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  1. Cool thread Here's my top three for the year. First up, the 15 cent variant of Hot Rods and Racing Cars #56. Insanely scarce and my favourite Charlton 15cv to date. Lovely cover too: Next is another Charlton, this time the pence variant of Secrets of Love and Marriage #25. Another enchanting cover and the first pence copy I've seen for the title which was on my missing list for such a long time. A real thrill when it turned up: Finally, the pence variant of Wyatt Earp #29. I've been looking for a copy of this book for so long, to complete my L Miller indicia research. The story behind it's arrival was a fun one for me and easily the collecting highlight of my year: So, not the most expensive books and certainly of minimal interest to most. But I love em
  2. Another tip, use the Testing Area: It was changed a while back so that only the user can see what they post - no one else can (except mods / admin): Testing, 1... 2... 3... A forum to post signature tests, picture tests, UBB code tests, etc.. Only you and moderators can see these posts.
  3. Click on each name to be magically transported to their listing Lizards2 skypinkblu crassus fmaz drbanner jlouque Bird GACollectibles D ick Pontoon Ryan. Point Five zzutak adampasz gozer ivrimark OVERFLOW THREADS fmaz's overflow lizards2s meteorite of miscellany
  4. I wonder if AUS copies of any of the other two versions will exist (as they do for X-Men #1)? I've marked is as complete for now as I doubt it. AUS $6.60 is a whopping price... ....just to make sure though...
  5. Morning Updated APV Issue List The two new titles bring us up to: 105 titles with one or more APV confirmed 1,703 actual issues in the APV date range 1,272 confirmed APVs All good fun...
  6. Cor! AUS March 1994, so no probably no AUS April 1994, so probably only #1 may additionally be out there
  7. Cheers Ben. Don't think so mate. All price variants are 'hot' though, don't forget
  8. The Savage Sword of Conan #189 brings us up to 38 confirmed copies of the 40 possible. Only #179 and #217 missing now (with #217 being an AUS April 1994 issue so.....)
  9. .... none of which is interesting insomniacs across the globe. That's not true! OK, it's true