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  1. Jim, thanks for the ASM 24. Great $3K transaction that went smoothly. Cheers, Warren
  2. Looking to Pay $825 Cheers Warren
  3. WTB Amazing Spiderman #100 CGC 9.6 WP. Cheers Warren
  4. I too have a job and a life. I dont understand the hostility. and i did not say Kimik was not a good/best boardies. I am only inquiring about my purchase from Oct1 and after not hearing from him, i posted. I dont know him, being fairly new to this forum(since 2016) and seeing " Total Newbie" under his name. I presume that is why they have a probation list, etc, because some folks are not straight up people. Things happen. for the record, if you care to see it from my side: I posted "ill take this" on Oct 1st. October 12th, Kimick posted "this thread will be closed tonight and i will send out invoices over the weekend". Oct 23rd (yesterday)my inquires started on the thread. that same day, Kimik sent me a message, "sorry i missed sending you an invoice". and that statement from Kimik was enough and i understood. Grant you, i could/should have sent him a PM(my mistake), but like i said earlier, all my transaction i was contacted by the selller. Now, where in this whole situation am i being unreasonable. up until this purchase, all my purchases have been great and flawless.
  5. Noted, on how you do your transaction. For ALL of my purchases(which is probably less than 50 books), the seller usually contacts me with amount and paypal info. And i usually send payment within a short period of time. This transaction was unusual by my experience from the other board members. Have I acted unreasonable in my post,actions or questions? I think not, given the time passage of this sale. If so, please correct me. Warren
  6. other members, kindly chime in. i saw other purchases, did you get an invoice??
  7. whats going on with this sales thread. its oct 23rd and i havent gotten an invoice. can i cancel my purchase?????