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  1. I picked this spinner rack up recently. I'm very happy with it as it was a bargain, but it's missing the stand. Are there any modern easy to find spinners that have a stand that will work with this? Or maybe I can make a stand? Does anyone have this rack and know the dimensions of the stand? Thanks.
  2. Just got these back recently. Overall, I'm pleased, but there were a few surprises.... Oh well, you can't win them all.
  3. 20 Modern Books, Slow Track Verified 05/31 Still verified 06/30......
  4. My most recent eBay wins. I think I'll take a buying break for a while...
  5. CGC Submission Question - I Made An Error on the Form Hi. I just made a slight error on my online CGC submission form. I listed the same book twice and did not catch it until after I completed the online submission form. I have given them my credit card info, but I have not sent out the books yet, so it's no big deal. My questions are: 1) Do I need to call CGC and cancel this submission? Or, should I just never send in the first order form and just do a new online submission? (Would the first order just disappear because they never receive my books with the first packing list?) 2) Can I call CGC and correct the order and not actually cancel it. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for all the info! There were a lot of dealers from Quebec at the flea market, so that must be where it's from. My OCD is telling me that I now need to buy 6 copies of Asterix just to fill it up....
  7. Picked this up at a flea market yesterday. I wish it was a spinner rack, but I'm still pleased with it as I only paid $20. I am not too familiar with Asterix, but apparently he is extremely popular in Europe. Also, based on the size of the pockets, I assume that Asterix is a magazine size comic. I'm not sure how old this rack is, but I'm guessing it's from between the 1960s and 1980s. Any information you have would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Personally, I would not sell an item(s) of this value to an international bidder. Too risky.
  9. Shipping for CGC slabs is $12 for the first book and $2 for each additional book. Books will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail in a well-padded box. If you buy a lot of books, I may be able to give you a deal on shipping depending on how many you buy and your ZIP code. I cannot ship slabs via Media Mail. Shipping for Marvel Essential Trade Paperbacks will be actual cost to ship via USPS Media Mail, which will not be very much. Shipping for all 6 will be $7. I only ship to the United States. No international shipping (even Canada), sorry. Payment is via PayPal only. Payment is expected within 7 days from date of offer to purchase. Returns accepted only if I misrepresented an item. Returns not accepted after 30 days from date of purchase. No HOSers or Probationers please. First wins. Feel free to PM me as well. If you have any questions, please ask before committing to buy. Thanks!. CGC Slabs Batman the Dark Knight Returns 3 CGC 9.6, White Pages - $60 Captain America (2005) 34 CGC 9.8, White Pages (Bucky Becomes Captain America) - $40 Cry For Dawn 5 CGC 9.6, White Pages - $70 Deathstroke the Terminator 1 CGC 9.8, White Pages - $50 Green Lantern (1990) 1 CGC 9.6, White Pages - $25 Hellblazer 1 CGC 9.6, White Pages - $60 Rachel Rising 1 (3rd Print) CGC 9.6, White Pages - $80 Sandman (1988) 1 CGC 9.6, White Pages - $130 Star Trek (1980) 1 CGC 9.6, White Pages - $30 Superman/Batman 1 (Batman Variant Cover) CGC 9.6, White Pages - $30 Superman: The Man of Steel 17 CGC 9.8, White Pages (First Cameo of Doomsday) - $100 Wolverine (1988) 1 CGC 9.6, White Pages (First Wolverine as Patch) - $75 X-Factor 6 CGC 9.6, White Pages (First Full Apocalypse) - $90 X-Factor 24 CGC 9.6, White Pages (First Angel as Archangel) - $60 X-Men Omega CGC 9.8, White Pages - $35 Starslayer 2 CGC 9.6, White Pages (First Rocketeer by Dave Stevens) - $60 Marvel Essential Trade Paperbacks (black and white) - All are $5 Each. Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 (1st Print) - F - Top right front cover dinged/bend, top left back cover dinged/bend. Wolverine Vol. 1 (4th Print) - NM- - Top right back cover dinged. Wolverine Vol. 3 (3rd Print) - NM- - Top right front cover dinged. X-Factor Vol. 1 (1st Print) - NM. X-Men Vol. 1 (6th Print) - NM. X-Men Vol. 4 (1st Print) - F - Scuffs on covers, all corners dinged.
  10. I'm about ready to bail on this series... It's getting a little annoying how virtually every enemy that Supergirl goes up against seems as powerful or more powerful than her. She is way underpowered in this show. Also, in one episode they say that Martian Manhunter is one of the most powerful beings on Earth, but then they show the White Martians to be far more powerful than the Green Martians.
  11. WTB: Crisis on Infinite Earths 3, CGC 9.8, White Pages. Please PM me if you have a copy for sale along with a picture of the front and back and the price. Thanks.