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  1. A Gaggle of Stuff!!! GA, PRE-CODE and SA.

    Agreed! Very nice
  2. Frankie #1 sold, Frankie #19 sold

    All yours my man Sweet book
  3. Frankie #1 sold, Frankie #19 sold

    Price drop on 19
  4. Frankie #1 sold, Frankie #19 sold

    Frankenstein #19 CGC 7.0 1952 Prize Publications $sold Second horror issue
  5. Frankie #1 sold, Frankie #19 sold

    What a guy Thank you!
  6. Frankie #1 sold, Frankie #19 sold

    Frankenstein Comics #1 CGC 6.0 1945 Prize Publications $sold
  7. Here's tha rules: gets it No returns Domestic shipping included. International you pay Paypal only No kudos but you know me Have fun!
  8. Misc including Baker romance

    Sweet book!
  9. Biggest Regret or Score in the last decade?

    Sell them now! In the GA forum!
  10. Buy the book my friend! I don't believe in labels
  11. Dayyumn what a thread!! Gorgeous books my man!
  12. Bedrock Sales Thread