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  1. Sweet grab, Scott. I dithered too long on whether to upgrade. Now can anyone tell me what in the world that Frankenstein #30 is still doing here??? Talk about a bargain-basement hen's tooth! If its not the toughest book in the run, it's in the top two.
  2. I'm thinking it also could mean that you can see everything you're supposed to see. I'm thinking of TOS 39 where sometimes the double quotation marks are partially missing along the right edge due to how it was cut, or Strange Tales 101, which is a bear to find with the entire issue # box present. Just a thought, though more often this sort of image issue on AF15 is along the left, where the lower corner of the A in amazing is sometimes wrapped around to the rear, etc.
  3. As a buyer, it would never occur to me that a simple courtesy of thank you could cause a seller a headache.
  4. Just in from a great boardie; thanks @Badger !
  5. This just in via a great boardie....thanks @Badger !
  6. This is a great book; I've got a couple copies somewhere. I need to dig them out and join.
  7. Weird fantasy skeletons to a nurse having a weird fantasy of her own, perhaps?
  8. Readcomix

    Detective 395

    Most underrated bronze Bat key, if not DC key, out there IMO. Also features a one-and-done immortal villain that hints of things to come.
  9. My pleasure; I knew you were looking for one, and Mike's a great boardie to buy from!
  10. I was surprised too; not quite as nice as the one that went for $355 a few months earlier, at least from what I could tell comparing pix of both. But it had blown past the previous copy price before I could put a bid in.
  11. Avengers 177 - culmination of the Korvac saga I'm sure a bajillion more will come back to me.... Thor 272 - story of Thor and Loki's childhood rivalry FF 191 - "Four no More" team breaks up FF 213 - Galactus vs the Sphinx; early Marvel cosmic level clash; well-done borderline copper, but DC Comics Presents #29 -- The Spectre humbles Superman
  12. MINE! Not only did she NOT throw them out, she made sure I had enough money to buy at least one after school every day, from kindergarten through grade school.