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  1. I have a copy and if anyone is debating it is well worth the money. GLWTS!
  2. ender

    Action Comics #11, #30 and #51 Pages

    I think they are super cool. I would keep them.
  3. Thanks to @Spyder!for ressurecting this thread. It is like to comic book equivalent of watching pimple popping videos on YouTube. I don't like it but can't make myself look away.
  4. ender

    Golden Age group shot

    Has anyone ever tried to re-create some of the news stand photos that show GA comics? You would need a heck of a collection but it would be really cool to see what all comics were on the stand July of 1972 or any other random month. Some of the photos on here already come close without even trying. Just top notch collections!
  5. ender

    Dom_uh_nator Comic Kudos.

    Dom is great to work with. He let me use extended time payments to pay off an expensive book. Excellent packing for shipping. A+ experience. Buy with confidence.
  6. ender

    Provenance vs SLIGHTLY higher grade

    I would usually go provenance. Especially if it is a cool story. I have a pretty low grade Flash Comics 8 that has a library style piece of paper glued on the inside of the back cover and you can read the date that the owner checked it out to his friends and when they returned it. I really get a kick out of imagining the kid in the early 1940's running his lending library.
  7. ender

    Three years of purchases piled up

    It really is like Christmas, watching someone else open packages. Very nice stuff!
  8. I think the MF went below market. Granted I do have a dog in the fight. But the reason I would say that points to it being below market value would be the fact that it only stayed in eBay for a really short period of time. I think who ever bought it that quickly also thought they were getting a bargain. Just my
  9. ender

    Golden Age Comic Racks

    That's a heck of a find and really neat. Thanks for posting them
  10. ender

    Golden Age Comic Racks

    Anyone want to guess what it would take to really purchase it? I have admired some of these but never bought any. Would this be one of the higher priced ones?
  11. ender

    Golden Age Comic Racks

    I just went and looked at it. 10,000 for an opening bid. You aren't kidding that is for the "advanced collector." It is super cool though.
  12. ender

    I Wanna get Married!

    I just figured out I have a back cover to Action 72, Tec 87, More Fun 97, Star Spangled 32. I know the back cover is identical and according to GCD the inside cover matches what I have. I don't have any of these front covers so I would be willing to trade to help someone finish a copy if they are in need. I am always looking for More Fun pieces and pages! Thanks.
  13. CR-OW, but like many others I will dip into the slightly brittle if it is a book that I could not afford otherwise or if it is a real bargain. I've got a Human Torch 21 that was slightly brittle but it still looks good and I thought for 40 then I could be really careful when reading it.
  14. Thanks so much for shedding some light on this intersting portion of comic history. For the All Star Comics 24-26, OPG notes that Spectre, Starman, and Dr. Fate had all ended in issues 21 and 22. So did DC know this was coming and they planned to move those characters out ahead of time and the owner of All American just kept the title rolling with what he had left? Once again thanks for the thread!