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  1. Hello fellow collectors! I'm back with a few more mixed age books you may find interesting! Shipping is $4 for up to 5 books via USPS with tracking, packed very securely. Shipping on the AKIRA lot is $10 via USPS with tracking, packed in a very sturdy box with plenty of protection. Payment via Paypal G&S for our mutual protection and peace of mind! Returns are accepted if you are not happy with your purchase, for a full refund. I only ask that you cover return postage. I will list the books for sale with price and condition and pics will follow up. I'll be happy to provide more pictures or details or info at anyone's request. I will also cut a good deal with multiple book purchases! Also, feel free to PM me offers! Here we go: $45 - AKIRA 10 book lot averaging VF condition. Higher number, lower print run issues that you will be happy with! Books in the lot are #'s 2, 6, 16, 19, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31. $30 - Danger Girl Trinity #'s 1-4. NM+ A covers, beautiful high grade J.S.C. artwork! CGC worthy. $15- Danger Girl Mayday 1-4 NM+ Connecting Subscription covers. More J.S.C. hot girl covers! CGC worthy! $10 - Captain Marvel #1 (2012) 1st print, NM. $15 - The Eternals #3 F/VF, 1st Sersi. $40 - Rachel Rising #1 VF/NM 9.4+, 1st print, low print run. $10 - Mister Miracle #2, F+ , 1st Granny Goodness. $10 - Doom Patrol 117, nice mid to higher grade silver age goodness. $20 - SQUEE 1-4, 1st prints, all NM really nice copies. $10 - Harley Quinn 57, NM+ Tedesco awesomeness. I have 3 copies of this book. $15 - Devil Dinosaur 1 , VF (1978) $30 - HULK 001, NM+, Ed McGuinness Hall of Comics 181 variant. $10 - Dark Horse Insider #27, F/VF, early HellBoy. $20 - Detective Comics 850 NM, 1st Gotham City Sirens.
  2. Here is a few of my sealed LEGO sets, if you see any you like just let me know. The Mega Construx MOTU lot includes Wind Raider, 5 figure pack and 2 single Man at Arms figures and is $25 shipped. I'd like to raise money to purchase a big book I've been after for a while.
  3. PRICE DROPS! MAKE AN OFFER!! Hi all! This is definitely a mixed bag of offerings which includes some action figures and some comics. I may add some LEGO sets if there is any interest. Payment via Paypal G&S please, for our mutual protection. Shipping will be via USPS with tracking and all items will be packed securely. All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING! That said, multiple purchases of comics will be adjusted accordingly. Roughly $5 a book. Multiples of figures will be adjusted as well. Returns are accepted for full refund if you are not fully satisfied, all I ask is buyer pays return shipping. Also, I will cut better deals if buying multiple items. PM me to discuss details or to make an offer. Im raising money for a big book purchase and I'm a motivated seller! Here is a list of the goods with condition and pricing: Corpse Bride Series 1 figures: Corpse Bride- $40, Victor - $40, Skeleton Boy & Girl - $25, Victoria - $25. OR ALL 4 FOR $115 SHIPPED! Star Wars Black Series 2014 3.75" : Darth Malgus - $20, Starkiller - $20, Yoda - $15 Hardlee Thinn Artists Edition & Venomous Edition #3 of 10 and signed by Jamie Tyndall, NM+ $75 Earthworm Jim #2 VF -$14, #3 VF - $14 THOR 390 NM, cap wields the hammer, gradeable copy. $30 Coyote # 11 NM, first McFarlane art in comics. High grade. $25 Miracle Man #15 NM $75 TMNT #60 VF+/NM Mirage $20 TMNT #62 VF+/NM Mirage $25 TMNT IDW #10B NM $20 Wonder Woman Blackest Night 3 VF $10 Captain Marvel #1 - 2012 NM $15 Cocaine Comix #3 NM $25 Haunt #4 CGC 9.6 $60 Pictures of LEGO sets to be added shortly. LEGO 75200 Ahch-To Island Training sealed $20 LEGO 75208 Yoda's Hut sealed $18 LEGO 75169 Duel on Naboo sealed $22 LEGO 75214 Anakin's Starfighter $18 LEGO 76077 Detroit Steel Strikes $30
  4. I have recently become fascinated with the artwork of Christian C Grey. I was lucky enough to pick up a huge 17" × 30" original work that was used to create his comic, Life Sucks. He also sent me a copy of Headache 1-3 and a copy of Life Sucks. He also sent some handmade cig packs, stickers, postcard and a handwritten note on awesome letterhead. I was also lucky enough to score a copy of Watermelon Comix #6 off of the bay. This book and Christian's work may be a little too far out there for some people but, that's exactly what I love about it. The macabre themes and insane amount of detail are incredible to me. Here are a few pics of the art and items he sent me.
  5. Ok, I am planning oon sending in a few books pretty soon but, I have a question. How does the declared value work when filling out the sumbission form? Is it sold prices of a raw book in similar condition or a graded book in similar condition? My copy of AKIRA 38 should be a shoe in for a 9.8, it looks as if it hasn't even been touched. So how much do I declare it's worth? Some sales of raw books on the bay hover around the $200 mark, graded can get a good bit higher. I just want to make sure I fill the form out correctly so there are no issues. I apologize if it is a dumb question. Thanks for any advice!
  6. Rachel Rising #1 NM- $40 Scud The Disposable Assassin #1 (1994) 3rd Print — NM — $10.00
  7. I'm motivated to sell to raise cash for a big purchase! Make me an offer if you like something. Let's do a price drop shall we?! $10 off anything over $50 $5 off anything under $50.
  8. Here are the LEGO sets, all are factory sealed and in nice boxes unless otherwise stated. Prices include shipping! 21134- Minecraft Nether Portal 470pcs. $25 21129 - Minecraft Mushroom Island 247pcs. $19 41145 - Disney Ariel and Magical Spell 222pcs $24 41288 - Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo Strikes 228pcs $20 10765 - Ariel's Underwater Concert 92pcs $17 41339 - Friends Mia's Camper 488pcs $42 41194 - Elves Noctura's Tower 646pcs $55 60173 - City Mountain Arrest 303pcs $35 41154 - Disney Cinderella's Dream Castle 585pcs ---SOLD---- 10764 - Juniors City Central Airport 376pcs $30
  9. Hi all! This is my first sales post so be gentle please!! I've sold tons on the feebay, Facebook and other platforms. I pack securely and ship in a timely manner! Paypal G&S payment for both our protection! Shipping for ungraded comics is $4.00 unlimited with tracking. The one graded book in this thread will be shipped FREE. Books will be packed in a sturdy comic mailer with protection. LEGO prices include shipping and will be packed in a nice outer box! All shipping via USPS Priority. I'm open to offers on multiple books or LEGO sets, so feel free to PM me to discuss! This thread will basically be a warm up for me as I plan on selling a good number of books and many LEGO sets. Claim in thread trumps all PM offers and negotiations. If I am in any way outside the rules or doing something wrong, please correct me or take any neccessary action. I can handle criticism! Books first: Mister Miracle #4 (1971) 1st Big Barda! Nice mid to higher grade and could improve with a press. 7.0+ $90 Coyote #11 (1985) 1st McFarlane artwork in comics. Very nice high grade 9.0+ $30 The Witcher #1 (2014) NM+ CGC worthy $40 ZOOT Comics #8 CGC 2.5 (1947) Matt Baker cover and art. ---SOLD---- The Mighty Thor 390 (1988) NM Cap lifts Moljnir. CGC worthy 9.6 $80 Rick and Morty #1 (2015) 1st print. High grade, low print run. CGC worthy 9.6+ ----SOLD--- Amazing Spider-man 4 (2014) 1st Silk! High grade! 9.4+ $40 Superman/Batman Annual 4 (2010) ArtGerm cover, 1st Batman Beyond in DCU. could use a press. VF $40 Life is Strange #1 (2018) cover A, 1st print, high grade. $15 Bloodstone #1-4 (2002) 1st Elsa Bloodstone, possible TV show in the works?! High grade, low print run, HTF. $60