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  1. Classics Illustrated #'s 50 HRN 51 (version 1B) and 43 HRN 62 are on hold for a wise and discerning boardie of exceedingly renowned taste!
  2. Closing Tomorrow! The "Post of Demarcation" is on page 8; anything unsold that is further back in the thread than that post is 15% off; PM's welcome too! After closing, takers can square up to get their books or hold off if the subsequent thread from this collection may be of interest. As to subsequent thread, if you have a strong preference among the following four categories, let me know: - Foreign edition classics illustrated - special issue classics illustrated - original edition li even-drawn covers - silver age Superman titles Thanks everyone!
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  5. Every issue of Classic Comics/Classics Illustrated that was used in SOTI or POP is now represented in this thread. I will leave this open another day or so -- weighing whether to add a couple more items to this final round from this particular collection -- but once I close it, takers will have the option of awaiting the next related thread before requesting their books. I don't want to hold anyone up by running this thread much longer as it would take months to get everything into it at the rate I am going, as this was a sizable 16-box collection. So instead, I will offer this collection in discrete subset threads. Next threads likely to be: original edition line-drawn covers, foreign editions, special issues, silver age Superman titles. If you are looking for original editions of any particular painted cover issues (#'s 81-169) just pm me as I am likely to have it but do not plan to list them all here. The only original from 81-up that I am sure I did not see is #95, All Quiet on the Western Front. Other than that, I can probably help you. I hope this thread has been fun even if you're not a Classics completist. Thanks all takers, lookers, PM'ers and, as always, PMs are welcome!
  6. ON HOLD! Classics Illustrated #43 HRN 62 (2nd and final edition) used in SOTI pg. 311. Some pretty awesome interior pages show us why it made Wertham's list. I had a really hard time grading this one, as a non-color-breaking crease runs diagonally on the lower right front cover from approximately the redcoat's armpit to Kiefer's signature, and there's some dust shadow. I went with 5.5 in PM discussions and will stand with that, but it's otherwise flat and bright as 6.5-7.0 range. Copies on eBay are priced crazily even for this one, a tough and desirable issue from the run. Take it for $50.
  7. Classics illustrated #99 HRN 169 (8th and final edition) used in POP, pg. 102. This is the only edition with this particular cover. Fine; cool date stamp. $5
  8. Classic Comics #10 HRN 14 (2nd edition, violet version, I think) used in SOTI, pg. 142. Beautiful copy, FN/FN+ $20.
  9. Classic Comics #15 HRN 15 (2nd edition) Uncle Tom's Cabin, used in SOTI, pgs. 102&103. The book is laden with, ahem, explicit caricature (see below). Presents VG or better but I'm calling it good plus because someone colored in the price circle and added three unnecessary staples to a single staple book that is clearly secured well by its single original staple. A VG/FN sold on eBay for $47; when was the last time you saw a single-staple,SOTI book for $20?? Yes, take it for $20.
  10. Classics Illustrated #89 HRN 169 (5th and final edition, stiff cover) Crime and Punishment. Cover used in POP. FN+ $5
  11. Classics Illustrated #68 HRN 70 (original edition) Julius Caesar. Used in SOTI pgs. 36, 37. VG w/spine roll, $10