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  1. where I have observed grading issues have been specific and some quite recent, particularly involving marvel chipping and how it gets dinged from book to book. I think the more value a book can attain based on grade, the more sensitive the issue becomes. I've no doubt it's a big big business and CGC has figured a million ways to milk that particular cow but I've seen the company do hiring to catch up with demand and those people didn't necessarily go to comic grading school. The difference between a 4.5 and a 5.0 in the AF15 is clear. What gets interesting is the continual perception that a book may be a candidate for upgrade and subsequent value increase and that is constant. Right now, the buyers of that particular book seem to be putting out their money based on what they see rather than a stamp of assured value which isn't so assured. I don't think it matters much in low value books at all.
  2. when the focus is really only on appreciated value, people tend to get sort of sloppy. Right now, people seem to be paying attention, a novelty.
  3. You could house the collection in the building right next to the "Napkin Rings from around the World Collection" I don't think you'd need a security vault or anything. "
  4. While I'm genuinely glad I owned all those Marvel books from the 60's and early seventies and sold them for amounts that my mother would still be in the confessional booth about, I kind of wish I'd paid attention to Charlton books. They're dumb enough that it would almost make you proud to collect them. Over here, Jeez, no one else would do it.. I just can't imagine owning something with zero prospects and being proud of it. I loved Reptilicus from the moment I saw it.
  5. certainly not worth starting a food fight over which is easy to do here. I'm comfortable with my assessment.
  6. Given the variety of new methods of making money in the grading biz, I don't tend to think there are ANY unintended consequences. COLLECT THEM ALL! is more like it. Those of us who did rather well with this stuff are the ones who acquired their comics fifty years ago and sat on them. Absolute dummies for the most part. We bought them because we loved them. The last thing in the world I would want is a sealed slab where I couldn't read the comic.
  7. and in my experience, based on simple observations on this board that people see irregular grading constantly, thereby lending to their perceptions that a book is a good candidate for having the case cracked for upgrade purposes. At the same time, we regularly see comics being sold at auction that have the same grade yet the hammer price is dramatically different with the only explanations being that the presentation of the book as better or worse than others was such that the bids tended to match that presentation. Auction houses are in the business of auctioning books. They still get their fixed percentage whether the book grade is accurate or not. Buyer's fee, Seller's fee. Next! Got to sell sufficient volume or you are not cracking the monthly nut.
  8. now back to our main feature: Cardio Vascular Accident AKA a stroke.
  9. while I appreciate your sentiment, I still cling to a notion that the grading would not be as irregular as it often seems to be particularly when it does apply to tradable value.
  10. well, bless the bank of England then, still the envy of the world!
  11. so are these books holding their value or are they too experiencing some market decline concerns as other so called "wall books" are doing?
  12. and here we have it! The tragedy of the loss of confidence involved in choosing a pajama pattern that clashes with your robe. Somehow Betsy has to see him pull through!. Is this a three part episode or could it be resolved more quickly? Inquiring minds want to know!