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  1. Okay boardies, everything has been claimed! If you haven't PM'ed me your ship-to address yet, please do and I'll get them out ASAP! Thanks for being an awesome community!
  2. No one has, Darkowl, so you are a very cool Turn of the Screw adaptation! Enjoy!
  3. Best of DC! And thank you!
  4. Two left! Don't forget to pm a shipping address, please!
  5. Tracy! You're welcome, enjoy!
  6. High Camp Heroes! Enjoy, JohnnyR!
  7. Transformers! You're welcome, enjoy!
  8. That's it, gang! Help yourself and enjoy! Thanks for making this place such a great community!
  9. CLAIMED! The Transformers Comics Magazine #8
  10. Batman Signet! Enjoy, Jay! This is a fun book!
  11. CLAIMED! Best of DC #69 Year's Best Team Stories. Four stories (Teen Titans, LSH, Infinity Inc., Batman & the Outsiders). Fun, rare DC slugfest as Geo-Force picks a fight with Superman.
  12. CLAIMED! High Camp Superheroes Belmont Books 1966. Silver Age MLJ heroes revival in b&w.
  13. CLAIMED! Batman Signet Books 1966 1st printing