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  1. Doesn’t Gene own this? He must be going for ASM 129.
  2. I have built up a bit of a war chest recently. But due to other life circumstances, I am sitting on it rather than using it to buy more expensive art. It takes self discipline. But the more you do it, the easier it is to say no.
  3. Great piece of art. Price is nuts. His Batman covers don’t even go for that.
  4. A big chunk of those shipping costs are probably insurance. There are specialist art shippers too. Maybe he’s using that?
  5. Court Gabeau at ComiconArt, is Korazzo’s Rep. Very reasonable prices. For now.
  6. I highly, highly recommend Ice Cream Man. One of the best written comics of the past decade. Plus, the art by Martin Morazzo is nice. He uses a very thin line that fits the material really well. Here’s a page I just picked up from issue 20. For more on the book: UPDATE: Martin Morazzo says his art is influenced by Moebius & Frank Quietly, which you can definitely see.
  7. Fanfare Comic Art, is the former site for Land and Immonen. I’d add TDArtGallery, run by Tatiana Dykes, as another in the good/great category. And the times I bought from Cadence, it went well. Can’t speak for others, though. I do know that Ryan Stegman used to be at Cadence, then moved to Felix’s group.
  8. I think Felix also reps a lot of particularly in demand artists right now, who are working on hot books or storylines. This helps sell their other less well known art, and drives traffic to his site. Plus, the art is really good. He does an A+ job of promoting his artists as well. But there are some other hard working reps out there.
  10. Thanks for digging that up. I was going to find it to repost, but you beat me to it. That’s a direct quote out of the New York Times, incidentally.
  11. I‘m not a flipper, but buying it to flip makes sense. Unless you really like the page.
  12. The demons have a kind of Neal Adams vibe. But Vampirella definitely does not.
  13. This is dumb. You are suppressing the secondary market for an artist’s work. The idea, I suppose, is to create a supply shock that drives up Auction prices For new work in the short term. But it could also have the opposite effect; driving away potential customers by making the new work less desirable and thus suppressing prices. it creates an artificial market dynamic that probably doesn’t help the artist in the long run.