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  1. @JollyComics Awesome thread my friend! Looking forward to seeing what additional books you have coming up ...... hoping there will be a sighting of the the elusive War #11 or a G.I. in Battle Annual
  2. What a wonderful collection of books! You have a few there I have never seen posted for sale before in any condition let alone the quality of them as a whole. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Closing this down tonight and then moving things over to fleaBay. Give me a shout if you see something you like
  4. Daytona race discounts applied on all the books! I am open to reasonable offers as well
  5. We have those same chairs at my office + the stand that goes with them. Comfy chairs but be careful as ours do have some sharp edges
  6. 1) Given the 2 side by side I would prefer the unpunched one. That said, if the card back is in nice shape and punched vs slightly less nice and unpunched I would take the punched one. 2) I don't think so but I could be wrong about that as my experience is limited. 3) Personally I am looking at the overall condition of the card and not so much if it is punched or not. Not punched is a bonus. IMO they technically have to be punched at the store front so I don't knock them for that. 4) I do not recall seeing any AFA notation around punched or unpunched either. Not sure how the graders see it.
  7. Mister Mystery #9 1.0 (tape galore) Purchased from ricksneatstuff here on the boards in 2017. It’s been sitting in a mylar bag stashed in my cave since. Yours for $225 $210.
  8. War Battles #9 VG+ (presents really nice but 2” spine split at bottom of book holds it back from being better IMO) Brutal Lee Elias cover - $60 $50
  9. Soldier #6 2.0 (missing small piece upper left cover and loose on lower staple) Don’t remember where I got this one from. Yours for $25 $20.