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  1. TheFifthHorseman

    Official 2018 CGC Chat Boards Holiday Gift Exchange Sign-Up

    @HollyJollyOne missed the deadline did I?? Any poor souls out there still need a Saint Nick?
  2. TheFifthHorseman


    I think it's a lesson for all of us. I think as someone said in another thread, established guidelines for payments probably need to be discussed before the sale. p.s. I'm way slow as a seller sometimes but I always keep open the lines of communication with updates, etc. I'm super flexible in terms of expecting payment & time payments. I just need communication. Something.. tangible. Payments, whatever it is. Just a simple message can go a long way.
  3. TheFifthHorseman

    [CLOSED] High Grade Frankenstein #3

    Philip K. Nick
  4. TheFifthHorseman

    [CLOSED] High Grade Frankenstein #3

    Those guys are gone my friend! As for that ugly mugshot pic..I have no idea who that is
  5. TheFifthHorseman

    [CLOSED] High Grade Frankenstein #3

    David & Roger certainly had their differences!
  6. TheFifthHorseman

    [CLOSED] High Grade Frankenstein #3

    Thanks!! All yours guy. Here are some better pics.. it's a beauty
  7. Shipping included No returns Frankenstein #3 1946 Prize Publications CGC 7.0 ow/w.. third highest graded $420
  8. TheFifthHorseman

    Golden Slabbage some peds

  9. TheFifthHorseman

    gone fishin'

    Nope. Sorry I should have made it clearer that no new inventory for this thread. Thanks everyone for buying! Invoices soon
  10. TheFifthHorseman

    gone fishin'

    Both for $170 shipped
  11. TheFifthHorseman

    gone fishin'

    Take both for $130 shipped
  12. TheFifthHorseman

    gone fishin'

    That's all for now everyone; thanks for the buys. Don't hesitate to pm me with an offer!