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  1. Here is a close-up of the tiny tear. I was hoping for a better grade but, that's why we send these books to an independent third party for grading. It's still way better than the book that I cut up when I was a child.
  2. The Grade is In! Grader Notes: medium split left top of spine small tear right top of back cover very light spine stress lines breaks color
  3. Hi everyone. My father had this comic. In the 70s, as a boy, I cut out Spidey and the Rhino and pasted them on a piece of oaktag. I don't think my father got angry at me. Comics were different back then. I don't remember him even purchasing bags for the books until the early 80s. In any event, just picked this up again. I'm sending this off to CGC and was wondering what you guys think. The cover is firmly attached. The pages are on the brighter side of off-white. There is a small, tiny tear on the back cover. Thanks!
  4. I received my FF book today. I am VERY happy with the grade!! Thank you for the grades guys!
  5. The cover is firmly attached. The top staple area is a break in color, not an actual tear. It looks like whoever had it before me, must have briefly folded it over or sat on it once upon a time. Sigh, I wish I could have picked it up on the newsstand... Thank you so much guys!!
  6. Hello collectors! The book is presently at CCS/CGC getting pressed and graded. What do you think the grade will be when it comes back?
  7. Hi everyone. I'm sending this out to CGC to get pressed and graded. I purchased this around 1981 at Mike's Comic Hut in Queens, NY What do you guys think the grade from CGC will be? Thanks!
  8. I received my book from CGC this week. I sent it to CCS to get pressed and cleaned. I'm utterly amazed at what they did. Fantastic work guys!! My X-Men #1 received a grade of 3.0! Thank you for the grades. You nailed it!!
  9. Somewhere between 20,000 and 22,000 Mostly Silver Age Marvels including - Complete Runs of Iron-Man (1-200) and New X-Men (94 - 200) I've been collecting since before I was born! My father collected the old 1960s Marvels and passed his love of comics and his collection to me. Only 11 CCG comics so far. I've JUST started slabbing my books.
  10. Thank you for the grades everyone!!! The cover is firmly attached. The cover DOES feel brittle to me. That said, I really don't have the expertise to judge how brittle the paper from a comic book printed in 1963 should feel. I have some old EC comics that feel about the same. Pic attached- I'm sending it off to CCS & CCG with a note to CCS to Screen the book and not to press it if they think it will cause damage. Maybe I'm being too cautious but, I just want to cover all the bases.
  11. Hello everyone. I’m new to the boards and CCG. I have an X-Men #1 purchased around 1984 from Mike’s Comic Hut in Queens, NY. The cover is crinkled and it has the remnants of an annoying strip of tape down the spine. There is no tape on the book. I’m going to send this off to CCG and maybe CCS? What grade is it? Would pressing and/or dry cleaning help the grade? What should be the declared value? Thanks!