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  1. I'm just throwing this out there..according to the title..this sale is during the last days of summer..? ? Any way that we can convince you to list 1 book a week here for the next 28 weeks or so??
  2. Bend n Flex Megos !! ..And all the 8" WGSH also..but my cabinet is FULL so you cant see those..these here fall out when I open the door..LOL
  3. Another one of my favorite childhood toys! My mom was really good to us(After she divorced my dad..) SHe got remarried and BOMBED us out with toys at Christmas time..I cant was phenomenal.. This C3PO I actually got for FREE out of a "free" box on the side of the road!
  4. Ive had this for a little bit but never took a picture.. "Picture it..Rhode Island ..1977.." I was thrilled (As you can tell by the picture of me)to get the Wilton "Batman" cake!! These are not my originals,but I scored these cheap off ebay a while ago..Im taking some pictures of stuff/junk in my display cabinet to share..