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  1. Readcomix

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    I see it; that's a Harry Osborn-lookin' guy right there.
  2. Readcomix


    To south seas girl on the beach
  3. Readcomix

    MF 73 : Is the Bloom Off the Rose ?

    THIS explains why he needed the Underoos! Oh, granny!
  4. Readcomix

    MF 73 : Is the Bloom Off the Rose ?

    No bloom lost for me; I think it's a "cooler than its weight class" GA key as the first appearance of the other two characters among the five heroes who were continuously published from the GA through to the SA. Aquaman was on underoos back in the 70's when most kids did not know who Green Lantern or the Flash were! This is NOT of course an argument for a six-figure collectible investment; I just think it's a cool book, better than the derision it sometimes receives.
  5. Readcomix

    The GA in Australia

    I can't remember if I posted this, and I'm too lazy to look back! So enjoy! (And if it's a rerun, I've got one on the way from Melbourne right now that should make up for it! )
  6. Readcomix


    Battle to cuddle