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  1. Last one I need for the set..Done buying off ebay for a while..Wanted to see if someone here has one..Thanks everyone,Jeff
  2. Yard sale score! Dont be TOO jealous!! 2 more treasuries for the collection! (And some cool unused Mork & Mindy puzzle books!)
  3. This "week" was a box I bought about 1.5 years ago off ebay..Its been kicking around and I have been too; lazy,tired,busy,sick and busy buying other comics.. A big box of unbagged Marvel horror books! ALMOST a full run of TOD (NO 1 or 10) and Monster of Frankenstein ..I teased my neighbor who is an artist/lover of horror books! Im putting an issue of Creepy in his mailbox ..Pretty good for $2 a book !
  4. Raw Joker 1 and 2 in VF condition and 5,6 and 9 are low grade readers Scans and photos posted Asking $107 shipped for all 5 books.. well packed and shipped media in the USA I will GLADLY send more pictures to serious buyers Returns within reason in 7 days accepted Paypal is best but will do check/MO Thank you everyone
  5. I've got a few high grade ones off ebah And got lucky and they showed up undamaged And as described But would love to find some here where I know for sure that they will show up in perfect condition Thanks @
  6. GREAT buyer !! FAST payment and no malarkey!
  7. GREAT buyer as usual! FAST payment and no malarkey!
  8. OK! OK! Stop yelling at me! I text him to set a meeting time..Thank you guys for your opinions/advice!
  9. What do you guys think of this ASM 300? Its local to me.hes asking $ copy,blunted corners..I need better pictures but thinking about picking it up (My son likes Venom) Miscut cover?= lesser value? Thanks everyone.. NOT asking for a grade as the picture stink..but just a "feeling" for it.. I HAD this new off the newstand BITD in my Spidey collection,like alot of people..was in my infamous "dumbest things I ever did" list.. Thanks!Jeff