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  1. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    I'll second that!
  2. Comics or Alibaba?

    Just slightly important Hey nothing I'm saying is gospel. I'm here for smart & thoughtful discussion
  3. Comics or Alibaba?

    By age I was implying scarcity
  4. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Your avatar scares me.
  5. Stripped Cover Returns

  6. Amazing Spider-Man #1 • CGC 6.5 • WHITE Pages

    Might be worth it...
  7. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Wichita - talk about a TOWN spread out as far as humanly possible. Takes about an hour to drive through that mother
  8. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    I agree but someone somewhere will list a big book on ebay - and they still go for big money there. Ebay is simply another resource, not the end all be all Edit: NYCC was lame for comics (for me anyway). I didn't see any of the books we see here on The Boards
  9. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Where at? Originally from SW Kansas
  10. Why doesn't Comic Link show a scan of the back?

    Same, but that's because nobody gives a *spoon*
  11. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    Yes they do. And they drink too. Imagine making them go outside every hour for a smoke
  12. Official 2017 CGC Chat Boards Holiday Gift Exchange Sign-Up

    I'm in! Whoever gets me better give me somethin' tasty
  13. UPS, FedEx, or USPS...Who beats your stuff to shreds the worst?

    Isn't that true of most things??
  14. ok, it's time. I hate to be the one to bring this up but....

    I'll do what I want, thank you