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  1. Wait, what? Issue number 1 pages are back on the market?
  2. I watched that doc. Then, a few months later, I watched Documentary Now’s mocking version of that style documentary, “Searching for Mr. Larsen,” and guffawed at how they nailed all the tropes of the genre. Documentary Now is brilliant, if you have seen any episodes.
  3. Hopefully someone is feeding these artist websites into the Comic Art Tracker database/search engine.
  4. Not to me. I am not a fan of the BM #251 cover.
  5. The 2000 AD 1st Dredd story is stuck on $15,500 w/o BP. No way it stays that low.
  6. Ummmm...what? You aren’t an “unmotivated seller.” You’re not behaving any differently than someone with a NFS tag who receives offers for a piece. All you’re doing is playing games with potential buyers.
  7. It seems like selling through CAF is not the best method for doing this anyway.
  8. “Unmotivated sellers” don’t advertise that they are taking offers.
  9. All I ask is that those who don’t want to sell, don’t put up a “taking offers” tag, and then get upset when people don’t read their minds. You can tell the difference between a hack lowball and a person just making an opening bid on a legit negotiation. if I make an offer, I plan on following through with it. Which is why I don’t shoot the moon right out of the gate. Yes, I may pay more than my initial offer. But I’d like to reach a deal that is mutually acceptable. If you agree to sell for a price that I am willing to pay, then we should both be fine with the transaction. And if you know the market, there’s really no excuse for putting up a “taking offers” tag on apiece when you could put a price tag on it. I’d rather someone just put a 3X price on a page over FMV than do the old “make an offer” routine. Same difference. But at least I won’t waste my time.
  10. Let me add: If you put up a “taking offers” tag for your piece, that’s a neon sign saying: “I have no good idea what the FMV of this art is, and I am just fishing fishing for an offer that’s so high I can’t turn it down. What amount that is, I’ll know it when I see it.” If you truly want to sell a piece, put a price tag on it. If not, don’t play games.
  11. I don’t even do that. I ask things like: “What did the missing stat say/show?” Or, “Do you still have it?” That gets the point across. That’s after I express interest in buying the art.
  12. I am not a fan of this way of operating. Original art is hard enough to value without me trying to read the seller’s mind about what he thinks is a “lowball” offer. You handle that by saying: “Way too low. I’ll take ____$ for it.” Then the buyer can either respond with a much higher offer or move onto something else. I get blown off by a seller like this, I strike them off of my “buy art from them” list. All my art is NFS unless I put it up for sale. If someone makes me a offer out of the blue, I’ll consider it, and give them a fair response.
  13. Don’t say “accepting offers,” and then refuse to provide a counter offer when someone makes you an offer. You can say it’s too low! That’s how negotiations work. You then reply with a number you would sell the piece at. If you don’t want to sell, don’t say you are accepting offers.
  14. OK. Maybe 4 people. Including a dealer, or two, who want to put it on their sales wall as advertising.