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  1. https://cgagrading.com/ToyGrader/submission_instructions.aspx OR https://collectorarchive.com
  2. Looks great .... I had not seen that. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Love all the Joe stuff you guys are sharing. I wish they had an auction like that near me!! Some of my most recent pickups. I have been after the Tamiya kit for years (it's un-started and all parts are factory bagged inside) .... can't believe the prices the R/C Tamiya stuff commands now-a-days.
  4. Some cool stuff there, thanks for sharing the link! Every time I look at the Haslab site it reminds me how bad I want the Jabba barge
  5. Some really great books ...... that WWIII book has some amazing colors!
  6. @ADAMANTIUM Looks like a fun event! Every time I see the Jurassic Park Barbasol can I want to get a 3d printer so I can make one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:708436 Thanks for sharing!
  7. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/90831
  8. @STORMSHADOW_80 The cabinet came out great! Love the collection ... thanks for sharing!
  9. Let's make it a clean sweep .... I lowered the price on the 4 war books.
  10. Looks really nice! Do you make your own battle damaged brick and mortar pieces? I have done a few in the past with pink foam and it was a lot of fun. Thinking of doing a few more to be honest, just have not been able to find the time.
  11. 8.0 ..... Gotta love the Rocketeer!