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  1. A full set of the Warren/Kitchen Sink Spirit magazine run; #1-16 from Warren, then Kitchen Sink took over for #17-41. Complete set, grades vary, average at least Fine I'd say. #1 is autographed by the late great Basil Gogos (silver ink tough to see in pic). The set comes from an estate collection that I bought a sizable chunk of a couple years ago. The collector was very much an autograph guy, though I have no certificates or such. But that's the background. $140 for the set. NOTE: I'm guessing, but this probably need a large priority box, so shipping this set might be around the $20 mark or more. Will do my best to minimize yet pack safely.
  2. This next one I've offered before but I suspect it was missed. Still, I will improve the price...literally throwing the Kitchen Sink at you guys
  3. Complete Marvel Comics color Doc Savage set -- Doc Savage #1-8 and Giant-Size #1 (full set) plus Giant-Size Spider-Man #3 and MTIO #21. I believe these constitute every Doc Savage appearance in a color Marvel comic. Grades range from mid (MTIO 21 is the low-end outlier) to VF+/NM (#3 probably nicest) with most everything else clustered at VF range. Take the set for $50
  4. ...cuz who don't like to get some l'il sets on a Sunday morning?
  5. Here's a gorgeous Captain America #105, looks structurally 9.0-9.2 to me with just a little spine wear near the green box, but cream to off-white pages. Also, the original owner (apparently) put his name on the cover, and full name and a date on the splash margin. That's the kind of writing I personally like, but YMMV. Let's say $50
  6. Okay last one tonight coming up...
  7. Sensation Comics #38 Poor. Coverless and missing centerfold. Maybe someone can complete it. $25
  8. Coming right up! we'll split the difference, do a couple more and save a few for tomorrow. (Hopefully earlier start.)
  9. Anybody else hanging in there, or should I save a few and shoot a few more for tomorrow? 1 am here, but I'll keep 'em coming if you're out there and want them to roll.
  10. Oh yeah, that handsome guy is ready! Thank you again! Good night, Jim!
  11. Green Lantern #40 VG+ or VGFN. 1st Krona, origin of the Guardians, Hal Jordan vs golden age GL, Gil Kane...what more do you want? $60
  12. Amazing Spider-Man #135 maybe about a 7.0...second appearance of the Tarantula...oh yeah, and second appearance of the Punisher,too. $60