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  1. YESSS!!! If people always paid within the established comp range, PRICES WOULD NEVER GO UP OR DOWN. It's amazing how people don't understand this. We've been in a rising market, so it's only natural that people should be paying over and above the historical comps all the time. I've paid above the comps so many times, sometimes shockingly more, that if I hadn't, my collection wouldn't be half as good as it is. I'm categorically not saying that people should overpay for B pieces, but, I don't know anyone who has built a top collection without overpaying (at the time, anyway) for A/A+ pieces.
  2. Goldin Auctions also cyber-attacked this past weekend
  3. Not that it matters in this case, but, the limit has been $250K for more than a decade.
  4. Yep. Modern covers are hugely devalued IMO. I only read Modern trades (either digitally or in physical TPB format), so, what the original covers looked like is practically irrelevant to me and people like me, as I am not buying individual floppies at the LCS and the cover is not necessary to hook me. I may never even see all the original covers if they are not included in the TPB as bonus material. Plus, with decompressed storytelling, lack of logos/trade dress and stock covers being created months in advance for Previews, there's just a lot more covers out there per storyline (and that's not even including the gazillion variants, which REALLY devalues the notion of a 1/1 cover) with less to tie them to future nostalgia than ever. For Moderns, covers to me are basically interchangeable with splashes and pin-ups. Totally different from what covers showcased in the vintage era and what they represent as the focal point for nostalgia. I can tell you what is on practically every X-Men cover from GSXM 1 to somewhere in the #200s. Who can make the same claim for ANY Modern run? Covers simply don't matter like they used to, and it's not only wrong, but simply absurd for anyone to even suggest otherwise. And, what's more, there are probably a LOT of people who can recall from memory the covers for X-Men and other vintage titles, given that hundreds of thousands of people read these books (both at the time and in the years/decades that followed) and largely consumed them month to month and absorbed the contents in a way that Modern content is not these days - collected/binged, just part of an exponentially larger amount of content being consumed overall, making everything less memorable/retained by default. Plus, the readership/viewership is much narrower than in the past when there were far fewer content choices - today's covers (especially variants) have little chance of becoming truly iconic and memorable to a wide audience.
  5. In AM V8 Vantage (Pocono, NJMP), Jag F type (Monticello - forgot about that one), Mercedes SLS (Lime Rock) and probably a dozen other sports/supercars and formula cars over the years. Anyway, if I never got another piece of OA, I'd be OK with that; I've already acquired more of my favorite art than I ever thought would be possible. There's still more I'd like to do on the car side before I kick the bucket, though (one of several reasons why I stopped committing new money to my OA collection after 2015; since then all of my buys have been funded by sales). But, as you noted, the cost is steep, especially since I'd need to invest in a house w/garage in a good driving location first.
  6. Around Manhattan, no. I no longer keep a car in the city (as of 2 years ago) as it wasn't worth it any longer for me. But, people who buy supercars typically have other properties in areas that are more conducive to their display/use (e.g., SoCal, Miami, Hamptons or at least the NYC 'burbs, etc.) Lime Rock, Pocono, NJMP, Monticello Motor Club, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, AMG Winter Driving School in Sweden, etc.
  7. I would take the Ferrari. And then I would put a bumper sticker on my regular ride that says "My Other Car Is a Ferrari F40".
  8. OK, the new question is: $50K in cash or $100K in art that you and your heirs can never sell, trade, donate/gift if you receive a tax write-off or any kind of benefit (whether monetary or otherwise), put in trust, sale-leaseback, settle debts with, charge rent/display for profit, use as collateral, write derivative contracts upon or put in a structured product, etc.
  9. If I could select/buy the $100K of art, I'd choose the art. Otherwise, I'd take the cash.
  10. It's a lovely piece, but, late-era Jones without the GoT association...I guess it could crack $10K, but, I'd probably take the under. Maybe not sub-10% of the price, but, I'd probably guess sub-20%. It will be interesting to see how well the GoT premium holds up over time.
  11. (even if he had drawn this one, I wouldn't let him near it with an uncapped pen or marker!!)
  12. It's been a banner year for focused acquisitions for me. Somehow I've managed to knock out 3 of my top 10 remaining want list items - the Marvel Feature v. 2 (feat. Red Sonja) #1 cover (one of the two comics that served as my introduction to the hobby), my all-time favorite Sienkiewicz cover (New Mutants #31) and a Parsonavich ARBBH cover! I also finally got my (Eclipse) Airboy cover (only care about the first dozen issues of the series; I got #6); another page to Uncanny X-Men #172 (I now have more than 2/3rds of the pages plus the cover from the book that started it all for me) and several other major 1980s-era wants, some of which will eventually make it to CAF. It's been such a great year that, at this point, there are probably fewer than half a dozen "must-have" pieces left on my Want List that both (a) may become available at some point and (b) would still be within my comfort zone price-wise if they do. I guess I'm in the twilight of my active collecting days. On the downsizing front, I'm running a moderate deficit for the year so far, though, I expect to at least halve that number after the Nov. Heritage auction (where I have a number of consignments). And, given the small number of remaining Want List items, I expect to run a surplus in most years going forward, so, if I don't manage to close the gap before year-end, I'm not too bothered. In any case, I am more focused at the moment on making sales than adding more art...I am feeling pretty content about where my collection is at this point after 2019's acquisitions.
  13. It would have happened anyway had they continued to distribute through other venues as well. Just look at what has happened to print media in general over the past decade, regardless of how/where it is distributed. Forget the incredibly misleading "e-book vs. physical book" sales comparisons - just look at how much time people spend consuming content (TV, movies, videogames, YouTube/short videos, social media, e-books/comics/newspapers/magazines, message boards, web pages, etc.) in front of screens these days vs. reading printed content. There's no contest whatsoever.