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  1. All of this is academic to me as I do not have any of these pages, and am very unlikely to ever own one at these prices.
  2. This isn’t someone buying the art because they just love a specific image or read the book and love it. It’s an investor who’s cornering the market.
  3. I thought about that, but it’s not a classic Zatanna image.
  4. I figured it wouldn’t sell for as much as a title splash. But I thought maybe that splash had a special story significance, or something, because I agree with others here; I don’t think it’s that awesome.
  5. The reason I ask is because I have what I consider to be a nice Colan WW panel page, and I’m wondering if the value has been effected by this sale.
  6. Not when you compare to other WW pages by Gene Colan of the same vintage. Even if it’s a title splash.
  7. Can any of you give me a guess as to why this particular Gene Colan Wonder Woman title splash sold for $4600, not including buyers premium?
  8. I saw the cover in person when Mike brought it to a con in Mt. Pleasant Michigan a couple years ago just after the Heritage sale. It it very cool. And, of course, I said: “So YOU’RE the one who bought it” to Mike, like a insufficiently_thoughtful_person.
  9. I think the bigger risk is newbies getting taken in by really well done recreations. I do think that those doing the recreations should always add a little something to them to distinguish it from the real thing.
  10. Things that shouldn’t be overlooked regarding OA as an investment, particularly older published OA, is that it’s not easy to fake, is one of a kind, and (well done professional) restoration doesn’t hurt its value. The fact that it’s published makes it harder to pawn off fakes, like you might see in the fine art market. It’s easier for an informed lay person to spot published OA fakes than in the fine art world. And value is tied to the source material being part of pop culture and not just a temporary fad in the New York or LA art gallery scene. Plus, unlike Gold or Stocks, it
  11. I agree that it will effect the market in a big way. But what I think will happen is that a lot of the overpriced nostalgia bronze and copper age stuff and the 2nd & 3rd tier - and below - silver age stuff will plummet in value. But, you’ll see some 90’s to modern pages skyrocket.