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  1. The list of 11 and 12 year old boys that have money is something their mom's rarely give out. .
  2. you need to read Joesph Heller's masterpiece Catch 22. Milo Minderbinder buying eggs for three cents each and selling them back to himself for two cents each at a profit. It makes sense, especially if you're CGC.
  3. Slabbing comics is supported by anonymous mothers groups everywhere who don't want children reading comics. It just might be the case that CGC is subsidized by one of those mothers groups, working in secret of course.
  4. slabbing monetizies the comic to where everyone pretty much agrees the slab value is accurate. Nothing more really.
  5. color chip on the cover. Spine ticks, rounded corners some stain on the back . For it's age, 4.5 at the best.
  6. Paying for an Overstreet is likely to wipe out any value the comics might have. Well loved, that I get but sadly not gonna buy you a ticket on the QEII.
  7. ... and the tree ate Sheila!! Who knew? When's the last time anyone has seen her? 1962?
  8. Hey , your collecting origins are of little consequence. This from a letch who wandered around in school busses looking for action. Andy Warhol had it right, you'll get your fifteen minutes of fame. Just collect. The journey is worth the disappointment.
  9. Killer Apes in Cowboy comics.. Truth, stranger than fiction... no wait, this is fiction, or do we have apeprints? Steve has swooned.
  10. Raw comics always offer an opportunity for people who can really grade. Otherwise, the notion doesn't really make sense economically to sell continually for what you know is lower value. Unless comics are coming from a very long term collector, people don't sell unless they really need the money.
  11. Brides in Love? That's Sketchy. With who exactly? Inquiring minds want to know. Was this a start of a trend we're experiencing now?
  12. Now that is opening up the sensitive questions about moms everywhere who have driven up the value of comics for decades. You don't need to read it. "It is, therefore, everything's wrong with it."
  13. Well, Hela on the cover was and remains, incredibly hot. I think I persisted in collection the entire series hoping Hela would keep showing up as a glossy cover girl. I 'd keep that comic since it's not that big a cash outlay. Cover girls...
  14. She abruptly vanished on Dec 31st. She had virtually thousands of comics to sort through and grade. Perhaps she'll return someday. i Saw a lot of photos of the books and had a list of the titles in GA and SA most of which were keys. Sadly, it was a textbook study of how not to store comics.
  15. I no longer collect but I remember that comic well.