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  1. I'm much too diplomatic to call out artists (and collectors!) by name.
  2. We have an OA market that presently respects no boundaries of price, quality, history or even taste. Given how steroidal auction results have been lately, I think a lot of pieces could blow through the ranges stated here. People should break their psychological anchors to historical data points and boundaries that, for the time being, no longer exist in this hobby, because the people paying these prices sure have. At this point, I would rather that the (very) few remaining things I really want in the OA world to stay unavailable. While I fully recognize and acknowledge the bizarre reality
  3. Yes, the cover & complete story are held by "diamond hands" and are not obtainable.
  4. Nah...the #23 is all about Red Sonja, but, she's not on the cover. And if you want anything from the first 24 issues of Conan, you want BWS to have drawn it.
  5. No The 3 BWS pages in yesterday's sale only sold for between $8,100 and $10,800 (and the latter page was so memorable that it was actually the only lot that I bid seriously on in this sale...but lost ). That's a bounce from where pages had fallen to by the end of the 2010s, but, it's really only getting back to where many pages were selling in the early-to-mid 2010s. It's like I keep telling people: "Nobody cares about Conan."* * except for an ever-shrinking part of the Boomers and early Gen Xers...anyone younger than me and you can forget it. Yep, a 25-35
  6. R.I.P., Frank - thanks for the memories.
  7. I know some guys here are into Greg Simkins' (a.k.a. "Craola") artwork. His first card for Topps' Project 70 art/baseball card project is available for the next two days only: Craola Roger Clemens baseball card
  8. This guy gets a bit repetitive and is a bit too much in love with Pokemon, but, I think his general message is correct - NFTs have, almost overnight, become one of the biggest bubbles ever. They're a great idea with a huge future (IMO), but, right now, most prices are totally detached from any semblance of realistic sustainable value and have just become an epic speculative FOMO pump that will create a huge number of bagholders (speaking mostly of NBA Top Shot and a lot of the art projects out there selling for thousands/tens of thousands for nobodies and wannabe artist influencers, and hundr
  9. I met him at a convention many, many years ago (probably late '00s or early '10s at the latest) and told him that I saw a strong Sienkiewicz influence in his work - he looked at me like I had two heads, like how could anyone possibly think that. Kind of like how the band Greta Van Fleet disavowed any Led Zeppelin influence in the one interview I saw with them a few years ago...I mean, c'mon (go watch any of their videos on YouTube and you'll see what I mean). I ended up commissioning something from Stuart at that convention, think it was a few hundred bucks, though, I sold it a few ye
  10. I'm not surprised. Anyone following my posts in The Water Cooler (the Gold/investment thread and the Bitcoin thread) for the past 6 months or so knows that I became very bearish on anything ever making sense again at some point last summer, realizing that money is being debased into oblivion and that all ties to reality have pretty much been cut at this point (re: asset prices are no longer bound by gravity and prices will keep getting stupider until the system itself totally breaks down). To be honest, $25K+ on a NM #98 CGC 9.9 nowadays only rates about a 3/10 on the scale given what
  11. I actually chatted with the original owner of the Miles Morales cover yesterday. I didn't know at the time that he was the original owner; I just happened to mention the sale to him and he responded (in a public forum, not breaking any confidences here): "I used to own that Miles Morales cover. LOL. Not that you can even tell it’s Miles if you don’t already know. Ugh. I was the original buyer from Spencer Beck (paid $2200 IIRC). Even requested that he ask Mark Bagley for the headshot patch for the 2nd print cover (which Mark sent to me shortly thereafter). I sold it a year later for 8k+
  12. I think it's reasonably well known that Tom Fish was the seller. I think he's too good to leave that much any meat on the bone. I think whoever he sold it to, he found the guy who will pay the most at the current time. Not that it couldn't get to $400K, though, if this across-the-board asset price inflation continues for another year or two.
  13. Mark Bagley's Miles Morales Spider-Man Cover Art Sells for $225,000 A year ago, I would have said this was ludicrous, but, given that currencies are being debased into oblivion worldwide, I'm getting used to seeing more and more absurd prices - across all markets - every day. At this point, $225K for this cover actually seems...normal to me. Recently, a longtime collector reached out to me and said that the prices I was asking for my art on CAF were ridiculous. Well, two of the pieces that he cited as being absurd sold soon after and there have been serious inquiries about others