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  1. This would scare the heck out of me if I came upon the scene Halloween Night. creepy spooky watercolor by the excellent Emilio Soltero.
  2. Neat stuff here. This should actually be posted in the sub forum Original Comic Art Market Place. Good luck 🍇 🦍
  3. Many admirers of this classic battle page. Step up with a serious offer and reward yourself. This gem could soon go back into private collection. PM grapeape
  4. Christmas is coming. Weed out buyers premiums and over exposed auction listings. Will consider serious offers on all pieces. PM me and let me know. grape + ape
  5. Have you been admiring this one? Make an offer as this one is about to go back in private collection. grape + ape
  6. The artist is Ian Whetstone. I found other paintings on CAF with a similar style. Then I reached out to Ian and he confirmed creating the watercolor back in 2001. Thanks to everybody that tried to solve this mystery for me. Grape + ape
  7. Thanx buddy. You’re right I’m just so used to easy going USPS transactions. This was a small purchase so I wasn’t as hands on with controlling the shipping. As long as I get it no harm no foul.
  8. Waiting for art sent from Atlanta on October 7. Sitting there with a deliver by October 15. Tracking now showing Dallas, Tx. Never had a bad experience like this until now. USPS rep. very nice laid blame on handling election ballots. maybe this weekend? I was expecting this to come priority but was sent ground😢 As long as it gets here.
  9. Ha ha damn my fading eyes😂 Bechara of course!!!
  10. LTB that’s cool you met Liefield once. Like I said I wish many of you anywhere near California will make a pilgrimage to the next LA show. It’s so chill lots of art to look at. My favorite thing to do is meet other attendees and get a look at their portfolios. I did buy two pages once unexpectedly from a fella that just showed up to get them “appraised.” It’s also fun to bring stuff to brag about. That’s part of the fun of this hobby. It’s cool to show pieces to seasoned dealers or fellow collectors and see them rattled with appreciation.
  11. I blew an opportunity to ask him (Liefield) about feet...or lack of feet. In all seriousness a cool guy and a part of comic history. I wish Mike Mignola could come back. He is such a pleasure to talk to. Very fond of his art also.
  12. In defense of the flipper, and in spite of the fact no Wolverine since it’s not the last page...... it does have John Ambruster on the page. Extra $20K bump seems like a bargain.
  13. Again grape ape enjoyed himself. It’s really a grown up, laid back experience. No hassle or pressure. Tons of art to browse in person. If you collect art I don’t have to tell you what a difference it makes to hold a page in your hands. I saw many pagers I’ve been interested in for a long time. Seeing them up close helped me prioritize my asks in the future. Glen is easy to talk to and we go way back to the early days of eBay. Bachata always friendly and has probably the best collection I’ve ever seen. Some of his personal NFS collection would make grown men weep with envy. I don’t see Saul as much as I used to so it was nice to say hi. Rich also very nice I got a close up look at a page I’ve wanted for ten years. Thing is the price goes up every year so I can’t catch up. The effort to put on this show in a safe way was very much appreciated. There was and is much anxiety about the future because of Covid. So far our hobby has thrived despite fears but we’ll have to view the cumulative effect of various factors. I’m thinking death (estates) of artists and collectors.Retirement. Financial security. The change in demographics and their collecting preferences. IMO it was a great way to spend part of my Sunday with Mrs. Grapeape. To engage in a normal activity after six months of Covid health concerns. Thanks again Bechara especially. Also my buddy Glen who is so easy to talk to and does a great job finding new and interesting pages. Next year.....maybe November? We’ll have a better attended show. I’d love to meet more of you guys. Grape + ape
  14. X-Men Annual 14 page 32 Art Adams and Dan Green There’s a distinction of “chronological” first appearance as this predates X-Men 266 by a few weeks. Gambit is in that mix of characters in the bottom splash. A no prize award for the boardie that points him out. What are your thoughts gang? Funny because I love the raging Cajun but never really thought about the annual vs X-Men 266. This one is on Comic-Link