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  1. Found a copy of the killing joke homage. Now just need the ASM799 Parillo cover homage. Forgot to list my offer the first time: $40. Pending condition may be able to offer a little more. Thanks!
  2. Hey folks! Looking for two homage covers: the killing joke and ASM 799 Parillo variant. Let me know if you have a copy. Thanks!
  3. Found a copy of volume 1. Now looking for a copy of volume 2 first print. Same criteria, except double signed by Kirkman and Adlard this time though. Same price points as originally listed. Whose got one?
  4. Didn’t know there was a foil for this cover. Need to keep an eye out. Thanks for mentioning it!
  5. Thanks for confirming. Thought the listing was odd to state that it was signed.
  6. Speaking of the THX variant, I thought McFarlane was not signing these? There’s a copy on eBay stating that its signed on the inside. Pictures provided. I don’t own a copy so wouldn’t know if they all have a printed signature. Can anyone confirm?
  7. The only way to get the gold version was to purchase the turd baby. Whether folks are selling the golds with the turds varies from seller to seller. I’d take a gold and turd. just waiting for the prices to hopefully drop.
  8. Hey folks! Found! See second entry post. Thanks! - raw/unsigned: $10 - double signed: $50 Offers are negotiable pending condition. Any takers? Thanks!
  9. A novice or naive question, how to you determine the value of your comics/collection? Is this value based on gpa or a similar company? In other words, how does one determine the value of their collection? I’ve been told on many occasions that a book or collection is only worth what someone is willing to pay. This said, for insurance purpose how do you gauge this?
  10. Hello folks! Looking to buy the ashcan version. Any body have a copy? Offering $60 shipped for a NM/NM+ copy. Thanks!
  11. If it’s for a personal collection (pc), go for it and slab it. If you’ll be reselling at some point many don’t like the green label mentioned above as the signatures are not authenticated at the time of signing. This said, there are some that don’t mind the green label and will buy it depending on the grade, whose signature is on the book, the placement and event the color.
  12. Wow! The originals are so much better. Thanks for the source pictures.
  13. Was getting ready to ask the same question. I haven’t seen any yet.
  14. Thanks! You all have saved me from purchasing. It’s on eBay right now. Like the concept and merging of the characters but it just looked off or familiar to me.