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  1. That is badass. How much did you pay for it if you don’t mind me asking?
  2. Thanks brother. I was in shock when I opened it up when I got back. Definitely will be my first piece of art that will get framed.
  3. A friend of mine got this piece for me as a welcome home gift when I came back from Afghanistan in December 2018. Signed by Ron Wilson
  4. Oh ok gotcha, thanks for the information on the prices.
  5. You got some awesome sketches done brother, very nice!
  6. A few Klaus Janson sigs I acquired through a buddy at the Awesome Con on 04/27/2019.
  7. I’m going to go with a 4.0/4.5. Can’t wait to see what it comes back as. Good luck.
  8. I would give it a 5.0. I think with a cleaning would help out as well. Looking at the back of the book, the color on it can be cleaned to lighten it up. Love me some Thor. I have the whole complete run from JIM #83 to present. Good luck on your book brother.