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  1. Yeah, I know all the pence variants are hard to find, especially the early Atlas/Marvels. I am fully aware that it may cause me some trouble obtaining these two issues. I actually had the chance of buying JIM 74 once. It was for sale a long time. But I wasn´t aware of its scarcity so I chose a cent instead. Damn. Well I guess every collector has his regrets.
  2. First of all, congrats with the 2 very nice books. It still puzzles me a bit, how the TTA 4 can be in 7.0, considering the diagonal crease? - and yes TTA 4 is a tough one. Congrats.
  3. Thanks. You also have a nice 8.5 there yourself. I am collecting both cent and pence pre hero Marvel/Atlas comics from 1959 and forth. I am only missing Tales to astonish 28 pence and Journey into mystery 74 pence . Not rarer than the other pence variants, I just haven´t found them yet. So if anyone out there have a spare copy, please let me know.
  4. ROMBUU I love him. Besides he is my name-name sake. And then one more, just because I feel like it.
  5. 8.5 Favorite grade. So U don´t want to swop? Haha
  6. I love this ST 90 cover !!! Wish I had a better camera though.