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  1. OK gang, I zonked out last night so I did not start sending PM's to takers until this a.m. I will finish up PM totals after work then close this thing up. My goal is to have everything shipped by Nov. 1. Thanks again all! Last-minute grabs/PMs welcome; thread is updated as to taken/not.
  2. Many prices cut early this morning; several slashed, offers welcome too. I've enjoyed the reading but there's no keepers here for me. Later today, I will get PMs out to takers (thank you all!) and then close up the thread. Thanks everyone!
  3. Okay fellow boardies, I will post Gaiman's Sandman in lots, from #50 down to #1, tonight. All are raw and high grade. Then, sometime tomorrow, I will close up and get PM's out to all takers. That should allow me to get everyone their books by Nov 1, before I lose that entire next week to work. I can then revisit the pile in mid-November and see if there's any board-worthy offerings left in this massive read and release party I have thrown myself! As to any unsold material already posted, if you really want something and think I am off on pricing, just make a reasonable offer via PM. This is not my collecting bailiwick; I am open on these items. I doubt I will have time to go through and cut prices or post a recap, so feel free to PM. Thanks to all lookers and takers!