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  1. I have no idea. I would think they are the same as well but nowadays who knows. Everything seems to be more expensive.
  2. So of course I missed out yesterday so figured I’d try my luck here. Looking for unsigned cover A + B (1- set) or just cover A (prefer 3 copies), or a single copy of A. - Offering $55 for the set (A and B) - Offering $40 each for cover A only. Cover A: Cover B:
  3. Anyone have any idea how much these will go for at SDCC? Won’t be making it but hope to get a hold of cover A and maybe B via other means.
  4. Anyone have any idea when Todd McFarlanes next signing might be? Thanks!
  5. Yup, missed out again. Only wanted cover a + b. Oh well. Guess the bay it is unless I find a set for less.
  6. Game is great. Comics been ok. So hopefully the series will be decent too.
  7. This could also go the other way and survive the market. Gamble either way.
  8. Is it normal for an item to be listed as being sold in the US with a state listed and everything, but then when you contact the seller with a question they are located outside the US? thats happened to me twice in the last hour on eBay. Thought the item and seller are located in the same region?
  9. Finally caught up with the series. All I can say is, WOW!! Can’t wait for this next season.
  10. Looking for others now. Batman the killing joke with Harley Quinn on the cover. Believe these were for Harley Quinn day anniversary. There is a German and Spanish version. Offering $20 each plus shipping. Negotiable pending condition. Spanish version: German version:
  11. Have all 3 original sets jsc and Lee. Thanks!