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    I was posting here when you were in diapers.

    paradox to pair o' covers
  2. Since Sharon is obviously up and rocking her own thread, I would be remiss in not giving an overdue welcome and thanks for stopping by mine! Also, I want to publicly apologize for failing to participate in the holiday secret Santa thread but things were just too crazy for me to feel I could have done it justice. Thanks for the invite and I would very much like to do it next year. Nice Supermans, lady
  3. Okay, gang that it's for tonight. I'm open to PM's, and there's still a couple "What is this still doing here???" Books in this thread -- Love Tales #50 and a Richie Rich #7. That said, get your take fingers ready for the final two rounds -- some '50's DC heroes and a pair of SA marvels from the original owner "M.R." Collection I picked up last year; then a pre-hero Atlas/Marvel round, where I'll probably lump in a few Dell Tom Corbetts with painted covers. That will bring this thread to a close at that point; I hope everyone is having fun whether looking, buying or just chiming in. Thanks all!
  4. Kid Colt #90 apparent VG but calling it Fair because it seems the first page is married in with tape. Great Kirby cover. Not a book you see every day. $10
  5. Our Fighting Forces #20, GVG about 3.0 (likely pi, a solid 3.14-etc). 1st grey tone cover in the title. (April 1957) $35
  6. Best of the West #9, complete but cover detached and split. Scarce book, not in Gerber Photojournal. $15
  7. DC 80-Page Giant Alert! Our Army at War #177 in VG/F. Kubert cover featuring a Sgt Rock that would make John Wayne run away and cry. $25
  8. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Somehow, I have never noticed that poop pile...
  9. Our Army at War #27, complete and solid-feeling but with some corner/edge chipping going on so I'm going with Good 2.0-2.5-ish. Hitler appearance, sweet full-page house ad for Jimmy Olsen #1. $35
  10. Just six books tonight for Round three, but let your inner child out; its soldiers versus cowboys! Here we go...
  11. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    True. Either way, it's a maddeningly interesting point to ponder for PCH junkies! (That Jo-Jo cover is so amazing I can't let myself acquire one. I think my teeth would decay.)
  12. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Holy cow, it might at that! Hadn't thought of it. @comicjack, have you got a skulls tally for the PCH cover with the most skulls?
  13. This week in your collection?

    That Jonah Hex 87 is an absolute sleeper cover! How is that not on more people's radar?