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  1. Hello! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! I am currently running a sale on my website as follows: ALL comic BOOK art is 10% OFF ALL comic STRIP art is 15% OFF Prices already marked on sale are eligible for the ADDITIONAL discount! Time payments and trade always considered. Thanks! Art Adams John Byrne Frank Cho Darwyn Cooke Alan Davis Dave Gibbons Joseph Michael Linsner Bill Sienkiewicz and more! Regards, Tony
  2. Hello! For a limited time is having a 10% OFF Sale on EVERYTHING on the website. If something is already marked down - you can take an ADDITIONAL 10% off! Act now while supplies last! Regards, Tony
  3. Is it against the rules to reply to a two month old thread? This is a fun discussion and I've definitely had some phases: Phase 1: Buying pretty inexpensive art. I think the first piece I ever bought was a Mike Vossburg She-Hulk page that was pretty terrible. But I just wanted to hold an original in my hands. It's pretty amazing however how quickly you can go up in what you're willing to spend.... Phase 2: Buying art that is considerably more expensive and also buying almost anything that caught my eye. I'm a big 80's guy but... EC art? Sure. Comic strip art? Why not? Nothing was off limits. Phase 3: Pruning the collection. I decided to stop putting any more cash into comic art - and I forced myself to only buy new pieces by selling off old ones. This turned out to be the best move I ever made. I might sell three pieces to buy one other one - but I LOVED the new piece and realized I didn't care much about losing the other three. So I went from having a big variety and more pieces, to fewer, more valuable (both in dollars and sentiment) pieces. This also helped me realize what my "sweet spot" was - the 80's. Phase 4: I assumed I was retired and that my big buying days were over. I'd scratched all the itches I really wanted to and had examples of just about everything I wanted. But to my surprise I sold off pieces I never thought I'd sell and found amazing pieces that I never thought I'd find! I'm still buying and selling stuff pretty frequently and having fun with it. I never get tired of getting a new piece of art. There's so much good art out there - it's hard to NOT be able to find something that sparks your interest.
  4. I've used Robert Dennis - he does great work!
  5. Hello. I'm looking to buy some Alan Davis art. I'll consider almost anything. Message or email me if you have any for sale. Thanks! Tony
  6. Hello All, Just updated my website with over 20 new originals! Stop by and check it out: Regards, Tony
  7. Wow! Makes you really appreciate the amount of work it takes to put out a monthly book.
  8. So... 45 min for one panel? Is that normal? How long would a page like this take?
  9. Confession: I am one of the million+ who watched this! That's very interesting that people think the pencils and inks should be separate. Maybe it's a generational thing, or maybe they don't realize that original comic art is just a by-product of a production process. We have all heard the stories of art being given away, thrown away, chopped up and discarded. It was not considered valuable and was just a means to an end. I suppose there is something unfortunate about the pencils being obliterated, but I've always viewed a pencil and ink team like two singers who harmonize. You can't have one without the other - and only those two guys working together could make that finished piece. Even though you can no longer see the pencils, technically, you have them on an inked page. That's why, even if something is inked via blueline - I'd want the inks. I can't imagine the finished piece would look any different if it's inked using bluelines or straight from pencils, so you're still getting that team effort or "harmony".
  10. I never said I only collect published - I said I'd prefer the published inks over the unpublished pencils when given the choice. This thread is under the heading "Original Comic Art" - buying a comic book doesn't get you any original art. And if someone only collected published artwork, it's not unfortunate or flawed - it's just what they like. Nothing wrong with that.
  11. Don't know if this was directed at my prior comment but I wasn't implying inkers are better or more important than pencilers. I admitted that the penciler does most of the heavy lifting. But in the context of the question and of the hobby, it's about owning *original comic art*. Original, to me, means the art used to print the comic. The pencils were a BIG step in the process, but they are not published. For that reason, I want the inks. All you guys who choose pencils would be the proud owners of a bunch of unpublished art! That would take a little of the excitement out of it for me.
  12. Well I'll force you into a tough question! What if Sinnott had inked the Kirby FF stuff via lightbox or bluelines. If you had to choose, would you want the pencils or inks? You can have only one!
  13. If I were an inker, I'd be very insulted by this comment. It's the old "inkers are tracers" line. I suspect you may not realize what good inking is really about.