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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.
  1. Superman Golden Age "Minor" Keys

    How about Superman 55 for making Wertham's cut in SOTI?
  2. Question on Neal Adams Continuty books.

    Think of it this easily and affordably could you get copies of all these books amassed together? I doubt it's too difficult or expensive. Then, how difficult is it to find an Adams signing? Again, it's just cost. They are neat because they have a backstory but not exceptionally more valuable than the sum of their parts, which you could assemble yourself. fwiw, I'm not much of a sig acquirer on books. I do actually like Megalith and think some of the material,is better than its rep as forgettable.

    Yellow dress headlights to yellow dress headlights
  4. Here's a Fighting Indian Stories, Robot Man.
  5. Thank you everyone for an auction well-played and a thread well-krapped! I had fun and hope you did too.
  6. Thank you Sharon! The SA Richie Rich auction is now officially over.
  7. Comic Prints, Limited & Open Edition

    Do these lithos from the '70s count? (Neal Adams)
  8. Comic Prints, Limited & Open Edition

    I just picked these up, but I can't show them to you because they are still sealed From what I have seen, the enclosed images are pretty nice.
  9. Lest I popular demand.... @Cliff R. @Patriot6 .... The Archie preview!
  10. Mephisto question

    There's also a Marvel Two in One annual where he throws down with Dr Strange. Doc brings along The Hulk and The Thing to handle the horde of demons. No killing, but if you also want Mephisto in action it's one of the few other places besides Infinity Gauntlet that I can think of.
  11. Sharon, You are WAAAAAY too kind; thank you on all counts! Gang, I did screw up the headline with the 48 hours thing; apologies. At the outset, as Sharon notes, the most specific thing I said re: closing time is 11 EST tonight, so I honored that. The headline was the screw-up. I hope everyone has had fun with this; these seemed to be a bit earlier than the bronze RR's that usually show up in droves when you buy a collection, so I thought the best way to see if there's boardie interest in these books (beyond first appearances and say Richie Rich 1-10) was to offer them at auction. Thank you everyone for making this a fun thread. As I explained to a couple folks in PM discussions, this was a small piece of an all or nothing deal, composed largely of lots of small, esoteric pieces like this. I'm trying to offer what I'm not keeping in themed mini-threads, but I am also considering one larger "You Might Find It" thread of cool mostly affordable yet not always offered stuff. If there's enough here to give it that fun "what's posting next?" Factor I will do it. Less than an hour to go.....when's the last time you saw 22 Richie Rich's from the silver age in one spot???
  12. AF15 Low grade

    First, congrats! I agree with everyone else so far, 1.0. But there is an unrestored complete .5 in the gold silver bronze sales thread that you should check out for comparison. Also, it's no uglier/prettier than my 1.5 Avengers 1 with extra staples, a big horizontal tear and slight spine roll, so I would expect 1.0 but be pleasantly surprised, but not shocked, if it came back 1.5. Good luck! Congrats on a cornerstone of the hobby
  13. Congrats Cliff! Archie preview? I'm still figuring out what all to do with portions of this take it or leave it all or nothing deal I took....I was trading Dell and Gold Key western photo covers at lunch today! I might be active with the sales threads for a few weeks, but I will put up some fun, unusual fare in the process. (Bought a collection for a couple of monsters; we've all been there....oh yeah, all this stuff is thing you know, you're reading a full run of something you never heard of....) Breathe deep, read and release...
  14. Hah! Wait until I unearth the Archies from this collection ... I'll be hiring Sherpas yet.... Think about it....that would be awesome....shipping will be actual, at the going rate for four Sherpas and a rickshaw....