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  1. Use promo code Cabal Supress Sal for your 80% off.
  2. “Gee that looks heavy Mr. Connors. Let me hold that for ya.”
  3. Batman 251 sitting at $396 K with BP. Cap 103 reserve revealed today at $200 K so next bid, that's $240 K with juice. FF Annual 2 splash ($115 K w BP) and page 11 ($75 K w BP.) Ditko ASM 10 $55 K with BP. Sal Buscema looking like a bargain at gulp $4080 w BP What do you think? It's still early but we're closing in on final bids next week. Do you see fatigue in the bidding on some of the other lots?....will there be game day madness? The jury is till out on the ASM 10 page. Many of us had it at 100 K plus. Will Cap beat $250 K. Will that Sal cover beat 5 K? I think Batman 251 is right where it should be if momentum has the chance to carry it past $500 K and beyond.
  4. You're not the only one who thinks Conway was wrong. My brother to this day curses Conway and Marvel for what he felt was a heartless betrayal of the readers. Gwen was the perfect girl, the girl Peter Parker deserved. Like every dirty trick foisted upon real life hard luck fellas, just when one of their own finds the perfect girl, she's taken away forever. Conway's execution of what he saw as a pretty face-non-entity may have been a knee jerk power play against an irritant. Clearly what resulted was a more deeply injured alter ego of the world's most misunderstood superhero. Gwen was never going to be the woman to stand behind the man, who dressed beneath the costume of Spider-Man. She counted that masked hero as the murderer of her father. She hated him. As for MJ it turns out she would and did stand behind Peter Parker and Spider-Man. The rest as they say is Marvel history. ASM 121-122 has forever recorded the controversial and classic Death of Gwen Stacy. It's something my brother and I still talk about all these years later.
  5. Is this a case where Ryan Reynolds and the DP movies simply told a more compelling story than any of the comics managed to do? Until the movies I knew of Deadpool but to this day can’t tell you about a memorable comic I read with him in it. I’m not knocking the character Deadpool fan so easy does it. I don’t know much about him or how close the movie is to the comic depiction. What say you Deadpool fans other than Blastaar? Also I resisted calling on (DP fans) as I envisioned scores of Mensa boardies typing (DP fan) into their search engine and finding sword carrying characters not wearing a uniform:
  6. I asked the seller and he could only say he found it in a storage locker with a comic collection and other items. Maybe it hung in a comic shop at one time? “Selling shown as is”
  7. Wow that’s great. Exactly what I was counting on that you all would tie the art to the moment. Seeing these images especially in the context of your unique discovery at the library is thrilling.
  8. Oh man I remember this one. I still remember sitting at my desk and bag and boarding this powerful issue.
  9. Incidentally it's been covered before but here is what Russ Burlingame reported on September 6, 2017----an exert below from Gerry Conway's book Marvel Comics: The Untold Story. “She was a nonentity, a pretty face. She brought nothing to the mix. It made no sense to me that Peter Parker would end up with a babe like that who had no problems," Conway is quoted as saying in the book. "Only a damaged person would end up with a damaged guy like Peter Parker. And Gwen Stacy was perfect! It was basically Stan fulfilling Stan’s own fantasy. Stan married a woman who was pretty much a babe," Conway continued. "Joan Lee was a very attractive blond who was obviously Stan’s ideal female. And I think Gwen was simply Stan replicating his wife, just like Sue Storm was a replication of his wife. And that’s where his blind spot was. The amazing thing was that he created a character like Mary Jane Watson, who was probably the most interesting female character in comics, and he never used her to the extent that he could have. Instead of Peter Parker’s girlfriend, he made her Peter Parker’s best friend’s girlfriend. Which is so wrong, and so stupid, and such a waste. So killing Gwen was a totally logical if not inevitable choice.”
  10. It could be the day Gwen Stacy died. It could be the day Uncle Sal bought you your first comic book. It can be any significant comic moment in your life. Even better if you have a piece of art from that comic please share it. Mostly this an exercise to whittle a way the next week until we disappear into HA bid or not bid mode. Have fun.