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  1. Dave did the whole thing. He sent me his roughs and breakdowns before he finished it. We followed the Marvel Method. I write a -script and suggested panel progression, he drew and lettered it.
  2. I had him draw my wife as a comic book character in a panel page that I scripted. A day in her work life. He did a great job reproducing her likeness and using reference photos. He’s especially talented at drawing likenesses.
  3. Dave is great. I had him do a special commission fir my wife’s birthday. Also, here are some favorite pieces of his that I own
  4. The whole 5 page introduction story.
  5. I probably have three total pieces that Heritage would even take.
  6. Quesada/Palmiotti Daredevil pages seem to be spiking quite a bit.
  7. Pretty sure Wrightson Frankenstein “A” plates should now go up to the tippy top. The cover plate sold for $1.2 million.
  8. Someone posted the (supposed) printing plate for the cover to Spider-Man 252 on eBay a few years ago.
  9. A couple of fun pieces. One is from Leviathan by Nick Pitarra... The other is the best page from Nicola Scott’s ink wash masterpiece, Black Magick.
  10. Welp...