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  1. Check out the rules Your posts will get removed quickly if you post CBCS books.
  2. Looking for a remaindered copy of Amazing Spiderman #3, missing 1/3 of the front cover but with a complete interior. Willing to pay around $400 for a copy, depending on what shape it's in
  3. Keen Detective Funnies #v2 #9 - 1939 Centaur with 17 Universal on the census. Last sale in a reasonably close grade was a 5.0 in 3/2019 for $725. $625 shipped
  4. Rules: PayPal only please. Shipping is a flat $15 for slabs $7 for raw books (in the US only, sorry) unless stated otherwise, shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box for slabs. Nobody from the lists. First take wins (including over ALL PM discussions) No returns on slabs. Returns on raw books are accepted within one week of delivery. Buyer pays return shipping unless I have overlooked something major, so please be sure before you purchase. References: I don't have an official thread, but I have bought a lot here and sold plenty too
  5. I mean if someone really wanted it they could just hit the BIN still, if money is no object, but most people still try to pay market price. Obviously having more money will always be an advantage in an auction, but just having more money doesn't necessarily mean you're willing to pay the most.
  6. Not sure why a seller wouldn't want to get the best price for their book if there are people willing to bid...