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  1. Or.... you could save the DC collectors from themselves and start collecting DC
  2. I have wanted a More Fun Spectre issue for a while. So... More Fun Comics 67
  3. I’ll get the party started early. adventure 60 crippen and all star comics 4
  4. Oh boy those Sandman Adventures...❀️
  5. I agree with Valiantman. I also have 4 copies of Albedo 4 and I have the full run of Usagi appearances (Albedo, Critters, all UY series, etc). However, I have never given a thought to TNMT apart from Usagi appearances. I want to read Cerebus, but will do so via the phone books rather than the individual issues A lot of collectors have been priced out of Albedo 2. The 6ish issues on ebay have been sitting for a while. As I said in a previous post, I would like to own an Albedo 2 9.8, but at $30k, that is way out of my range for that issue.
  6. I have only owned Albedo 2. Would like a high grade copy, but the recent auctions are beyond what I am willing to spend to achieve that goal. $10k for 9.6 and 30k for 9.8 is out of my range for this book. Cerebus and TNMT have never really been on my radar
  7. I just brought together a horde simply because I love the cover
  8. There are 6 on ebay...I don’t have those yet πŸ€”
  9. Picked up the foil signed and unsigned a few weeks ago. They look amazing