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  1. Revisiting this thread as I just heard about the platform. Anyone have updates on using this versus eBay and the other (fb, ig, etc) online platforms?
  2. Got it. Thanks! Thought I missed some release news of some sort. This makes the search a bit more difficult. Guess I shouldn’t have waited. O’well.
  3. Hello folks! Looking to buy an 8.5 slabbed copy of GSX1 with white pages and a centered wrap. Offering close to or at gpa max. Thanks in advance!
  4. Haven’t been on for a bit so I might be late, but did something happen that the prices are increasing again? I’ve been watching a few on eBay and the prices are about libel to triple the initial.
  5. Thanks! I’ve been looking for another site since flippertools is offline now.
  6. Looking for an 8.5 centered white pages. Still learning to grade, but this one looks solid. Thanks in advance!
  7. rogue14


    Great. Thanks!
  8. rogue14


    Hello! Does cgc keep payment method information on file for members, such as, credit card information? If so, is it required to always include on the forms? Thanks!
  9. What other options are there that would provide both buyer/seller protection? I’ve only used PayPal, so unfamiliar with other apps.
  10. Thanks! Gives me an idea of how much space I’ll need. Finally got a hold of a copy, it’s enroute. Going to pull the poster too.