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  1. ALmost sent this one. Yours looks to be in much better condition then mine. Good call!
  2. I did. just checked again: - declared value changed - no date change - says in-house signing grading now - still says received haven’t received any emails either so I guess I have an idea now.
  3. Anyone with a received date of 12/9/19 have any news with your submissions? I’ve got none. Not in a rush to get back, just more curious as to their status with the pressing requested. Probably didn’t help that one of the slabs I sent in I accidentally left omitted one of the numbers on the form so it’s missing a digit. Hopefully it doesn’t slow things down too much.
  4. Great to see they’re enjoying themselves considering the stack of books that needed to be processed. At least we know that what’s on the cart/dolly along the back wall in the room is what’s left. So I’m guessing most have shipped or at pressing now. 🤞
  5. That’s awesome! He Sighed! wonder if the comp is legit. That would be awesome though.
  6. Anyone else checking the submission status daily hoping for an update or change?
  7. Its great that he’s doing this for us, and I commend him for spending the late nights to comply with the signing commitment. Thanks Todd!! Can’t wait!
  8. Glad they signed yours because the add said they needed to be window bagged. Didn’t think they would’ve if they weren’t.
  9. Dang. Can’t see the stories since I don’t have an Instagram account O’well.
  10. Good to know for future reference.