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  1. If a dealer got this it’s 65K on the website coming soon. Unless it’s 2 brothers in Northern California. Then you will have to INQUIRE about the new price.
  2. Ok where did everybody go? Hey Alex what were those comic art links again? I seriously thought the origin story of IRONMAN art would be interesting to talk about. Thank you to my four pals who chimed in. Is it me or has participation with the threads fallen off the cliff? There’s very little energy here? I get the world is crazy right now. I’m just concerned. Is this “thing of ours” dying?
  3. I agree. This was a good price 2-5 years ago. In today’s market I thought this had the potential to go higher. So far we’re spending other people’s money but good buy the early consensus. Which again begs the question. eBay the right place to sell this? sparklecitycomics runs great quality auctions as far as I can tell. Specifically this piece though. If they sold it on consignment yes for sure they maximized their end. If they owned it outright, then maybe they left meat on the bone?
  4. Thoughts on the art? Awesome... IRONMAN and the chem lab beaker. The MP’s gossiping, the doubts of military brass. Then Tony Stark shows then the powerful force of his magnetized tiny transistors. ” Now do you believe my inventions can help you in Viet-Nam?” Yes.... and across the globe, the universe! Tony in the infancy of understanding his own vision. Thoughts on the origin? TOS 39 IRONMAN story is a complete book in black hole. So was this a good buy at $32,665 ? Was ebay the right place to sell this? Did sparklecitycomics reach enough of an audien
  5. Beavers mostly don’t look like that anymore, at least not in the “art” films watched. 🌮— 👁 👁 —- grape 🍇 🦍 more interested in Frazetta apes. If only Frank had included grapes it would be the holy grail.
  6. If real it should come with a Neal Adams Certificate of authenticity, a glass entombed finger print and drop of blood with an extortion errrr uh bill of receipt anywhere between $700-$3500. uhh... forget that. It is unlikely that someone who had a Neal adams drawing would leave it randomly in a comic bag. But artists drew on all kinds of things including foam or backing boards. That’s Neal Adams but I hazard a comic art collector/expert has to see it in person to know if it’s original.
  7. Nah you got it. I tried they were secret bidding by email. I lost my courage. Really wanted those. I hope you get what your looking for. 💰 might bring them out.
  8. Good luck with that. Their was a 3 page sequence that came up on CAF 10 years ago. Let me research who that was selling and I’ll PM you.
  9. That one pissed me off. The winning bidder should have that cover.
  10. It’s a great question.Here’s my take on how to handle the pursuit of those final pages. Exhaust every avenue to find and buy your desired pages without publicity. If you’ve done that, let fellow collectors that you trust know what you’re looking for. I’ve had good outcomes networking on an honor system of trust. Finally, advertise asking to buy what you’re looking for when all else fails. I think it’s better not to say, I NEED JUST PAGES 8 and 9 TO COMPLETE THIS BOOK. That is chum in the water for the greedy. In any case be prepared to pay up within reason. I actively try to hel
  11. I love when someone tries to throw you a curveball but you take it in stride. So glad you love this. The Hulkster really is a legend. I think it turned out great.
  12. Yeah it’s amusing how the Hunter of the rare complete book initially bags it’s prey 2-3 pages at a time. As the trophy wall fills frame by frame, down to needing a precious few, suddenly it’s the Hunter who becomes the hunted. Or dare I say the Corner Marketer who becomes the cornered Or is it the telemarketer that becomes the hunted? Yes, that is the better dream.
  13. “one of my co-workers thinks he’s an a-hole.” A 🕳? NM= NOT ME Norm is a national treasure. I think he deftly makes the argument why Reed gets to be Mr. Fantastic. 😂
  14. Answer: NOT ME Question: Who will bid and win the SS6 cover?
  15. 😱 Desperate bids + 🦅 Early bird bids + 😝 shill bids + 🦹‍♀️ punishment bids + ⏰ snipe bids + 😷 covid fever bids + = ? (X) Jim Halperin factor If JH = publicity x 💰 💰 💰 then SSS6 = approximately _______________ $500,000 💰 🍇 🦍— 🎤
  16. Hope you enjoyed creating this as much as I liked viewing this 17x22 battle royale. 🍇 🦍
  17. That’s a bit low for a Sal Buscema no? Colorado Kid always has good taste in art. Now I’m curious to see what the recreation goes for. I’ve been talking to a few guys and if they bring forward some of the things they are offering privately (they see the latest auction gets) this is going to be another bid happy HA affair. I’m loving this personally. I don’t know why. I guess I’m pleased that the pandemic didn’t destroy our hobby. Keep putting the art up for auction if you’re done staring at it 24/7, it looks like people have money to burn right now.
  18. That’s the year after Vodou sells off his assets
  19. Good grief....we have some buyers under a spell. Good for sellers!
  20. That’s a great grab 🎈