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  1. sliding scale based on the value of the comic which is based on the grading CGC gives the book, based on the factored multiple of the instep of the queen of England, based on how fast you want it done.
  2. you make no mention of whether they are loose stacked or on backer boards in good quality bags. That's important. My ideal world would be about 60F, low humidity. low light in bags on boards. Take care to not stack them all in the same position . Best in good storage boxes, off the ground
  3. I have a differing view. 'That ain't gonna happen". Why would anyone pay more than the current market value of comics every time? It just doesn't sound like a business model that will last over the decades.
  4. tear and color brakes, one really long crease. 4.5
  5. I would hope a press would get the dents out. Slight spine checks and the ragged bottom cover. 7-5-8.0 at best
  6. 5.0-. That spine is hanging on by the skin of its teeth, ( if it has teeth) ..