is that PMS UXM, like several/numerous others on the list, is probably straddling the line between two categories - either at the high end of the lower bracket or the low end of the h
  11. Yeah, I think Tim Sale LH is probably on the borderline between $5-$10K and $10-$20K at this point. It was my call to put it in the higher tier but it could very well be at the high end of the previous tier. I just thought that no one will sell true A pages for mid-4 figures anymore. But, I'm fine with ratcheting it back down one notch as per your & @NinjaSealed's suggestion. Good point - there's too much stuff to keep track of sub-$5K. I think $5-10K is where the list starts to get really useful. I feel strongly that JIM 2-up pages should be in the $20-30K bucket, a
  12. For 2021, my only OA goals are: 1. Sell more than I buy 2. Don't buy anything unless it's so nostalgic that resistance is futile (e.g., Paul Smith X-Men #172-173 pages or other top 1-3% of favorites from 1983-86 should they become available) I only bought 6 pieces in 2020, and 5 of them were small. Meanwhile, I sold about 9.5x more art (by $ value) than I bought, so, I largely succeeded with similar goals last year.
  13. I think it's well documented that, overall, the BWS Conan market was pretty flat-to-slightly down from roughly 2014 to 2019. Of course, some exceptions apply, as with anything, especially for the top 5% of examples. Flat-to-down qualifies as dying, if not dead, in the market that we've had.
  14. Wow, apparently this crazy market has even brought BWS Conan back from the dead. But, regardless, it is a pretty exceptional splash and I'm not surprised that two or more people would throw down for it.
  15. I have bid $361K on 123 lots in this auction (I used to bid on 400+ lots every sale back when I was more active, and more aggressively than this). I intend to win none of them, but, would be happy to win any and all of them at these prices. I don't think there are any shenanigans at all going on here. Just people putting in marker bids, thrill bids and "I'd-be-happy-to-win-at-35-50%+ off" bids.