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  1. One of my favorite covers from her.
  2. Please extend Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2016) set to issue 49 to include the foil Montes variant covers. All available slots from 44-49 have been added.
  3. Show him last sales on eBay of 19.99 and 9.95 both in 2019. Let him know I will sell him mine for a steal at $350
  4. Please add the below comics to: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2016) MMPR 24 ComicsPro Edition MMPR 36 Mercado Variant MMPR 37 Mercado Variant MMPR 38 Mercado Variant MMPR 40 Beast Morphers Orange Edition Certification number? MMPR 40 Mercado Variant MMPR 40-42 Foil Variants Do annuals get added to sets like this? Annuals can be added if they belong to the same series. I added the 3 listed on the database.
  5. On eBay. But the ad said “froot of the loom” so I was the only bidder
  6. Moved to correct thread.
  7. Maybe I just got lucky or looked over them too quick, but I just got back 31 comics and didn't notice any Newton rings. Especially none like the ones shown earlier in the thread where you could see from a mile away. *After scanning a few I did notice most if not all were using the inner tray.
  8. Wow! I missed this, probably going to list mine now.
  9. I think there was a thread about losing the Stan Lee label when sent back to cgc. Would look into that before sending back if you are wanting that label.
  10. As stated by seller "I looked at over 200 RAI 0s, and only found 1. This makes it 1:200"
  11. Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 1st appearance Tommy Oliver (White Ranger) in comics