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  1. I don't think pressing will help you. Those corners are kind of beaten up in actuality. The tear on the back cover and the large number of color breaks on the front cover won't go away in a press and the tear on the front cinches that to me. The pages are surprisingly white. The first few issues of JIM 83,84,and 85 were questionable on the paper quality at least for the covers. "Get Marlow" is probably the authority on Pence variants and he hangs around in the silver age section much of the time with the flying nurses . He's been quietly amassing a peculiar collection of pence variants but really knows his stuff. The Thor belt did change a few issues into the future. It's a nice valuable comic to have. '83 is the only one I don't have u[p to 200. At the time I thought it to be too pricey for my collegiate tastes I think a mid grade was about $60.00 bucks.
  2. I have a JIM 84 that looks a lot like that. 2.0 I want the 10ft Boa Constrictor for $2.98
  3. 8.5. Nice book It's the corners what done it.
  4. 9.0 + depending on who grades and their mood that day. Get the notes.
  5. those corners have taken a real hit. The spine has a fair amount of visible wear particularly around the staples. Long crease near the spine. It has lots of color breaks and could stand some cleaning. 5.5- 6.0
  6. I owned this book in somewhat better presentation condition. It had a 5.0 I no longer own it. I would not advise resubmission. The detached staple is an issue you should not take lightly
  7. Nice book. I see only the back smudge and two slightly scuffed corners. Clean and press. 8.5 as it stands maybe a 9.0 cleaned up.
  8. I'm at a 5.5 but with a question. On Pg 15 is that an actual divot out of the paper at the bottom. If so, 5.0. I do think a press and clean would help here. Terrible wrap.
  9. It appears to me that the upper staple is actually in backwards and does not go through the cover. The bottom one is harder to read but the damage to the front page from that lower staple is not insubstantial. The entire relationship between the cover and the text is just odd. The book appears rippled from water damage, perhaps a mist . The cover indeed has color breaks and several well worn corners but the staples are my big issue and a press wont help with that. If it got slabbed, and sold, the buyer might well not be aware of the interior issues. It has a combination of good and terrible issues. 3.5 I would love feedback on that.
  10. I could be wrong but I don't think it's to save money on postage". I think ( and I could be wrong) it's to evade customs fees. Normally, the law prohibits you from doing indirectly what it prohibits doing directly.
  11. 5.0-5.5 A press will not help with the color breaks or the checks on the spine and they are the biggest issue with the Comic. I don't find the book to have a high enough value to justify more than a good backboard and bag.
  12. It's a readers copy. 2.5. That's a lot of water damage, inside and out.
  13. you guys are tough! I see a minor smudge on the back top cover and the back corner issue but beyond that the gloss is great, no discernible issues on the cover. It leaves me with a solid 8.5