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  1. Agreed. Good restoration would also not cause harm to the rest of the book it touches. The same cannot be said of common tape.
  2. These pages used to turn up pretty frequently in 2004-2007 but now they seem to have found their way into pretty permanent collections. I have one page from that run and (like you) I think it a great and in many ways underappreciated storyline. Good luck in your quest!
  3. That's a great story and the book seems in pretty good shape all things considered!
  4. Really enjoying reading this thread. Some incredible book in there. I always loved this character and the lore surrounding the series. I like to get other artists take on it too and this seemed like a place to show them off where they would be appreciated.
  5. Has a next date for the VCC been decided upon? Always looking forward to them.
  6. If it is too rich for anyone’s blood I could give you a slight downgrade of a restored 6.5 for only 50% of what they are asking for that 8.0!!
  7. If this has been covered in another area I am sorry about that, but I thought this would be the best place to ask for educated opinions: Why is Gwen Stacy's first appearance have so much more dollar value than Mary Jane's? Just a quick look on eBay shows an 8,5 of 31 selling for $1600, while an 8.5 of 43 sold for $449. I think Mary Jane is the far more important character with many more appearances over more years in the series. Is it the idea of Gwen's death that drives it up? I was thinking it might be the murkiness of Mary Jane's first appearance. There is the cameo in 25, you get th
  8. I bought this spy smasher 7 coverless just for this splash page. There are probably other double page splashes in GA books but I am just not aware of any of them. Sorry that I can't figure out how to rotate the picture.
  9. Yea I saw it in the evening and it was still there in the morning so I grabbed it. It is lower grade but feels really solid, and at least Marie Nelson has good penmanship.
  10. Just got this. May have paid too much..don’t really care. This one has been a grail since I saw it as a kid in an OPG. One finally came along in a range that I could afford and it isn’t a book I see at auction very often. I will send it off next week for restoration check. It has some amateur? Tear seals and maybe more. I guess we will see. It it is just tear seals done with tape or child’s paste is that restoration, conservation, or just in the notes? There does seem to be some inconsistencies in this, or it is a subtle difference that I am overlooking.
  11. It has to be a ton of work to run a thread as big as this one that was as well organized. I really do appreciate it. It was a great time!