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  1. but... you quoted yourself. So aren’t you the only one speculating?
  2. exactly. i didn't want this to get lost in the pages
  3. this one is one that I will share for years to come. at work, at home...
  4. This was an amazing thread, thanks guys. I went through every page and laughed, hard. Amazing.
  5. Honestly, I'm of the mindset that there is no real protection. You can get museum glass or UV film protection for plastics, but from all the things I have heard, they can still damage your books over time. There was a member here that owned a GSX 1 9.8 and bought the reprint 9.8 for a display. That's what I would do. Display a 'display worthy' copy, and keep your cherished items safe. Ultimately if you are willing to display them, then they are at risk. I have my books in a dark container to avoid all light. Good luck though! If you find some amazing product, please post it up here.
  6. hahah, well apparently you do understand my comment. It's all good, I was just poking fun because it's a point that gets brought up time and time again. Everyone expects the world and yet won't pay for it. CGC goes above and beyond to develop a quality product that we all benefit from, but still expect the products to tell time and put my kids to bed. I apologize. I did not mean to offend you.
  7. Lol i want my cases to include diamonds too, but I won’t spend more than $15 for a reholder.
  8. I've always been a Manara fan. I only have this one in my collection. That being said, I am looking for an X-Force 5 CGC 9.8 if someone has one they are willing to let go of. I see I missed out on the one above...
  9. Wow... what a stand up guy. I have a true respect for John Cassaday to do that. Especially considering he had no obligation to do that. It's always nice to hear when a creator goes above and beyond, and understand his fans. Amazing!
  10. Article has Ethan Van Scabies name attached. Ethan is a doomsdayer and bitter little person_without_enough_empathy who was blackballed by the major publishers for being himself. Nothing to see here people. Move along...