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  1. Keep your fire away from my paper!!! I will admit that looks cool though. Like to hear more about the process.
  2. Sell your 9.6 at auction and take the 3 K + + cash and buy some nice art. Cash will always speak louder than trade especially when you cross the streams with art for comics and vise versa. Trading art for art or books for books always challenging though not impossible. I suspect trading your good books for art you are looking for is setting you up to get fleeced. I wish you well in any case.
  3. Usually it’s a page of art from a comic book I already own.
  4. It’s one thing to debate the future value of comic art based on determinate factors: i .e 1) Collector demographics change 2) Tastes change 3) Do we have too much inventory vs. willing and able buyers? That comes with the territory. The main concern I have is dishonest and deceitful practices that burn collectors. There are rogues on eBay and other outlets and collectively this board has tried its best to warn others. It gets more uncomfortable when we have to call out our brand. That is auction houses and dealers that tower above what we do. If we can’t have 100% faith in the auction process or that dealers are on the up and up, we risk a crash caused by our own unforced errors. New collectors please take heart and stick with it. The art world in comics is not immune to bad actors and practices. However I submit to you that if you love comics and art the bad is far outweighed by the joy of getting a piece of art you love. Or....meeting the artist that created your favorite work. A very young Grapeape puts a few pics here to remember what this is really about. Celebrating creativity as a fan and lover of art. John Romita Sr. Gene Colan Marie Severin Harry Lampert Alex thank you for taking this on. It’s more productive your way to post FAQ and let people get educated. Those in the light should have nothing to fear. 🍇 🦍 grape ape.
  5. No deletion For the sake of new collectors. Alex is right. It would be nice to stop talking about them but the deal with the altered art is very important info to highlight. Full disclosure is best. Alex is a thoughtful fellow and I appreciate his serious approach to the subject of Coollines.
  6. Best of luck! prepare to back up the Brinks truck. I think a NM 98 page without DP sold recently around 20 K. its a solid list
  7. Well that’s the funny thing. In person I’ve had the same pleasant experience. I remember in the nineties they priced many of their items or could readily tell you a price. The web seems to have changed their model. Now we have: Inquire. Different price quotes on the same piece depending on who contacts them. The arts and crafts work on the art. let me gather my thoughts. Just what we need Alex thanks.
  8. Ha ha!! I’m with you! You seriously are the man for the job. I love it. You are going to get a lot of material here and we’ll all learn a lot. There are times where I thought maybe I’ve been to hard on these guys but no!!
  9. Let’s get to the bottom of why one brother always has to ask the other brother!!!! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  10. Sorry just.... lower your expectations for dealing with Spencer through his “web site.” No.....don’t lower them, throw them out the window.
  11. I can’t find this image anywhere else. I can’t produce a piece this may have been copied from. There are touches that feel like Kirby. Conversely I don’t like the hands. If one were to buy it, can you live with the fact there is no way to say it’s Kirby and not a skilled fake? I wish we had a provenance explanation at least. Its tempting for those who like to gamble. I’m not that guy when it comes to art. I’m leaning a no on this one. It’s a shame if it actually is a Kirby. Times running out on the auction if I have anything else to help the OP decide I’ll be sure to contribute.