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  1. I don’t like variant covers when the book inside is garbage. Variant covers used to signify a milestone of some kind, now literally all main books get variants for no reason.
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean, but when there are large purchases/sells on the line, I just sign up for a month, at $10, and then cancel the following month. Their subscription is literally $10 a month, cancel any time... so when it comes to big stuff, I don't take the chance
  3. GPAnalysis is the only place I go for pricing... and no, I do not work there.
  4. So the answer to your question is, yes, sort of? GPAnalysis is actually an amazing resource that will highlight how many variants of a SS have been sold. They may not have the figures past a certain date, but it’s most likely the closest you’re going to get.
  5. Definitely a better choice than what Todd uses for himself, Toddfather
  6. This place is a better experience for me as well. There is a bigger network here as well, naturally.
  7. That is untrue. CBCS forums have no problem with others posting up their CGC graded books.
  8. Why?? what’s going on that I don’t know??
  9. No! That's not good at all! Kav was one of the most sincere guys I've met on here. I really hope he comes back. That sucks. I hope he's okay?
  10. I've always thought these were insanely gripping when these came out
  11. It’s too bad that Tim doesn’t remember. If he can’t put it together then you’ve got a real puzzle on your hands. good luck!
  12. Yeah for sure, it’s all good. I just read it as you scrutinizing the options, which is a good thing. Fact of it all is you’re right. It’s a tough thing to speculate. I guess that’s half the fun of it.
  13. Let’s start a revolution Renaming the modern age