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  1. Oh I never thought of that... Guess Maneely thought that fighting the Soviets required a lot of brains
  2. Oh nevermind, I found him, he changed his eBay ID
  3. I looked too, I think eBay must have disabled the account.
  4. A lovely recent interaction with one of eBay's finest:
  5. Is that actually true? I am not a lawyer (obviously) but I thought that if someone just takes a scan or photo of an existing object with without changing it or adding to the 'art' in some way there is no new copyright? Not that I would want to go to court over it with CGC, but I am curious...
  6. Thanks for all the advice, it has been helpful. I think I will probably hold onto the book, since I wanted it anyway, and I can live with the small piece missing. I'm guessing I overpaid a little bit considering, but who knows with a book like this in the current market anyway.
  7. Hmm, does Overstreet it say if that includes missing pieces that affect the story? I do think it could probably get a 1.0 CGC blue label, but I wonder if it would be marked incomplete still. I think there would be a significant difference in value between a 'normal' 1.0 and an incomplete 1.0.
  8. Beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of shelves are those on?
  9. Well, I'm not sure if I am going to send it in, I'll probably keep it raw for now, but it was a $700 book even in fair condition. And since CGC is the de-facto standard for a lot of grading these days, if they will find it incomplete then I assume on the general market it's going to be considered incomplete.
  10. I bought a Sub-mariner #12 off one of Heritages Sunday auctions a couple weeks ago (https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/sub-mariner-comics-12-timely-1943-condition-fr/a/122112-17480.s). They describe it as Fair with tape on the spine. When I got it I was looking through it and found that there is a missing piece on the 2nd page which goes into a text bubble. Anyone know if CGC would give this a Blue label incomplete due to the missing piece? And would you send back something with a piece missing like this, even if it was described as Fair? Normally I would writ
  11. Wow, guess I have been spoiled not submitting back then... never had anything above 40 that I remember.
  12. Has there ever been an over 100 business days and growing turn around time for comics? I haven't been around since the beginning of CGC but I don't remember ever seeing a time like this.