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  1. Congrats Charlie! That’s an awesome addition!
  2. Plus he’s got Catwoman backing him up.
  3. That 7 also looks a lot like some people’s old school cursive capital F.
  4. Ok, that’s it for the men’s adventure mags. I have to shoot more, but there’s comics (including Golden Age), treasuries, and OA still coming. THIS JUST IN — Lotta Batman here, from approx. #380-480 and from 640’s to 713 (final vol 1 issue), though the runs are not complete. I don’t plan to shoot them all but PM me if you need any; chances are I have a sharp copy here. Happy to PM pix, grade and prices to help fill runs. We’re FAR from finished — stay tuned; you never know, you might find it!
  5. Male Oct 1961 VGFN $15 Armed dude on a raft with a buncha half-naked women and a classic car cover.
  6. Male Sept 1960 VG+ $12 Tramp with the hots for a sailboat fulla Nazis cover.