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  1. Thank you for all the feedback I’ve gotten over the past day. I corrected the listing. Sorry for the confusion. First time selling on here. 2500 or BO. message me with any questions or concerns. Thanks
  2. Up for sale is x-men 1 cgc 5.0 for 2500 BO PayPal only price includes shipping and insurance
  3. IMG_1742.JPG I was hoping there was an printing error maybe back in 1974
  4. yeah, def a nice book. My book isn't brittle at the cover is smooth, no dimples and with the same cover texture as a normal bronze age book. that fainding isn't bad at all compared tom mine, I mean all the red in the entire cover is faded
  5. Thanks def appreciate it!! it is super hard to judge because of the really sharp corners and the min spine wear. Yeah I don't play on selling it so I'm not worried about the collector standpoint. when you look at over street grading there isn't like any option for color faded books. I was wondering if maybe it would fall under the heavy foxing type. Yes, the red and yellow on the cover is def severely faded, but that was what i was thinking VG range
  6. Hello I was wondering if anybody had any experience with cgc, cbcs with sun faded grades. I recently picked up Hulk 181 for really good price,or at least i think I did . I have many books graded by cgc and cbcs, but none of my books are sun faded. comparing the books I'd say my hulk 181 structurally is between an 8.5 -9.2. very sharp corners, only the slightest spine stress marks, white pages and has the marvel value stamp. I won't lie though it is definitely in that range structurally but the entire red on the cover has faded I would say pretty severely. I have read many different things about how cgc only docked a 6.0 looking comic and it came back a 5.0 and then i herd of people saying they had a 9.0 and it came back a 3.0. I'm just wondering what you guys think structurally an 8.5-9.2 but there is no red left on the cover. Is it worth getting graded and if so what you guys think about what it would come back as. Any input would be great. thanks!