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  1. I’ve seen plenty of ASM7 5.0s. There’s one on eBay and another on Heritage right now as we speak. It’s just finding one with strictly white pages that’s proven elusive
  2. Here is the current status of my CGC 5.0 WP Project. The next time I post an update will be upon it's completion when I finally procure an ASM7 to finish off this linear run!!!!!!! If anyone has any leads on a copy please PM
  3. All grades aren’t created equal. You can very easily find CROW, OW and OWW page copies of books that look a lot nicer than ones designated to have pristine W pages. Some collectors simply enjoy having a book and a piece of history, while others can be a bit more discerning about what they buy. For those that care (or even obsess) about eye appeal, we all have different standards about what makes a book visually appealing when differentiating between copies that have the same grade. Does it check these boxes?...having a straight wrap, being well centered, having clean edges with no chipping
  4. ASM 10 HAS BEEN FOUND ONE MORE BOOK TO GO! Please help me find an ASM #7 in exact grade 5.0 with strictly white pages. Will pay $1,000 to FINALLY finish my linear run.
  5. GLWTS Dan! So sorry you need to sell, but wishing you all the best with the new house
  6. Sold an SA ASM key to Greg. We've done a number of deals together now (both buying and selling from each other) and it's always a pleasure. He has my highest recommendation
  7. NEW YEAR - STILL LOOKING Still need ASM 7 and 10 in grade 5.0 with WP Offering over GPA Please PM if you have a copy, thanks!
  8. Anyone have a newsstand copy in 9.6 grade they'd consider selling for a premium?
  9. Hey, all Looking for a copy of ASM316 in exact grade 9.6 with white pages. Looking for the newsstand edition only. Looking for a copy with a good wrap and no white on the spine. Please message me if you have a copy you're willing to sell. Will pay over GPA. Thanks!
  10. For sale is the following: Amazing Spider-Man #31 1st Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn Grade: 8.0 VF Page Quality: WHITE Cert. # 3718702001 90-day GPA = $1,038, Last sale = $1,075 ASKING PRICE: $1,000 Note: There is a tiny floating piece of plastic inside the case (see pics). Slab is not cracked, but probably should be reholdered to remove it. Here are the when purchasing: Buyers in US Only for this listing No Hall of Shame or Probation List Mem
  11. Hoping for that Christmas miracle helping me find these last two books ASM7 and ASM10 in grade 5.0 with White Pages