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  1. @kazoo @knot's*dew @KryptoMayor @Leo-man @Logan510 @lonetree
  2. Nah, the list is fairly full of regular active boardies; I'm guessing many are just missing for various and sundry busyness reasons from everyday life. To paraphrase me every time I miss a great sales thread, "They gotta get out less."
  3. Readcomix

    Bought my first collection: merry Christmas to me!

    Congrats on the find! Enjoy!
  4. Hear ye hear ye! i have completed my counting from the photographic evidence. The correct answer, obviously, is $846.43. Thank you Dr X for the fun, mayhem, merriment and general debauchery
  5. I just want to happily point out that the mixed ages sales thread area seems to have experienced a resurrection from the dead! Kudos to the band of boardies who have bounced it back of late.
  6. So its funnybook finale Sunday morning, correct? Wouldn't want to miss the Michigan fellas' shootout at the golden age corral!
  7. Not sure!?!?! OF COURSE NOT!
  8. It's a head fake! Not buying it! That bat signal is coming up ASAP! I can feel it....I feel like Charlie Brown waiting on the Great Pumpkin....
  9. I have nothing constructive to add at this time .... Does that help?
  10. Readcomix


    Winter fun to winter fun
  11. Claudio, while it's not terrifying stuff, I think the story arc from Fear #19 to Man-Thing #1 is pretty cool. A construction company inadvertently opens up the nexus of all realities and a band of demons pours through -- as do cavemen, barbarian warriors, WWII-era soldiers and Howard the Duck. Master of Kung-fu #19 is also kind of surreal, when Shang-chi meets the Man-Thing. Considering the horror films of the era, I'm surprised I can't think of a marvel story that revolves around possession in that era. Anybody?