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  1. Moved to the bay
  2. Im using Microsoft Edge right now..It works fine,but I hate to keep switching browsers..Not really a fan of it,I prefer Google Chrome..But,at least I can see it on my laptop !!
  3. Me too...never had an issue before, got one of my computers fixed and signed into all 463 sites I buy/sell on..(ok..maybe not THAT many ) but no matter what I do I cant seem to sign in here on my laptop. When I click on "sign in" it refreshes to a page with just a cgc toolbar on the top and nothing on the bottom 3/4 of the page..any thoughts? Thanks! Jeff
  4. Bump>>>AWESOME seller!! FAST shipping and GREAT packing!!! Thank you!! Jeff
  5. OK..Just got home from seeing it..Ive seen all of the Marvel movies (except maybe the Howard the Duck and the Dolph Punisher movie) And I thought it was a great entertaining movie,and not hard to follow the time jumps.. And in ALL seriousness,not trying to stir mess and asking a serious question..For all those that thought and posted that this movie was terrible.. What superhero movies did you consider great ? Thanks,Jeff
  6. an awesome deal on the Our Fighting Forces 90!! Thank you KPR Comics!! Only a few books left that I need ladies and gents !!!; Shazam #20 The Phantom 47 (Charlton comics) Billy the Kid 122 (Charlton comics) Bronze Marvel... Ka-zar #6 WEIRD WONDER TALES #13