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  1. He is going to East Coast Comic Con I do not know if CGC will be there, they were a few years ago.
  2. What about the lets change the costume upgrade? White Vision! Yes White Vision.
  3. Did you have them pressed? They look great!
  4. Artist turn this stuff out to make money, for a small $300 dollar commission the time to scan and post to show you takes away from money making. Your project isn't large enough for that level of customer care/work. I too have bought from a few artist some pieces that I feel are sub-par but they are a known artist with resale value. If you are not happy with it and the artist has a name sell it and get a piece you want. Break even or better and move on is my advice.
  5. I am looking for a facilitator, I have a few books I want signed at Wizard World Austin Nov-8,9 and 10. Is there any CGC facilitator going?
  6. I had 3 best offers submitted to me that I accepted and they all decided to not pay ( new sales tax maybe, or testing the water on price), I asked eBay how to solve this and the suggestion was to not allow offers. Set a price and let it sit. So that is how I'm handling it. So far it works and the best part is the buyer has to pay instantly. Less BS.
  7. When will Logan's Run start running? Movie was on than off, where is it now? And what other Bronze books might go hot? 2001 issue 1?
  8. True, but when I do it for other than financial reasons I don't ask for advise..."Should I bother/is it worth it getting this pressed & cleaned? What additional value would I get from this b/c it is in not great condition? Should I just get Neal Adams's signature & be happy with it?" What additional Value was the question as I read art. I agree about getting some books graded because of emotional attachment. Feedback greatly appreciated!"
  9. Rough Fees are over $100.00 Adams currently $50.00, CSS $12.00, CGC $30.00 than shipping, say $16.00 My guess on grade unpressed is 3-3.5 with a great press maybe a 4. If you have less than $100 into the book with signing the book might be worth $200.00. Sell the book and use the money and a little more and buy a better book to invest in.
  10. Some cool Raider's book just back from CGC. All are signed by Allen and Rhys-Davies. #1 is also signed by Freeman, Glover and Kahler