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  1. If you count Superman and Batman on the chessboard, the JLA #1
  2. Star Wars #1, Rom #1, Daredevil #168, FF #55 and 28 copies of ASM #129.
  3. The artwork of the woman on the ground screams Bob McLeod.
  4. Not the good stuff at least. I think I could find room for an 8.0 Detective 38 in my home.
  5. Dillin was only 51 when he died of a heart attack.
  6. With great power there must also come -- great responsibility!
  7. He was at a con I attended a couple of years ago. He wouldn't sign anything unless you bought it from his table. He had everything waaaaaay overpriced. He was asking $40 for books you could find for $1 - $2. Hard pass.
  8. I use and Excel spreadsheet that I have on my phone. White means I don't have it. Yellow I do. Blue means I have it but need an upgrade.
  9. Here's something equally ironic. I live near Bentonville and haven't been able to find any. I've been to 3 Supercenters and 2 Neighborhood Markets.
  10. Definitely the first 52 issues with Grell story and art. He still did the story and covers until around issue 70. Those are good too, just not as good. Proceed with caution after that.