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  1. OdinsSecrets

    gone fishin'

  2. OdinsSecrets

    gone fishin'

    The boards really have been sleepy this past weekend, normally this stuff would've been picked through by now.
  3. Final bump before moving to ebay. This is priced to sell considering a Archie 35 in slightly better shape went for $125 by itself recently on the boards.
  4. Archie #26 - 0.5 Incomplete, missing CF. Archie #35 - 2.0 Water damage. Archie #46 - 2.5 Water damage and a bit of staple rust. Archie #186 - Freebie thrown in, around VG. Price: $150
  5. Lot of four books, shipping is $10 flat in the USA only (international send me a PM and maybe we can work out something). Rules: No members on the probation list/hall of shame. No returns unless there is a major error on my part. Payment by Paypal only. First in thread wins.
  6. One more big discount 30% Off all unsold books. Closing the thread tonight. Thanks to all who looked/bought!
  7. Okay let's try 20% off, lots of good deals up there!
  8. OdinsSecrets


    Nice grab, would've taken it if I didn't have a copy, great cover
  9. Indian Warriors (White Rider Super Horse 11) - 3.5 Staining/foxing around the edge, L.B. Cole cover. SOLD
  10. Archie 35 (Copy A) - 2.0 Water damage, classic cover $85