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  1. Oh yeah!?!?! Well, that's how I misread it, and I'm NOT stickin' to it then!
  2. Well done but not accurate as ASM #5 is not also Spider-Man's sixth appearance, only Doom's. It's at best seventh for Spidey as Strange Tales annual #2 (Spidey vs Torch) was out around the same time as ASM #3.
  3. My friend's auction house, a few lots (not all) are mine. Comics-only auction; 30 lots. Enjoy!
  4. Here's the defect Description from the Wolverine #35 thread
  5. Just click the eBay link in Telerites' post above. The guy has 11 books up currently; surely you can reach out via "contact seller" on there, though ebay does frown on any communication geared toward connecting outside of eBay.
  6. Legends of the Dark Knight #161 pg 20, David Lopez inked by Dan Green. The unusual layout struck me.
  7. Is a mention even a cameo? Either way, it'd be nice to see the corrected notation for #58 for historical purposes.
  8. Thank you; I couldn't voodoo the search function into turning up my past post!
  9. She's not pictured in GS Conan 1 at all. There is a dream sequence in which Conan recounts women who have been In his life. Her name (and Valeria's) sees print as a Conan musing, but the woman in the panel is a blonde, most likely Valeria. I sold the dang book and can't find my old post of the image but it's on here somewhere
  10. Yes, including first Lee/Kirby collaboration.
  11. Very cool thing to do @SOTIcollector. I'm only not playing because I have a copy, but I know what I'd suggest. (It's one of the ones someone has suggested.) Curious to see which way you go! Gang, it's a cool tome and the winner will be happy!
  12. I completely agree with @jimjum12's take above; thank you! I have two tangentially related questions: 1) There are many niche Golden Age reprints from the Copper era, as well as Marvel GA reprints of Timelys, etc that would be of far more interest to GSB collectors than copper/modern. Can these be offered in a GSB thread? 2) Is it ok to offer post-1984 comics as freebies in one's GSB thread? (And vice versa for copper/modern, I suppose, though I can't quite see anyone offering Golden Age freebies in a copper thread, but who knows?? ) I'm sure I have done both in the past, thinking it was in the spirit of the GSB section. But I wanted to ask in light of the new clarification. Thank you!