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  1. $25 flat rate, ragardless of postage and insurance totals. We will absorb any additional costs.
  2. 2 DAY Countdown! HUGE SALE 25-40% OFF! Eddy BARROWS Detective Batman & More
  3. First come, first serve. As long as it is time marked with 11/28, you are in the window.
  4. HUGE SALE 25-40% OFF! Eddy BARROWS Detective Batman & More Hey all, Super Pals Art is having a huge sale on all Eddy Barrows artwork, including covers, splashes and panel pages! Sale includes all art by Eddy and runs as follows: Detective Comics & Batman art - 25% off listed prices Covers - 25% off listed prices Everything else....? 40% off listed prices!!! That's right, 25-40% off of all Barrows art! This sale will begin on Thanksgiving Day. Sale runs from Thursday, November 28 - Friday, December 6th! Take a look, put together your wish list and get prepared and get ready to fire off an email to , because requests will be reviewed, next Thursday! First come, first served.
  5. New art posted, for sale, from Eddy Barrows, Andrea Di Vito and Eber Ferreira! Art includes Wolverine, Annihilation and Freedom Fighters!
  6. Andrea Di Vito VENOM (fully rendered copics and prelim) art 9x12". $300 for both pieces.
  7. Aaron Kuder also mentioned that this splash is going to be used as the cover for the 2nd printing of #1.
  8. Still a bit shocked that I landed this....
  9. We are packed and prepped for NYCC 2019! Eddy is heading to NYCC this week and we have tons of enthusiasm, as well as a few boxes of original artwork, to share with fans! Eddy’s well wishes, conversation, hugs and autographs are free.... and all art at the con is priced to sell! 25-40% off!!! This means that whether you’ve already picked up some gems from him or have been waiting for the moment (and a bargain!), now’s the time! Batman, Freedom Fighters, splashes, covers, and panel pages included!! D-29 in Artist Alley!
  10. Too true. There are a few books that I am constantly on the lookout for. Once a book has been out for 5-10 years, tracking art can be hard. Once you jump 30-40 years..... each page found is like a gold find.
  11. Unless he is going to a con, going to a hospital, has other things going on, etc. A week may seem lengthy, but I wouldn't start wondering and get concerned, before a month.
  12. Eddy Barrows is plugging away on his NYCC 2019 commission list for predone pieces. $500 Full figure copic option only (backgrounds are done at Eddy’s discretion). Spaces are limited and we tend to fill up fast, so message us At with your character request, to get on his list! Batman was recently finished and DD is on the drawing board, with a way to go....
  13. Eddy, has time for a few more, if anyone wants to pull the trigger!
  14. Just posted the original cover art for the upcoming Batman Giant #2, by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. Between Eddy's pencils and Eber's detailed inks, this piece is mindblowing! Take a look at our gallery, which features tons of artwork by Barrows, Di Vito and Ferreira, as well as a few other artists. Lots of beautiful artwork and some amazing bargains!
  15. Scot is an underappreciated artist. Not entirely sure why. It may have something to do with the fact that he is largely isolated and living in Vermont, with no internet presence.... his Spider-Man work still melts my brain.