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  1. Build yourself a spreadsheet (Excel, Google sheets, whatever works for you). You will not have these issues and you can use that space in your brain for other good stuff (like remembering anniversaries and family/friends birthdays)! I normally record: Title Issue number Condition Purchase price Purchase date Whom I purchased it from (and possibly where) Notes (I normally record any major things with the book here .... whether it be related to condition, author, or other features) FWIW, I also have another "tab" in my spreadsheet for books I want and another tab in which I record any sales I make. If something sells it migrates from the "inventory" tab to the "sold" tab. I always bring a copy of my "inventory" and "want" sheets with me to shows just in case there is crappy internet access Hope that helps!
  2. Anybody ever seen this one? I am thinking it might be from the BX at Yokota air base in Japan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yokota_Air_Base)
  3. Agreed, love the colors on this one! If I had to guess it is a "grease gun" (M3 .45) but I am not certain. They were utilized at the end of WW2 and more extensively during the Korean war from what I understand.
  4. WOW @DavidTheDavid! That is really incredible. The video quality is amazing ...... making me wonder if/when we will see more efforts like this using AI. Thank you for sharing! I also thought it was fun to note some of the things in this video were / are prevalent in other major story lines through the years. The more things change the more they stay the same 1) The "Bulleteers" were headquartered in what looked to be a very "cave" like environment in which their car launches from a secret entrance. 2) The "Bulleteers" vehicle utilized a transforming technique to morph between car / airplane / rocket.
  5. Love this thread! So many great books ...... here are a few of my own that meet the criteria (a few are not even in the census at all?).
  6. A1 Comics in Sacramento is a cool place and has a great amount of back issues in stock.
  7. @JollyComics Awesome thread my friend! Looking forward to seeing what additional books you have coming up ...... hoping there will be a sighting of the the elusive War #11 or a G.I. in Battle Annual
  8. What a wonderful collection of books! You have a few there I have never seen posted for sale before in any condition let alone the quality of them as a whole. Good luck with the sale!
  9. Closing this down tonight and then moving things over to fleaBay. Give me a shout if you see something you like
  10. Daytona race discounts applied on all the books! I am open to reasonable offers as well