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  1. That’s a bit low for a Sal Buscema no? Colorado Kid always has good taste in art. Now I’m curious to see what the recreation goes for. I’ve been talking to a few guys and if they bring forward some of the things they are offering privately (they see the latest auction gets) this is going to be another bid happy HA affair. I’m loving this personally. I don’t know why. I guess I’m pleased that the pandemic didn’t destroy our hobby. Keep putting the art up for auction if you’re done staring at it 24/7, it looks like people have money to burn right now.
  2. That’s the year after Vodou sells off his assets
  3. Good grief....we have some buyers under a spell. Good for sellers!
  4. That’s a great grab 🎈
  5. You are right about that imho.
  6. Those were around in the late 90’s. I think that page was in the back of the Comic Buyers Guide at $3k. I have vertigo from seeing art I saw or held in my hands in the nineties sell today for crazy 💰
  7. $288 k on the DD 1 page. In the 90’s that page was listed by a dealer for $6,500. That was so much money back then for ole grape ape. But I knew it was a piece of history. Maybe ten years ago this page sat on eBay with a BIN price of $100k. Ambitious as hell no? Both previous price points a bargain compared to today. You are crazy to give your best stuff to a dealer or privately. Auction Fever is real. These prices are really bringing me joy and a bit of anxiety honestly. Cheers 🦧 🦍
  8. I don’t think you’re missing much. As we’ve seen consistently some art sits flat on a dealers site and then the price soars on HA. The word layout often triggers a sense of dread for potential buyers. How much of that work is the penciled art vs the inker? Its true that layout could weigh down a price point. Now prove me wrong friends I can take it: 1) a few of us have spent a lot of time learning the history of who did what on a page. A “few” of us. We will purchase or not based on that knowledge. 2) In this current auction market money is pouring in on art that is
  9. Leialoha is an extraordinary finisher. The combination of these two makes it a slam dunk for me. I’m actually leaning towards the notion along the lines that Steve does “more” on this page. Yet no doubt sings as a robust Starlin. 🍇 🦍
  10. Isha Jim Steranko and Matt Baker are excellent. To your question. Steranko artwork is worth buying if you like his art. If you mean as a financial investment, well you may have missed the chance to buy art that will appreciate. That is pieces like Shield, Captain America are highly sought after and prices when available aren’t cheap. If you can afford it go for it!!!
  11. Great clue and while I’m at it Jan is a terrific artist as well!!!
  12. Rick2you2 is correct. Many artists have someone build the website for them. If artists are offering work for sale or commissioning for hire it’s ok to follow up a few times. However as Rick2you2 pointed out they may not see the message. Is there an alternative contact Avenue? Im sure you’ll start a dialogue soon. 🍇 🦍