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  1. #brianmatzen are his scams
  2. They either blocked me or deactivated their account. Buyers beware!!!
  3. There is a probably a thread somewhere in the general forum where I can add this name to a list, but for time purposes I wanted to get the word out. Instagram handle: deuces8s They are stealing sales pics from the CGC chat boards and posting them as their own "taking offers" without listing prices. The different scans and backgrounds for the books were a dead giveaway, but I confirmed with a couple of sellers on here that the account was not theirs. I posted on IG of the scam alert. Hopefully no one on here bought from them, they've been trying to sell tons of books since yesterday.
  4. Hey, all Looking to trade my ASM13 5.0 W (pic below) plus cash for an ASM3 with white pages. Will add cash over GPA to make it worth whoever's while to sell. ASM3 must have the following: White pages (not OWW) minimal to no chipping or pieces missing no tape or glue no writing or date stamps on front cover no rusty staples Grade range: 3.0 to 6.0 If not interested in the ASM13 I also have a Hulk181 9.2 W (pic below) that I'd be willing to trade for the ASM3 plus cash. Trade value for cash difference will be based on average of 90-day GPA and last sale. Please PM me if interested in discussing a deal, thanks!
  5. Apparently you didn't learn from your last thread that you need to state a price you are willing to pay. Alot of sellers aren't even going to bother if you don't abide by the rules. And with your request for strictly white pagers (what I collect exclusively) some of the books on this list it is very tough to find white pages in the lower to mid grades. I know because I have two of them in the grades you're looking for and it took me a LONG time to find them. Paying GPA certainly wouldn't get me to sell them that's for sure. But you didn't even say that you'd pay that, so...
  6. Gorgeous books! That AF15 is something else, GLWTS!!
  7. Upgraded my 8.0 from last week to this 9.0. Also found it's counterpart
  8. For me I originally choose Option A. Then since I'm a pragmatist, I'll always choose Option B unless there is the stipulation that I'll NEVER be able to buy an AF15 because the entire comic community will know the choice I made and hoard every copy and shun me from buying an AF15. Since Spidey is my #1 guy and AF15 is my grail I can't live in a world like that so then and only then would I choose Option A over the higher valued package. If that's not the case then after I get the bonus I'll choose Option B first time around, consolidate to Option A, and then use the money for the other books But who are we kidding, for anyone who knows or is familiar with me knows that I won't be buying any of these books unless they have white pages
  9. I'm going to choose whatever option best allows me to maximize the money floating around in this scenario Unless you are adding stipulations for choosing one over the other, the question doesn't really work since the money on both sides isn't equal. If the money you can spend in either scenario is equal then there are a bunch of different ways you can go. Ie. you can choose Choice A, save $10k or use it to buy either of the original books from choice B or both of the bonus books you added
  10. WOW, perfect centering and square spine plus the white pages...stellar copy
  11. Masterful job Rick, congrats Will keep an eye out for #3 and #12 for you