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  1. That might be one of the best coverless book ever. Great splash page!
  2. I agree that it is a dumb stigma and I think these books kind of prove it. If Jon Berk can have one of the best collections ever and he was ok with a restored book or two then my meager collection can withstand a restored book or two. Especially when many of the services done to the book will actually extend the books life. Great books! GLWTS!
  3. I would assume so but don’t know as I haven’t slabbed it. But danged if it doesn’t look awesome in a Mylar with a full back in there to keep it straight... and just by chance covering up the back of the book
  4. I think that is the only way some collectors with more modest budgets will ever be able to get the big keys. I paid a little over 600 for a front cover of Adventure 48 to go with the coverless I already had.
  5. While not the Mega Keys that are on the list there was a coverless complete More Fun 73 that recently sold for 5000. Any guess on an All American 16 might fetch?
  6. Waiting to see the 1940 Superman and more books so I thought this thread deserved a bump.
  7. I have had this for years. Thinking of getting it slabbed. I don’t think a peer would really help it but cleaning the back cover might. Really solid feeling book. I would value everyone’s opinion. Thanks in advance.