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  1. There is two loan programs, one is based on PPP Loan which is to help with Payroll, Rent s and other costs than there is the COVID-19 ECONOMIC INJURY DISASTER LOAN, which is for operating costs and other relief. Apply for both.
  2. Books that bought and can not sell because no one is buying is lost income because the money is not available. It is inventory that should be moving but isn't, no different than a car dealer not being able to sell. I assume you do this as a part time profession, correct? If so you are losing money for a few months because you are not selling = lost income. Now this is only true if you are claiming "your selling" as income before this happened. No lose if you never claimed. Just my thoughts as a business owner.
  3. The hard part is price accordingly, not to low not to high. I often fear I overprice but you don't know until a book sits. Plus often I found a book will sell at the listed price after it has sat. Hard to know.
  4. If selling on ebay I find selling books as Buy it Now with an offer. Be honest on non graded books and add a lot of photos. Than let the book sit, don't look for the quick sale. Be kind on silly offers even though you want to be snarky. I prefer to sell CGC graded books because I don't have to take returns on third party graded books. And don't be greedy, all books are not high value. If you want to sell think about the client, they have to cover sales tax on top of your cost. Remember to cover ebay fees and PayPal fees. Just some of my thoughts.
  5. The book will only go up if a show happens. The name has legs, like the Defenders. Doesn't need the original or main crew just the name and a few B characters.
  6. Yes but when? You could be sitting on the books for awhile. I just picked up a Legion of Monsters #1 because I think it will in a few years hit.
  7. If he is announced as a character in Moon Knight or Blade you might feel a lot better. Congrats.
  8. What Lord of the Ring book is that? I live in Buffalo and they are all attending Fan Expo Toronto. Thanks Jimmy
  9. I think this book is very cool! Frank Miller ss and sketch (a nice one too) ss Brian Azzarello and now Michael Keaton! Just got it back from CGC and wanted to share. Big thanks to Torrey at Twin City (Kudos to @Kevlar ).
  10. I have two. Neither are what you requested but I figured I would present them to you.
  11. I thought MS2 was going up in price? Great Ploog art, Adams cover is so-so.