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  1. Hi, Primetime! I didn't have much time to respond to your first comment due to the holiday weekend. To answer your second reply: Yes, I am aware of the two sets of Action 1 house adds. I am actually trying to upgrade my More Fun 31. I own the lowest of the 6 graded copies. I opened this WTB query in the hopes of upgrading or finding a nicer-presenting copy. That said, I'm not surprised that I have received no replies as of yet. I may not receive any at all. This is one REALLY tough book to find.
  2. Book must have front cover. I am hoping to find an unrestored CGC-graded book, but will consider any condition, raw or graded, restored or unrestored. Book must have front cover. (Will consider front cover only.) Please PM me a photo of the book and asking price. If preferred, please PM a photo and I will make an offer. I do not have many posts, but I will furnish an impeccable reference upon request.
  3. In keeping with the recent format of this thread, I am thrilled to present my copy of Spidey 17 on this, the 17th day of the month!
  4. I cannot, but I wish I could. Oh, how I wish I could!!!
  5. Because it is the Bedrock variant, if you do find a copy, it will be graded 9.4 or higher!
  6. Picked these up today. As always, Mr. Bedrock rocks! Thank you, Richard!!!
  7. Here is one of mine! The artist and character started in the Golden Age and both returned in the Bronze Age, so that averages out to Silver Age! C.C. Beck was the featured guest at the 1975 HoustonCon. After his talk, Mr. Beck signed autographs and gave out black and white drawings. (I don't recall if there was a charge for the drawing, but I don't think so.) Everyone else wanted either Captain Marvel or his nemesis Dr. Sivana. But not me! I wanted a drawing of Mr. Mind! Mr. Beck was so impressed with my choice that he asked if he could color it in! Absolutely! He then asked me my name and wrote down that it was drawn for me! I'm pretty sure I was the only person who received a color drawing from him that weekend. Needless to say, I will never forget Mr. Beck's kindness and generosity! To this day, Mr. Mind remains one of my all-time favorite comic book villians! Thank you, Mr. Beck!!!
  8. Wow, GK! That is one pretty book!!! Congrats!
  9. I would own a nicer copy if Jon Berk had ever gotten around to upgrading it! But if he was happy with this copy, then so am I!
  10. I believe that you are incorrect on most of the points you are making. First, ebay does not require immediate payment when offers are accepted. When my offers have been accepted, the item goes into My Ebay Purchased Items List as a sold item and I am given a reasonable amount of time to complete the transaction. On several occasions I have paid the day after my offer was accepted. Second, when I purchased a book from Comic Link, the book remained listed on their site, but with a "Sale Pending" notation. While the book was in a Sale Pending state, the boxes for making an offer or buying the book were removed. However, a Wait List button was placed beside the book. This feature allows other potential buyers to express their interest in the book should the pending sale fall through. Finally, whereas this thread is primarily for posting and discussing comic books, this forum is always an excellent place to point out sellers who engage in what are believed to be poor, unethical, or illegal business practices.
  11. From what I know about US contract law--and I am NOT a lawyer--a legally-binding, legally-enforceable contract required three elements: an offer (I will but or sell this), an acceptance (I agree to your terms), and a consideration (the price for the transaction, be it money, goods, or services). Contracts do contain a built-in time limit. I cannot enter into a contract and then wait 20 years to fulfill my end of the transaction unless this is stated in the contract. Despite anything else being said elsewhere on the website, the confirmation email clearly and distinctly states that the seller will agree to accept the offer for a period of 7 days, after which, he/she will consider the contract to be voided. This appears to me to be a legally-binding, legally-enforceable contract. Without seeing any of the information the website sent to the other buyer, I would guess that the website ALSO entered into a legally-binding, legally-enforceable contract with the other buyer, too. The most disconcerting aspect of this situation to me is that the website owner stated clearly that the website was purposefully set up in such as way as to allow this type of dual sale to occur.
  12. You've Got A Friend - James Taylor
  13. I'm a lucky man! I live within walking distance of Bedrock City Comics' flagship store! Bought these earlier this year from the Tall One, hisself!
  14. Interesting to note that the user's name is trustme911 and that he/she mentions the bay's money-back guarantee not once, but twice.