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  1. The best value buy with foreseeable $ value growth was the ASM Treasury back cover with Spidey and Superman and maybe that FF 95 cover. I think? Who knows??? The hammer on the KJ page was stupefying. This hobby is electrifying and so rewarding. Or is it maddening??
  2. Yes! Westy the only thing I can add is if a particular artist’s work does go down in value, you won’t be able to tell if that artwork is for sale under: San Mateo Coollines Val@Steve The Donnelys Los Bros #Letmeaskmybrother@chopshop/addpasteup#Inquire
  3. You can’t beat that for drama! Can’t imagine that lasts for sale very long:
  4. Some nice pieces some I’ve seen before and like but the mark up already in place. I wish you well. As an addicted comic art fan there is no 12 step program to address my illness. So seeing a new venue to score art gives me the same thrill some get when a new casino opens in their town!!! Cheers and best of luck 🍇🦍
  5. This hobby is always a teaching opportunity no matter the level of experience a collector has. I’m glad you love the pages.
  6. RBerman I’ve appreciated your presence here on the boards. So please consider my plea to avoid Los Arts and Crafts for your own sanity. Nothing like buying art that you wanted then spending the rest of your waking moments wondering if additional “fixing” took place. 🍇🦍
  7. Excellent art work I think the reaction is based on the bidding at this point. This one page could possibly hit 80-100 K. It doesn’t feature the Joker. Would you pay that if you had it? I feel I let better pages go in the past for far less $$$ and just couldn’t bring myself to pay this much for this KJ page. Anyone else remember Mike Burkey had that climactic KJ page earlier 2000’s with Batman and the Joker for $40,000 for + a year I think.I worked night and day trying to scrounge funds to make a serious offer to Mike. When that page went away I gave up hope.
  8. Very keen score Malvin. congratulations from 🍇 🦍 in sunny Southern California
  9. It’s finally come to this Brian. Collectors want one (any) page from Killing Joke. Early 2000’s I was at a dinner party with Hari and others out in San Diego. There were two pages asking under 15K superior to this one at auction. I missed my chance. Like the Frazetta also going quite high I would pass on this KJ page at this point. There comes a certain point where the artist name sells a piece and the example doesn’t always live up to that money.
  10. I appreciate the fact that the motivated bidder (s)has decided to get a Frazetta piece at all cost. I’ve looked at this piece over and over. I wouldn’t hide it in a portfolio if I owned it. But I am not excited for this piece. I have excepted that my opportunity to own a high quality Frazetta has come and gone. I’m not chasing something like this. To each his own.
  11. Dang I used to have those but I can’t find them Lee. Please if anyone can locate them send them to Lee. Guy is archiving the great history of our passionate hobby.