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  1. Absolute stunners and love the symmetry Andrew Congrats again on #15, that's a really tough find
  2. Here are the first 9 consecutive appearances (I believe ST Ann 2 and FF Ann 1 are 4th and 5th overall based on Overstreet designation and Marvel.com's listed publication dates):
  3. ASM # 5 in CGC 5.0 W has been FOUND Still looking for the following: ASM #16 - 5.0 (Only) with WHITE Pages - Offering $350 shipped ASM #20 - 5.0 OR 6.0 with WHITE Pages - Offering $750 shipped Offering a $50 finders fee to anyone who can provide a lead that results in a deal. Thanks for checking!
  4. Crossed another off the list today! Only need #16 and #20 now in grade 5.0 with white pages Any leads are always appreciated
  5. Still searching for ASM #5, 16, and 20 in grade 5.0 with white pages, but that hasn't stopped me from picking up these beauties for my personal collection (hope you all don't mind I threw the 101 in there) There is life after my 5.0 W project
  6. WHA!!!! These are absolute stunners GLWTS Jeff!!
  7. Here is the current status of my 5.0 WP project. Not going for a full run, just want to get #5, 16, and 20 to round it out (pic is a little blurry to fit all the books in but you all get the idea)
  8. To finish off my 5.0 project I'd like to get #5, 16, and 20. #20 has proven to be very elusive. I currently have a 4.0W at CGC being regraded after a press After that I'll be moving on to the other main first appearance villains across the Silver, Bronze, and Copper Ages that I don't currently have, most notably #28, 41, 46, 50, 78, 101, 134, 149, 194, 238 and 361. I'll be buying them with white pages of course but not all in the same grade, just focusing on eye appeal mostly. After that I'll probably go back to some minor keys or covers that I really like
  9. Andrew, I'd vouch for Greg I've done a few deals with him and the transactions have always been smooth
  10. I FINALLY achieved my goal of owning the original Sinister Six first appearances (including annual 1) all in the same grade and page quality Without further ado... I've also been able to procure AF15, ASM1, ASM6, ASM14, Strange Tales Annual 2, and Fantastic Four Annual 1 all in CGC Grade 5.0 with White Pages as well
  11. Hey, all Looking for the following ASM books with strictly WHITE pages (not OWW) in following specific grades: #5 - Grade 5.0 (ONLY) - Offering $1,000 #16 - Grade 5.0 (ONLY) - Offering $350 #20 - Grade 5.0 (preferable) or 6.0 - Offering $750 #299 - Grade 9.6 (ONLY) - Offering $200 but it must be newsstand and must have a perfect wrap All offers are over 90-day GPA average. If you have what I'm looking for and I'm close enough on price please PM me as I'm highly motivated to deal. Thanks for checking! -Dave
  12. moving to other venues tomorrow. If interested shoot me an offer today. Books on my immediate want list that I’d consider in a trade: ASM#5 - 5.0 white pages ASM#16 - 5.0 white pages ASM#20 - 5.0 or 6.0 white pages