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  1. You mentioned Chassis "should" be totaled. Frames can be repaired but you end up with a rebuild title ( car would be worthless) no matter if it is cut in half or minor frame repair. As for salvage you can work with insurance but most times its not worth it. They will take the "value" of damaged car out of your money for replacement. If you do not like what they come back with do NOT accept it. Same if you decide to repair. If you are not 100% happy with it they have to redo it and insurance has to pay until you are happy, usually you can say just buy me a new one it will be a whole lot quicker and cheaper. If you have a smart agent they will. I grew up in the industry.
  2. Back in way early days of eBay I bought an almost complete lot of Werewolf by Night from a guy in Canada. Apparently it was not border Canada but Canada Canada. I seriously forgot about it and like 4 months later it arrived.
  3. My son wanted to up his collecting game so I said I would partner with him so he could get a nice book for his collection. He said "I want to go with Amazing Spider-Man 300." WOW, okay. So I scour ebay looking for a decent price and grade for him and BAM found an 8.0 with a raw 299 listed. Bid and won. In at a good price too. Well today his package came and I told him to open it and send me pics. He sent this one and I asked if the other was in the package with it. The listing only showed the 300 and I was not going to gripe for the price but was just curious. He replied with you mean others? He then sent me pics of 299,301,302,303,and 304. I was floored. My son is ecstatic as he now has a decent start to a Spider-Man collection.
  4. Oh man I love these...... Red Food Store- 1985 10 year old Haint was just a small spook haunting the spinner rack. Walden books - 1987 12 year old Haint loved spooking this place too. Got into more headier books and comics. ?- Can not recall but I had 2 local shops around the mid 80s as well. Kinda seedy places but a kids dream to visit. Got me a joker watch (swatch style) there. Dead guy comics- not really the name but great local comic shop during 90s image boom. The owner passed and the card guy that was partners kept the comics going a while. Gave us regulars great deals on silver bronze books after the dude passed to show appreciation for us being loyal. Friend got a first Juggernaut there for like 20 bucks. B&M Amusement - great store still around, owner treats everyone with utmost respect. Us hardened vets to the new guys coming in that barely reach the counter. Class act, Buddy and his employees. I now have 3 full time shops and 3 book stores with large comic presence within driving distance . Truly blessed, each store has there own reason to go there and none are dregs.
  5. Thank you, please disregard as I will follow existing thread....and thanks for the welcomes!
  6. I recently received a Werewolf by Night #1 that was graded for my birthday and it brought back memories of the old 70s horror books I read as a kid. So with card in hand I stalked eBay. I remembered the usual suspects like Tomb of Dracula and Werewolf by Night but I was unaware of the many similar titles. I have about 50 listed out so far to try. I will put them up as I receive them and give reviews here. If you are a fan let me know what you are reading and what you suggest.
  7. New additions! I did get side tracked with a Werewolf by Night #1 that was CGC graded last week but it is a display piece so it does not count . I picked up these yesterday ( pics will be added): Uncanny X-men #251, 234, and......210! The book that started it all for me with the X-men. Collection is growing slowly.
  8. Newest pick up for my slowly growing collection. X-Men number 15. Decent shape and was priced right. I had to go for an old one. In the past I may get a few early 100s and then stop and sell off. I want this one to be for the long haul.
  9. This Journal will be to document my journey to complete a volume 1 X-Men collection. Hello, I have decided to document my journey as I try to collect a complete set of X-Men volume 1. I guess history will be the best place to start, like most of us I spent a lot of time reading comics growing up in the 80s. I raided the spinner racks every time we went to our local grocery store. The trip that sealed the deal and made me a real comic fan was the day I found Uncanny X-Men #210. The menacing looking group looking for a fight....I had to get in on that. After that I collected through my teens and never really stopped reading different titles but somehow dropped the X-Men from my have to reads. Now many years later I am going to focus and build that full run collection I always daydreamed about as a kid. 1st piece was recently purchased at a local comic shop from the back issue boxes which are almost all priced at $1.00. It is Uncanny X-Men #214. I saw this as a good sign seeing as how my love for the X-men started within a few issues of this one. This weekend should lead to a comic trip as I have 4 within 20 minutes of each other and my house. More X-Men goodness to come. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.