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  1. Hey Everyone, looking for the following: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Grade: 5.0 (ONLY) Page Quality: White (ONLY) Looking for a copy in grade 5.0 only with strictly white pages. I'd like to pair this with my AF15 5.0W and ASM1 5.0W (I like the symmetry) Offering GPA or more for the right copy (no chipping, writing, stains, rusty staples or date stamps please). I also have ASM #6, 9, 13, 15, and 20 ranging from 5.5 to 7.0 all with white pages to trade if interested. PM me with pics and price of your annual and also for pics of the ASMs I'm offering up. I have a kudos thread in my signature and am very motivated to buy. Thanks for your help! Best, Dave
  2. Happy New Year Everyone! For sale is the following: Amazing Spider-Man #600 Romita Variant Cover Grade: 9.6 NM+ Page Quality: WHITE Cert. # 1003787001 PRICE: $400 Here are the when purchasing: Buyers in US and Canada Only for this listing No Hall of Shame or Probation List Members First unconditional IN THE THREAD gets the book. Payment due within 3 days of sale. If payment not received within that time period, I reserve the right to void the sale and re-list the book. PayPal is preferred method for time purposes Checks also accepted (book ships once funds clear) Shipping is FREE in US, $35 to Canada No returns as this is a professionally graded book Thanks for your interest! PM me with any questions or additional picture requests. My Kudos Thread: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/408795-dst-feedback-thread/ Regards, Dave
  3. DST


    Yes, PM sent For the Annual#1 I really want a 6.0 but for the other early ASM books I've been after it's more about the white pages in the grade range of 3.0 to 6.0. I'm down to looking for a #2, 3, 4 and Annual 1, but focusing mostly on #3 and Annual#1 right now.
  4. DST


    Here is what I'm currently offering for strictly WHITE page copies: ASM#3 3.0: 90-day GPA = $1,235, Offering $1,600 3.5: 90-day GPA = $1,325, Offering $1,900 4.0: 90-day GPA = $1,782, Offering $2,200 ASM Annual #1 5.5: Last sale (Sept) = $731, Offering $1,000 6.0: 90-day GPA = $900, Offering $1,500 (really want specially a 6.0 and willing to pay a big premium for it) Please PM me if I'm close and you'd consider selling, thanks!
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    Columbia Comics feedback thread (Yup..it's started)

    Bought two SA Spidey keys from Brock and it was a great experience. Excellent packaging, fast shipping, good communication. Would definitely buy from again, thanks!
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    #13 found Still looking for ASM3 and ASM Annual 1 with white pages... Offering over GPA, just PM me with your price. Thanks!
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    Adding ASM #3 and 13 to my WTB list (below are the books and grade ranges): ASM #3 - 3.0 to 4.5 ASM #13 - 4.5 to 6.5 ASM Annual #1 - 6.0 Looking for White Pages only and willing to offer significantly over GPA. PM me if you have a copy you are open to selling. Thanks!
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    I know! I’d settle for one but I got crickets with my last thread so hopefully this gets some potential sellers thinking
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    ***WTB list updated below***
  10. 2018 brought me my two top grails featuring my all-time fav superhero. Landing these copies with white pages was a dream come true This year I was also fortunate to buy my keeper copy of ASM129. I missed out on this same copy in 2017 because I tried to haggle for free shipping. While doing so another boardie claimed the book. The book became the one that got away. In a twist of fate a year later the book was made available again and I didn’t hesitate to make it mine. Some things are meant to be...
  11. It was cancelled effective immediately. No season 4. Jessica Jones and Punisher seasons are still upcoming, but a cancellation for them will probably follow shortly thereafter with the trend of Marvel shows on Netflix. Shame. The 3rd season of DD was really good and left open alot of possibilities.
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    group shot thread

    The white page collection of my dreams Outstanding