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  1. I think this was a copy I was trying to get on the bay. Or looks similar anyway Considering the signature placement. Needless to say I still need a copy. Nice!
  2. Funny thing is a face mask will not 100% prevent spread, it will help of course but it’s not a proof measure. Your typical surgical mask is meant to keep the wearer from spreading anything to another person. At least that’s what I’ve always been told. Even more so if folks are not going to wear them correctly, then the masks are for sure not helpful. The masks need to cover both your nose and mouth. Hygiene is key to avoid the spread of anything.
  3. Sure haven’t. Difference is though at live auctions there’s usually just one of each item for sale (Might be wrong though since I’ve not been). Ebays loaded with options.
  4. True, but I’m not selling my primary. So no true gain since I’m keeping it.
  5. Never did understand how folks go for the higher priced book when others are available for less.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Sadly these sold already so no need for a grade anymore. The pictures were provided by the seller but not in time for more.
  7. Have a chance to get these, but need some help with the grading potential if slabbed. Corners are partially blunted. Including pictures of the worst damage only. If more pictures needed for the best assessment, I’ll see what I can do. Would probably get these pressed and cleaned. Based on the pictures provided, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! #1 (2nd and 4th pictures) #2 (1st and 3rd pictures)
  8. Hope he doesn’t since I’ve slowly been selling off my doubles.
  9. Is Flippertools no longer A good source for eBay sales and best offers? I’ve still been using it.
  10. Hello! Are there any facilitators going to La Mole this season? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone heard of the Batman 1 foil reprint cover being sold at a con this year (2020)? Saw it listed for sale recently.
  12. Hello folks! Looking for either a blue label 9.8 or a signed McFarlane 9.8 copy. Offering gpa: Blue 9.8: $100 Yellow McFarlane: $160 raw NM: $70 Anybody? Thanks!
  13. Very nice. Definitely need one too. If I ever meet Adlard, maybe I can get a sketch done.
  14. Yesss!! And they’re on the way! Can’t wait. 5 of 6 books are 9.8. Submitted 4 raw and 2 slabs. The 9.6 is from a raw book. Can’t complain.