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  1. Ok, since the last book taken was grabbed via PM by none other than the Rickster @catrick339 I'll steal one from his playbook: Soft Cose begins now, hard close (denoted by a clear and concise headline change) once the last taker has gotten their PM. I may not get to them all tonight, but certainly by AM. Til then, PM's welcome on the few remaining items, many of which are on Flash Sale above. Speaking of which, FLASH SALE: there's three books that are priced at $15 each in this thread; Four Color #44, Nick Fury #7, and Tip Top Comics #146. Take any of them at $12 each instead from now 'ti
  2. The 2022 slate will tell us a lot. Seems Snyder bought them a runway with the JLA remix; they need to capitalize this go-round.
  3. New, Improved Recap!! (supersedes the Old, Lousy Recap on page 4): Please go to the actual page for grade, description and photos, then take by quoting the posting. If its on Flash Sale, you get the Flash Sale Price. PM's welcome too (aka Make Your Own Flash Sale) P1- Nada! P2- Four Color #44 $12 FLASH SALE PRICE Battle #27 $50 FLASH SALE PRICE Battle Front #24 #40 P3- Tip Top Comics #146 $12 FLASH SALE PRICE Punch and Judy Comics v3 #2 $25 FLASH SALE PRICE P4- Going Steady #14 $375 (What the heck is this doing still
  4. Hey! I can't be expected to cut ALL these prices myself! I'm trying to sit here and read the 1962 Big Strange Tales Annual #1, so youse guys oughtta send some PM's and cut these prices yourselves! I might say yes!