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  1. That book in that grade is worth ~$12,000. I’d put it on eBay, take the cash and use that as an OA starter fund. Then spend a few months studying the market to get a feel for values
  2. I had this poster hanging in my dorm room. Unsigned, though.
  3. The Leifeld stuff is the only Deadpool art that has become expensive.
  4. I probably have 95% of the published comics my art is from. I do seek it out. And I do want to own both. I am only missing a couple of comics, mostly due to the fact that I have to overpay for them on eBay. I have yet to find them out in the wild. Now, this has been a problem occasionally. One comic I have pages from is a golden age book that is pretty hard to find. Not super expensive, just not a lot of them around. In another case, a splash from my OA page was turned into a exclusive limited print run SDCC exclusive variant cover. So, that was tricky to find. Although, I found a copy at an LCS of all places. I already had a copy of the original cover A variant copy. I do not go out and buy all 5-10 variant cover versions of a comic I have art from. Just one will suffice, usually.
  5. It's the second appearance of the Millennium Falcon in comics. The first appearance was the page right before this one.
  6. What's the basis for it, other than his name? I know he had a good run on X-Men and Daredevil, but....anything with his name on to seems to get a premium.
  7. I'd guess that Aparo's Batman and the Outsiders pages from the 80's are probably very undervalued, considering their relative quality, and subject matter.
  8. It depends on what you are looking at for $6000. It seems to me that Top Quality Kirby stuff is in the tens of thousands of dollar range. Where are low quality, late Kirby is probably overpriced. But, there is some very good mid-tier stuff, like his 70's stint on Cap, his 4th world stuff for DC, some of which goes into the top tier, and I think some of his eternals stuff back at Marvel. I think 2001 pages can be great, as can Machine Man pages. Not sure about Devil Dinosaur, or the like. It all depends.
  9. OK. First, if you Kirby’s classic early to mid 60’s Marvel stuff. He reinvented comic book visual storytelling during that period. There were a few precursors and influences, like Will Eisner. But he made comics more cinematic and even expanded the dynamic range of what this medium could do. His technical lines, and figures are not classical. But the visual storytelling is dynamic and highly inventive when you get to his cosmic stuff, and machinery. “Kirby Krackle” is called that for a reason. I never read or collected Little Nemo, but I appreciate the hell out of the artistry of one of Winsor McCay’s masterpieces. If I could afford a page, Id buy one. I think Kirby is in a different category than most of the pros who did work for Marvel or DC in those days.
  10. I’d argue that the market for ~some~ artists is artificially high (Herb Trimpe, anyone? John Romita Sr and especially Jr.) But not for Jack Kirby.
  11. My understanding is that David Mazzucchelli has retained almost all of his original art from Batman Year one. But, what about his stint on Daredevil? The reason I ask is because I recently saw a page from the early part of his run up on eBay (Not "Born Again"), and was flabbergasted. Are they out there? Are they legit and not stolen? I don't know. Also, if they are out there (maybe via his inkers), what would the value be for a page with Daredevil actually doing something on it?
  12. But, they somehow are completely rebuilt in the next film.
  13. Yep. Thanks for reminding me! I recall it now because that’s my brother’s name and he asked if the toys were all his.