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  1. It's missing something? Maybe a pressing would help?
  2. I was just talking to a dealer/friend who I was surprised said the sales were up this year. He felt there was less people but the people were buying more cause they weren't fighting the crowds and feeling rushed. Interesting to me, not what I expected.
  3. There is no shortage of great food in the area, P.M. me when you are coming and I'll make a list for you.
  4. Try Gabriel's Gate as well. Wings are killer and near to the conversion center. Duff's are good too, but in the Suburbs.
  5. There was so many cons this weekend CGC didn't go to East Coast! Think about that, no CGC at a Tri-State con. Crazy. Might be to many cons.
  6. I disagree with every year being worse than the year before, the first year had Neal Adams and cosplay, year two William Shatner lots of artists, year 3 Richard Dreyfus, Frank Cho, Mike Zeck, lou ferrigno, many many wrestlers and a major horror section. This year they went big on wrestlers and again horror. I'm not a horror or a wrestler fan and I think it was a mistake but up until this year the quality was growing. I think the real problem isn't Buffalo is to small for 3 days but to many cons in the area all being 3 days. You just had Toronto comic con, you have Niagara Falls in 3 weeks, London Ont in and Fan Expo in August. Add Rochester and Syracuse you are over saturated in the area. Plus Cleveland is only 3 hours away. Lots of cons for dealers to choose from. It might be wise to have the con earlier in the year during a slower con season.
  7. I went to the show on Friday and Sat. I had a few books signed and went to a few panels. It was fun, not as good a show as the last 3 years but still fun. A few guess cancelled including Linda Blair at the last minute due to illness really hurt attendance. Horror con part was well received. Still glad I went. I went to worse shows both in town and out. Better than a small show in a hotel.
  8. Your right, Cover by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.
  9. I think this cover is Rich Buckler during his Kirby Style years, I could be wrong too.
  10. The woman and Man in the middle of the cover always seemed like an Adams but the Drac and Bride like Romita, who did this cover?
  11. I just got back the first Punisher Comic mag that Corbin Bernsen signed after it was announced he was in the series. He signed 3 books and wrote on the covers "Signature #1"," #2" and "#3". I than had Mike Zeck also sign them at the same show than Jon Bernthal at another. Nice memory, signed at the Nickel City con last year.
  12. I have a few Zeck books, PM me. The one isn't graded but is cool. I really like the Cap he did it at the Nickel City con last year.