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  1. Based on current FMV, the 9.2 is what I can afford. Let me know if you have something available - thank you!
  2. E - Green Goblin (1800 Print Run) CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked $150 F - Gwen Stacey (1800 Print Run) CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked $150 I'll take 1 each! Thanks!
  3. Amazing Spider-Man 800 Frank Cho Variant $55 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked x 1 Thanks Dre!
  4. I have 16 Ebay auctions up and running now - finishing on Monday evening. Click the link to see them all - listed below as well! New Mutants #98 (1st Appearance Deadpool!) CGC SS (Stan Lee, Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza) 9.2 New Mutants #86 CGC SS (Rob Liefeld) 8.0 X-Infernus #1 (J Scott Cambell variant) CGC SS (J Scott Campbell) 9.6 Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (J Scott Campbell cover D) CGC SS (JSC, Sabine Rich) 9.8 Ms. Marvel #1 (Arthur Adams 1:100 variant) CGC SS (Arthur Adams, Stan Lee) 9.8 Invincible Iron Man #1 (Dekal variant) CGC SS (Jeff Dekal) 9.8 Generations: Banner and Totally Awesome Hulk #1 (Mattina 2nd printing) CGC SS (Francesco Mattina) 9.4 A-Force #1, CGC SS (Jorge Molina, Jim Cheung) 9.8 Hulk #1 (Hulk 181 Homage) CGC SS (Ed McGuinness) 9.8 Edge of Venomverse #1 (Mattina teaser variant) CGC 9.8 Captain Ameria #6 (1st appearance Winter Soldier) CGC 9.6 Secret Empire #1 (Granov variant) CGC 9.6 Avengers #8 (J Scott Cambell cover D) CGC 9.8 Invincible Iron Man #1 (McKone variant) CGC 9.8 All-New Wolverine #19 (Kirk variant) CGC 9.6 X-Men Gold #3 (Cambell variant) CGC 9.4
  5. Limited "Red" Edition - Seven to Eternity # 9 Seven to Eternity # 9 9.8 Signed by Jerome Opena $125.00 Please put my first in line on the wait list for the CGC yellow label - thank you.
  6. For me, it will mostly be for education - but I'm in too!
  7. Perry not only has been a great asset in helping with book pressing - responsive, professional, not overpromising, reasonable, and communicative - but he's also gone out of his way to patiently help me understand grading after many years (decades really) away from the hobby. I can't recommend Perry highly enough.