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  1. Just got hold of this difficult Australian edition today. For reference, I'm posting the centerfold poster, which is often missing.
  2. Been busy since last Friday....The Avengers 1 is an Australian edition; the Frazetta baby-scalping cover on the Straight Arrow simply blew my mind, and the moderns are the final two issues of Black Monday Murders. I got the first six in a collection I recently bought, and it is the best new book I have read in a long time. Voodoo, foul play, banking conspiracies -- I cannot recommend this enough; track down all eight issues; well worth it.
  3. I blame/thank @Badger for this one.....he posted one and I had to have one when I saw it....Frazetta cover, baby about to be scalped; what's not to love?
  4. We're finally nearing the end....I have larger lots, though not complete sets, of Sandman Mystery Theater and The Dreaming; will shoot and post if there's interest. ... That may be all for this thread; I need to check whether I have put up everything from this collection. Don't hesitate to present offers.
  5. Death the High Cost of Living, four-book lot: #1 is signed by Gaiman and Bachalo, still sealed, COA #3799 of 10,000 (note lower left spine creases); plus a FN copy of #2 and VF or better copies of #3, a 1st print with error and a corrected second print. Sold Prices seem to range greatly on the signed, sealed #1; lets go $30 for the lot.