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  1. OdinsSecrets

    Low Grade Girle Books

    Any more coming?
  2. OdinsSecrets

    Low Grade Girle Books

    Ill take it then please
  3. OdinsSecrets

    Low Grade Girle Books

  4. OdinsSecrets

    Low Grade Girle Books

    Take it
  5. Honestly I'm pretty surprised nobody wants it at this price. It's not that hard to find a copy, but try finding one for $16 shipped Guess this missing BC is too much of a detractor? If it doesn't sell soon I guess I will just hold onto it.
  6. Last call, now 20% off... The American Air Force 2 - 1.0 - $80 $64 Underworld True Crime Stories 2 - 0.5 Missing BC - $20 $16 shipped!
  7. So many great 4 Favorites that never come up for sale like that one
  8. Probably in the VF range. It would be good to see a whole picture of the back cover if you have one.
  9. I could easily see this in a 5.0 slab, it certainly presents nicely enough
  10. 6.0 Assuming those long diagonal lines on the FC are creases and not the scanner.