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  1. Freakin awesome! Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  2. @ivdyernever mind my brother, I found him
  3. Sketch by Ryan Kincaid of Samson from the cartoon show Samson & Goliath (you can see Goliath in the background).
  4. RayJr

    My 1st 9.9

    Eilif Dragonslayer
  5. RayJr

    Recasing Books

    Yea I’m tracking my friend to leave it in the case but if they are saying that it could get damaged before encapsulating then I’m not going to send it in.
  6. RayJr

    Recasing Books

    Thank you for responding. Well I guess I will not send my books in to get recased.
  7. RayJr

    Recasing Books

    Good evening, my question is that whenever you send a book in to be recased, will the grade stay the same? I have a couple of Pedigree books that I want the new Pedigree Label for and a 9.9 book I want to be in a new case. Thank you for your time
  8. Matt, I’m requesting a point increase of Thor 342. I own one of the three 9.9’s. Thor 342 current point total is only 30 points. I’ve seen 9.8 moderns with more points than the 9.9 I have. Thank you If a point increase is possible.