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  1. Kirby and Alacala! Thanks Glen Gold for the info.
  2. Thanks for confirming G...I knew it wasn't all Kirby from the art. Thanks to you I know who else did some work.
  3. Yeah it just seemed like he was "over" it. Triumph and Torment one of my all time favorite stories(and art). I respect him still and maybe I'll try again should we meet again.
  4. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted. Mike Mignola was my heart break. I asked for Dr. Doom at the Wonder Con a few years back. He wouldn't budge. I asked him to name his price. It was dead. No excuses. he just wouldn't do it.
  5. Attended Friday (1)Jim Steranko I got him despite his "bodyguards" best attempts to ruin the photo. I've bought from Jim before and go back to 1990. The bodyguard didn't know and I had to move on no time to explain. (2) Jack Kirby (all?) I felt an assistant must have inked but Metropolis says all Kirby. Very nice subject matter. (3) Michael Golden what can I say great guy ans fantastic artist (4) Sink doing his thing....guys a miracle (5) Kirby + Stone Thing Pin up going to do very well at the HA auction (6) John Romita detailed prelim that I believe speaks for itself. (7) Kirby Cap $250k comes with free post it note (8) Sergio Argaones doing what he does just a great guy and legend I met Bruce Timm and he was the best. He had a sign up sheet for $200 sketches and $20 for quick "crappy" sketches lol. The gist of it was this: Put your name down with the character you want Bruce to draw. If, and I mean if he felt "moved" to draw your request he would circle your name on the list. You had to check back before the end of the day to see if he drew your request. If it was there you paid him $200 and left happy. Most people came back and were sad to not see art waiting for them. The key was reading and 99% made requests without reading. So I led the witness a bit. "Bruce, if I was to ask you to draw a character and you wee like, ( Oh please, please don't ask me to do that again) what would that character be?" Deadpan response: "There are many" "Specifically anything to do with Batman, H a r l e y...." Ha Ha perfect. great sense of humor I thanked him for all the great art over his career and we shook hands. I saw a lot of under the table art from all the dealers I've been dealing with since 1996. Things they had special for the show or things they picked up during the show. I wish I could show you that but protocol I believe is to preserve the wow effect dealers want to spring on us crazy collectors. Everyone was great even the Brothers Grim. They are personable, however many of the concerns folks have mentioned here on the Boards already keep me from dealing with them. Sorry I like to know prices before trying to make a deal. If you are selling, you should post a price. If an item is on CAF and NFS...then you should respect the owner by making an offer. It's Not for sale so I get that you feel passionate about a piece but don't insult the owner with "what would you take for it?" In general I believe anyone can do what they want (except dishonesty.) It's up to us to decide "is the art they have worth putting up with the nonsense?" Market wise there is tons of flat dead inventory sitting on dealer shelves. Coollines have art that's literally been there since early 2000. I doubt there motivation to sell unless you want to bend over with blinders on. Auctions bring out the best stuff which is great. However the notion that the best stuff will magically find a buyer with a wheel barrel full of cash is rife with cautionary tales. If your using the auction houses you better negotiate and push for your item to be featured. Are they on the phones dialing from their list of proven customers? I hope you all get to go if not this year then next. Very best from grapeape out in sunny southern california.
  6. Lol.... late to the party but spot on G-Gold
  7. Ha ha classic analysis, sorry nothing to ad. Well played sir. Well played.
  8. The Paladium was a great place to hold this event. First thing you see walking into the exhibition area is C-Link to your left and Neal Adams to the right. Tons of original art and nice comics also. A Tales of Suspense 39 8.5 going for $42500. Most of the art did not have prices on it. If you did your home work before hand or had internet access you could look up prices for Anthony S, Albert Moy and Pete Koch. Otherwise you had to ask and then grab your ankles. Truly wonderful collection of art. Bechara Maalouf Nostalgic Investments had an impressive display and portfolios loaded with pages $900-$45000 range. Of course Cool lines was there. I made 3k not even trying. Sold a seventies war cover that was just in my portfolios. The high light was my wife helping me find a holy grail poster we've been looking for the 1966 Spider-man 6 feet tall poster. For art collectors you got to see many of the big dealers that attend SDCC. An appeal to Mike Burkey, please come next year! I had elbow room to spare. It felt like the old days when conventions were intimate and catered to the collector.
  9. I've heard that calculation in one form or another since i started paying attention in 1996. The things you mention "quality, characters" absolutely matter. Isn't this hobby crazy Scott? As an artist and a collector I imagine you catch yourself shaking your head quite a bit.
  10. You are the voice of reason on this splash no doubt. Would you concede that it was at least possible that the splash hits 100k if as you said below, As for the "alpha male" comment forgive me. Hah! I'm a writer at heart and get carried away. I have seen collectors get carried away and thought, "how much of this bid action is a genuine desire to take ownership of art? vs. trying to outlast your unseen bidding rival known or unknown. Now sales tax is the ugly new grip on our wallets with internet auctions. This was coming for a long time and now that it's here I'm hearing about it. My brother won a page off the last HA auction and received his invoice. "$200 sales tax?" He had a melt down. Somehow I hadn't shared with him this new taxing on the buyer.
  11. Yeah 76k nothing to sneeze at. I would love to own it.
  12. Bronty*** Honestly when the boards first tackled this splash a few months back there were many comments like "Cyclops Crotch close up" and "$100" offers. I wondered if maybe this one was in trouble?Not sure what made this piece dispensable? I really like Cockrum's work especially on X men.
  13. I think you make a solid point backing it up with past sales. Agreed 100% with Cockrum at $13-19k. The Cover/splash= is a good formula. My feeling was more instinctual based on my guess that at least two Alpha-irrational bank rollers might roll up their sleeves on this one. It felt like a bigger fish for those who might want to cement their collection with this bragging trophy. Sweet splash- hope the winner posts and tells us how he/she feels about it here or CAF. If it's two guys from Northern California we will only see the art posted with the inquire sign.
  14. You know I believed we would had at least two bidders that would push it to 100k. A splash from such an early "new" X Men period felt like the fresh kind of piece high bidders might draw blood over.