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  1. Ah yes. I remember you posting that now. I still want one
  2. Hello could you please add the following, all to the same set Set: Gabriele Dell'ott cover set Book: Amazing Spider-man 801 Cert: 2011926012 Book: Amazing Spider-man #1 Cert: 2011926002 Book: Amazing Spider-man #2 Cert: 2011926001 Book: Batman Who Laughs #1 Cert: 2011926013 Book: Fantastic Four #1 Cert: 2011926004 Book: Punisher #1 Cert: 2011926006 Book: Punisher #2 Cert: 2011926008 Book: Return of Wolverine #1 Cert: 2011926009 Book: Return of Wolverine #2 Cert: 2011926010 Book: Thor #5 Cert: 2011926011 Book: Venom: First Host #1 Cert: 2011926005
  3. This book has it all. The Spider-man, the Dell'Otto and the HTF variant completionist are always on the look out
  4. It's an old piece. The sig on the cover is dated 2012
  5. That zip zagging line reminds me of chefs putting sauce on a plate
  6. Great video. Thanks for sharing! Love the original art
  7. Hi Mollie, Can you add to Gabrielle Dell'otto Cover Set Amazing Spider-Man #800 Dell'otto Variant Cover E Scott's Collectibles exclusive CERT: 128866008 Amazing Spider-Man #1 Dell'otto Variant cover E KRS Comics and Scott's Collectible exclusive CERT: 1991605020 Amazing Spider-man #1 Dell'otto variant cover F KRS comics and Scott's Collectibles exclusive CERT: 1991605014 Inhuman Prime #1 Dell'otto "virgin" Edition CERT: 1416865019 X-Men Prime #1 Dell'otto "virgin" Edition CERT: 1416865018
  8. IGComics store. He hasn't posted them up yet, but he announced it on the stores Facebook page
  9. Set: Gabriele Dell'otto Book: Dark Nights: Metal #6 Bulletproof comics "Virgin" Edition Cert: 0346505015 Book: Amazing Spider-Man #800 Dell'otto variant Cert: 0355408008  Book: Hunt for Wolverine #1 KRS edition Cert: 1279226006  Book: Amazing Spider-Man #797 Comicxposure Dell'Otto Edition C Cert: 0356544007 Book: Amazing Spider-Man #797 Comicxposure Dell'otto Edition B Cert: 035644010 Book: Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1 Dell'otto virgin edition Cert: 1254359004 Book: Venomized #1 Dell'Otto variant cover A Cert: 1268363001
  10. Some more recycled Dell'Otto art for The Comic Mint Domino #1 cover
  11. Picked it up cheap. Thoughts on grade?
  12. That's an awesome piece. You have a sweet collection man!
  13. Anyone know what shop is going to be selling this?