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  1. I go after keys and the best covers in the run first. The reason is these are the ones I most want and I also know I have a wandering eye and if my focus for collecting changes to a new title there should be the easiest, in theory, to sell off. Just my
  2. I have a few Mylar folders. Imagine a Manila folder that goes around the comic and the whole thing slides in comic bag. I loved them and you could see the back of the book, but I haven’t seen any in years. If anyone knows what I’m talking about and where to find someone I would love to get some more.
  3. A few have mentioned that they are Consigning in upcoming auctions and have emailed comic connect. Any word back yet? Just wondering about the turn around times in emails as my employer has told us for good customer service all emails should be responded to in 24 hours or less, even if you can’t solve the problem in that time at least let them know you are aware and working on it. It is disappointing as they were one of the auction houses that previously I have really enjoyed following and occasionally bidding.
  4. Feel luck to have found this. It has no staples but this kid must have had a compulsion to use every bit of masking tape he had to keep this book together.
  5. Agreed, there was a More Fun 34 on EBay that had a wrong interior in it. I alerted they buyer five days before the auction ended. They ignored me and it sold for 125 ( I believe) it was noted as incomplete. I think if they would have been honest it would have sold for about half that. Hopefully the new buyer paid attention and at least knew what they were buying. Seller was cliffbutternut, if anyone has had any dealings with him.
  6. If I am doing one of those things I am busy, you are the super multi tasker!
  7. I just purchased it from Ebay and didn't realize until I got it that it was not all there. Seller did make it right, but now I need a back cover and a centerfold for Action Comics 53. I do have stuff to trade or cash, or well wishes or whatever might motivate you.