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  1. John Buscema was an excellent soul. I’ll cherish the one and only time I met and conversed with him. It took me until within a year of the end of his life to finally meet him. I know nothing about John personally. I just know he was a masterful artist. Money changes everything. Greed is not good (sorry Gene’s avatar). The turmoil within the Buscema family is unfortunate.Ant comes off very bitter. The theft, the family infighting, the inquiries into available art..... I wish him peace. Very hard for me to be excited about these pieces as Ant is dropping them like something he is repul
  2. I stopped reading after you said no Tradd SSB for sale No just kidding. That’s cool you put this out. I went to your CAF link and there’s some sweet pieces to make offers on. If you didn’t see it find the ComicArtLive episode on YouTube hosted by Bill Cox, Felix Lu and Tradd Moore. Since you’re a fan I’m sure you will enjoy it. Good luck and for others reading this thread give the posted CAF link above a look see. 🍇 + 🦍
  3. Art is so expensive now that I’ve had it locked away in a vault for some time.But now I have forgotten the password combo and have only two guesses left.....
  4. This was a very interesting story. Suicide Squad was being disbanded. These weirdos were addicting the public with free drugs putting them in a psychotic zombie walk of the dead mode Poison Ivy was key to the story but it’s Amanda Waller that actually declines a chance to arrest the evil doers. Instead she executed them with blazing gunfire. With a chance to get out of prison Amanda accepts her fate instead? Why? Why did she want to get in that prison? Fairly nice art work by Luke McConnell and Geof Isherwood. I was very surprised by that price (win bid) but I think
  5. Tell Phillip I’ll take all the Buscema and Simmonson Thor pages at full price. What the heck let me have the Frenz pages also!!!
  6. Steve was a very gifted artist. So 2021 gains an entry on the heartbreak checklist. Very sad news, thanks for the update Alex. 😢
  7. Man I’m in so cal so unfortunately no. But Anthony’s a great guy. I bought pieces from him as far back as 1998. So I hope everyone that goes is 😷 and enjoys a few hours escape. And it would be cool to see any thing you guys pick up that you want to share! 🍇🦍
  8. Come on down to Tony’s neck a the woods but be safe everybody.😷 It’s gonna be a great show. We had a few cancellations it’s true. The following will not be in attendance. Ralphie Cifarello Christopher Multisanti Phil Leotardo
  9. You taught me a lot about art style and inkers as they really impact the final look on the page.Your catalogs had a way of capturing black and white art the same way the best film noir cinematographers captured their subject matter. If not mentor certainly teacher! ok enough praise for you don’t want you to get a big head!!!
  10. Grape ape worked out a deal with Glen Brunswick for a page by an artist I’ve wanted to get since 1997. He gave me 20% off on a one time “let the buyer win” negotiation. Thanks Glen. It helped big time👍 Lee B.....this man I’ve been following for at least twenty years. He is an archival wizard preserving catalogs and pricing of original art going back maybe even to the sixties? He has a sweet personal collection and is someone I admire and appreciate a great deal. Mitch I I consider a mentor. I’ve been bugging him about art, prices, history.. Mitch is tough but fair. He in my opin