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  1. They keep trying it by adapting video games. Eventually it will pay off.
  2. I don't necessarily agree that Flagg! wouldn't make a good TV show. It all depends on the execution, of course. I think it may get made, just not for a while. Europacorp may not make it. But, it's still an IP asset they can sell off to help pay debts, if nothing else.
  3. I've been tracking this for a while, and sorry to say, even if a comic is actually made into a TV show, the value of the art barely budges. It has to become part of the cultural zeitgeist to even move the needle, like Walking Dead. The only other art I've seen get a bump from its TV show is Preacher, and that was short lived. In fact, most of this art gets a slight bump when the TV show is announced, and then quickly fades. So, unless AF is made into the next big cultural touchstone on HBO, or something, the art isn't going to get a bump from it being turned into a TV show. Movies seem to have a slightly bigger effect, but even then it tends to be short-lived except for KEY pages from KEY stories. (See the price bump for infinity Gauntlet pages).
  4. The "swinging pendulum" metaphor when discussing changing gender roles.
  5. How is EQ "narrative" art, anyway? It's a static one panel painting?
  6. They sell DD1 medallions (and posters) at Walmart.
  7. There’s a large DD1 statue at the 3rd Corps HQ at Fort Hood.
  8. The correct word is "Gymbo."
  9. In Conan the Destroyer, Frazetta is invoking Michelangelo's Vatican paintings showing the damned being cast into hell. It's a masterpiece.
  10. Disagree on DD1. It's the official Mascot of the U.S. Army's 3rd Corps, an dis widely known in the military. My favorite Conan painting is Destroyer, by far. It's an amazing painting.
  11. Golden Age art featuring the big DC and Timely heroes, maybe Captain Marvel (now that the film seems to be a franchise starter), and classic characters who will get revived, like Flash Gordon, might actually still be collectible and retain some value. But, obscure GA stuff is not going to.