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  1. @HollyJollyOne missed the deadline did I?? Any poor souls out there still need a Saint Nick?
  2. I think it's a lesson for all of us. I think as someone said in another thread, established guidelines for payments probably need to be discussed before the sale. p.s. I'm way slow as a seller sometimes but I always keep open the lines of communication with updates, etc. I'm super flexible in terms of expecting payment & time payments. I just need communication. Something.. tangible. Payments, whatever it is. Just a simple message can go a long way.
  3. Those guys are gone my friend! As for that ugly mugshot pic..I have no idea who that is
  4. Thanks!! All yours guy. Here are some better pics.. it's a beauty
  5. Shipping included No returns Frankenstein #3 1946 Prize Publications CGC 7.0 ow/w.. third highest graded $420
  6. Nope. Sorry I should have made it clearer that no new inventory for this thread. Thanks everyone for buying! Invoices soon
  7. Take both for $130 shipped
  8. That's all for now everyone; thanks for the buys. Don't hesitate to pm me with an offer!