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  1. If you still did I would be willing to give you a decent sized stack of cash!
  2. I only have two colorless that are slabbed, but I love both of them!
  3. My only pick up from Dallas Fan Expo. It isn’t high grade but it is a Spectre cover and I just haven’t found many of these at all.
  4. To a point I would agree quality over quantity but not if it got really extreme. Hypothetically, lets say if I sold every book I owned I could probably buy a Batman 1 in mid-grade. But then that one book is my comic "collection." Would I get more out of owning that than I would 10,000 different books that I can go back and look at whenever I want? Probably not. But that may just be me.
  5. Dang some folks gettin’ some deals on here today. GLWTS!
  6. I think some of the iconic EC covers with superhero substitutions could be fun. Like tales from the crypt 41. You could sub Wonder Woman for the girl and put other JSA members in the circles to the left. Anyway just an idea.
  7. I cross posted this in the “cigar” thread but it always is such a thrill to make a match I wanted to put this on this thread as well. I had bid on other less attractive covers so when this cover showed up on eBay I just bought it and didn’t bother to try and make an offer and am really glad I did. Matched it up with my coverless and now I have a pretty (relatively speaking) All Star 5!
  8. Got this done last week. Found a cover for sale and had to press a spine roll out of my coverless but the finished product looks pretty good I think.