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  1. Looks like a 2.0 to me, maybe a 2.5 with a GA bump...
  2. Looks to me like there is a bunch of white-out on it, I would guess thats the 'color touch' if it is white out Edit: maybe that's just staining from water damage, not sure after looking again...
  3. Rules: PayPal only please. Shipping is a flat $15 for slabs $7 for raw books (in the US only, sorry) unless stated otherwise, shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box for slabs. Nobody from the lists. First take wins (including over ALL PM discussions) No returns on slabs. Returns on raw books are accepted within one week of delivery. Buyer pays return shipping unless I have overlooked something major, so please be sure before you purchase. References: I don't have an official thread, bought I have bought a lot here and sold plenty too. I also have an Ebay account odinssecrets
  4. Fair point, but considering the buyer said that he also offered to ship to his verified address after, that doesn't seem to absolve the seller in this case.
  5. Is this a nomination for the PL or just a general complaint?