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  1. I've held off on commenting here out of cognitive dissonance at first, but once Rick revealed his great personal news (congrats!) it sunk in -- Rick, we'll miss your incomparable sales threads, but I want to believe we won't be missing you as I assume you'll remain an active and integral part of these boards in your new role. That said, missing your threads is missing a big part of you, at least as the virtual world goes. Before I ever sold a book on here, I studied several sellers' approaches in order to fit in as a collector sharing books that were no longer for my collection. I have borrowed liberally from what I have learned from you; thank you! (I've also had the pleasure/honor of hosting one of those Rick/ @Comcav shootouts; what a show but it's exhausting to behold! I had found a collection of pre-code romance books; surely that tells anyone who wasn't there all they need to know.) Rick was also one of my very first deals on the boards; a cash/trade swap involving a Roly Poly 12 and a couple GA Archies. I had recognized the Roly Poly in one of Rick's sales threads as one I had lost in the final seconds of an eBay auction; it was Rick and I who had been bidding each other up, it turns out. He generously offered it to me at a cash/trade value equal to what he had in it. Thank you, buddy! Your sales threads will be sorely missed as they are almost always a living clubhouse for us on here, but I expect not to have to say you will be missed, as I am hoping your conversation, commentary and general participation remains. You're a part of what makes this place great; congrats again on your new endeavor!
  2. Great books, Nick! Gang, Nick and I have done deals in person; great boardie here with some sweet stuff! GLWTS!
  3. Adam grabbed a few books in a recent thread, pm'ed a want list, and I found him a couple more for his Hulk run. Great communication, fast payment!
  4. Famous Monsters would be tough to beat, but if we're sticking strictly with comics I would think Dell's Lobo #1 is a good bet. I see a cgc 9.8 file copy sold on Heritage in 2017 for just over $4k.
  5. Goes live in two hours (6 PM EST); some lots still have no bids!
  6. Worlds Finest 206, Black Magic lot and HOM 206! Thanks Matt!
  7. What a great piece; always loved that cover! GLWTS! We have a sales forum for OA??? Cool!
  8. OK boardies, thread is cleaned up and up-to-date; many price cuts just got made. Shooting for closing some time tomorrow and getting PM's out to all winners so we can get books on their way. Thanks again everyone!
  9. All dat stuff listed above goes to Baaaaat-a-raaaag!!! Thank you!
  10. Triple Crown via PM! Dead oof Night 11, Conan 58 and Ghost Castle 1! Thank you Steve!