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  1. Patriot6

    Golden Age books published in Canada

    There is a thread dedicated to GA Canadian editions, perhaps you could pose your question there
  2. Patriot6


    Commie blocker to know what blocker
  3. Patriot6

    I Wanna get Married!

    Looking for - Cover only Archie #8, coverless copy of Archie #7
  4. Patriot6

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    Nice stache' by the way! Almost as nice as that 13
  5. Patriot6

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Explain how you are not? Do you work to earn the money that you use to pay them rent or for the food items?
  6. Patriot6

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Just because taxes are paid, regardless, does not mean you are entitled to social assistance. I don't know how you rationalize that one. Plus, the amount of taxes you do pay, if any, are inconsequential. The fact that you would even think of lumping yourself in with a regular tax payer because you pay $97.00 of tax a year is delusion of grander in this regard. Certainly it is. The government is nominated from the people and elected by the people. At anytime we could choose to have a referendum on social assistance and, if it were terminated, it would be because of people like you that abuse it, ruining it for everyone that actually needs it. What if the cheques stopped tomorrow? Have you ever asked yourself what you would do then? Think to yourself here and take the time to respond. What if you did not have your parents place to live in and there was no social assistance cheque coming each month? What would you do then?
  7. Patriot6

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Why do you think they chose to call it this? It is designed to assist someone who has fallen to get back on their feet. In other words, it is supposed to pay someone's way for a small amount of time while they make every effort to get back on their feet and pay their own way again. It is not supposed to be used as a crutch whereby the payee coasts on the assistance in order to avoid rock bottom. You sir need rock bottom. This is how it is supposed to work - Man loses job and applies for social assistance, begrudgingly, in order to feed his family while he searches for new job. Man finds new job in order to support his family anew and rises like the phoenix from the ashes of social assistance. Man is grateful that he lives in a society that takes care of their own and strives for success never wanting to rely on others again. This is how you are using it - Man child chooses not to gain employment. Man child uses social assistance, for a grossly over reaching amount of time, to fund his meagre lifestyle while living and eating in his parents house. Man child thinks assistance money is his own, that he is entitled to it, and tries to use it to play around with comics, toys, video games and online elf sex quests. Man child is extremely ungrateful that society has carried him for years and feels that he should have more because he's the victim of social assistance and becomes determined to rely on others more. It is not YOURS, you're borrowing it from the government, the people, to get on your feet. You didn't earn it, someone else did. You are entitled to nothing, you receive what you do under the good graces of hard working people. At least try to be grateful and try to thank them by getting your rear out the house and making something for yourself. The people can't do everything for you, only you can save yourself. Get to it.
  8. Patriot6

    To Slab or not to Slab?

  9. Patriot6

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    Are you calling him a tool or a chiseler Or are you saying screw - you I like this game
  10. Patriot6

    Older CGC Red Labels

    I like the old red better.
  11. Patriot6

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    Ohhhhhh the possibilities......