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  1. Had sold to Jeff previously, but this time I was the buyer. Jeff was nice enough to respond to my WTB thread with the exact book I was looking for to help me complete a little run I was going for. The communication was great, he shipped fast, and the book was packaged securely and arrived safely. Highly recommend dealing with him either buying or selling. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for checking! Yeah I’ve tried cracking out 5.5s, offered double GPA, offered free upgrades and still no copies have surfaced. I’ll find them eventually just not as fast as I’d like
  3. Tell me about it! I’ve found plenty in grade 5.0 just none with white pages so far. I’m confident they’ll pop up soon enough. I’m predicting #7 to be the last one I find.
  4. ASM15 I found to be extremely difficult in terms of the first appearance keys, that and ASM3 were the toughest. 7, 10, 11, and 12 still elude me...
  5. Thanks Dan! Beyond thrilled with it. Check out this spine
  6. Hey, all Title says it all. Looking for a Tec 312 in grade range 3.0 to 9.0 with strictly white pages. Looking for a copy with no writing or pieces missing on the front cover. Will pay GPA+ depending on how good the wrap and centering are, If you have a copy that you'd sell please PM me, thanks!
  7. So close! Only looking for grade 8.0 however. Thanks for letting me know