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  1. Set: Red Sonja (2005) Book: Red Sonja Annual #3 Certification #: 2066483015 Please add, thanks! Slot Created. Thank you
  2. Set: Red Sonja (2005) Book: Red Sonja #75 Variant Cover B Certification #: 1963038014 Please add, thanks! Slot Created. Thank you
  3. Hi, please add "Red Sonja: She Devil With a Sword #54 (2085473018) the set: "Red Sonja (2005)" There is a slot for #54 but this comic is apparently not valid for the slot. Slot Update. Thank you
  4. Hi, please add "Red Sonja: She Devil With a Sword #41 Adriano Batista Cover" to the set: "Red Sonja (2005)" Thanks! Set updated. Thank you
  5. Hi, please add "Red Sonja: She Devil With a Sword #6 Wraparound Edition" to the set: "Red Sonja (2005)" Set updated. Thank you Thanks!
  6. Hi, Please add to "Red Sonja (2005)" set: Red Sonja #1 Cassaday Variant Cover 2036030016 Slot added
  7. Hi, Please add to "Red Sonja (2005)" set Red Sonja #68 2066509024 Red Sonja Annual #3 2066483015
  8. Hi, For the "Red Sonja (2005)" set, please remove 0157407022 from "Red Sonja 0 Dynamic Forces Sketch Edition" and add it to a new slot "Red Sonja 0 Dynamic Forces Authentix Edition" The slab from CGC has "Dynamic Forces Authentix Edition" printed on it to distinguish it from the "Dynamic Forces Sketch Edition" cover.
  9. Hi, Please add to "Red Sonja" 2005 set Giant-size Red Sonja #2 (Edgar Salazar Cover) 1025067001
  10. Hi, Please add to "Red Sonja (2005)" set Red Sonja 65 (John Watson Cover) 2066166016 Red Sonja 65 (Walter Giovanni Cover) 2066166011
  11. Some feedback from the team at CGC would be nice. If they're unusually busy or whatever, just let us know when we can expect these requests to be processed. Being paid members and paying for grading I'd like to think gives us some expectation that the registry will be maintained in a timely fashion. Hello, As some of the regulars may know, the administrator "thegirlhasnoname" is no longer with CGC. We were sad to see her go but we wish her the best. However, our new team member is still learning the ropes and will stay attentive to answering the chat board questions and requests. At this time, I do not have an answer as to turnaround times but we are working on it. We appreciate your patience during this transition. Thank you!
  12. Before I request a bunch of additions to an established registry set, if a given issue has a handful of variant covers by different artists, are they all eligible to be added to the set as distinct entries with their own point values? I'm looking at the Red Sonja (2005) set and a number of the books have additional variant covers that aren't listed. Some of the issues seem to have all the variants listed while others do not. I just wanted to make sure it was just a matter of requesting their addition before I went ahead and did so. TIA!
  13. I checked this morning and I'm not seeing the book as valid in this set. Does it take a while to appear or am I missing something? Can you see it now? PM TheGirlHasNoName if you are still having trouble. It's there now, thanks! -bra1n
  14. Hi, Please add: Set: Red Sonja (2005) Book: Red Sonja #61 (2011) Variant Cover, Certification # 2037306004 Thanks!
  15. It seems like for the Red Sonja (2005) set, issue #3, there are two possible entries in the registry for the same book. "Red Sonja 3 Adams Variant Cover" and "Red Sonja 3 Variant Cover E" are the same book. Can this be cleaned up and the groups merged?