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  1. an awesome deal on the Our Fighting Forces 90!! Thank you KPR Comics!! Only a few books left that I need ladies and gents !!!; Shazam #20 Captain Marvel #37 The Phantom 47 (Charlton comics) Billy the Kid 122 (Charlton comics) Bronze Marvel... Ka-zar #6 WEIRD WONDER TALES #13
  2. Bump for offers... OR trade toward Sonic the Hedgehog figures (NON vintage OK)for my son or Teen Titans stuff for my son..
  3. Now that we've established that this is SILVER age.. How about a price drop to $55 shipped in the USA...
  4. Yikes ! Sorry!! I think I saw the .10 cent cover ACK! I saw the .10 cent cover price and assumed Golden age! Ill fix it now!
  5. How about $70 shipped on this 10 cent cover price silver age Batman?
  6. Also... Bronze Marvel// Ka-zar #6
  7. NOTE>>I currently have NO comic bags for golden age books..sorry..BUT they WILL be packed/shipped with care Payment in form of Paypal, Returns/refunds accepted if books are as represented. I will always gladly send/post more pictures if desired/needed I ship within 3 days of received payment via Priority mail in SECURE packages with tracking #/insurance I consider these lots cheap for a quick sale.. I also consider the Western books nothing higher than a 2.0 A few of the TV/cartoon books are nice ,maybe 4.0-5.0 (Tom and Jerry ,Tarzan ,Lassie) the others are 2.0 and LOWER *LOT #1 is 11 books assorted Western related books Lone Ranger(ROUGH,chunks,some writing) Rex Allen Red Ryder Classics Illustrated Daniel Boone and a "regular" Daniel Boone,etc Asking $55 shipped on these in the USA obo *Lot #2 is 15 books of what I call "Television" related; Tarzan , Lassie , Bugs Bunny , Little Lulu , Tom and Jerry,a coverless Archies Pal Jughead? etc Asking $55 shipped in the USA obo Both lots for $100 shipped in the USA.. AAAANNNND...If anyones interested my other book I have listed (Tec 259) =these 2 lots AND the TEC 256= $160 shipped for ALL books(27 golden age combined) I will GLADLY send more picture and add scans of particular books if desired..Thanks everyone!
  8. OK<cool!Whenever you get a chance..Thanks!Jeff
  9. bikesnbuses


  10. >> Mens Adventure! SOLD!!