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  1. I ve visited the site too and i noticed that they dont have their submission forms ready yet. They say it will be coming soon. So i guess you rushed yourself a bit
  2. Hello, I was looking at my tales to astonish comics and found this signature in the splash page of issue 75. Is this from anyone that was involved in producing the comic? Because i cant make it out. Thank you for your answers.
  3. Hello, I see this thread is for canadian customs but since my question is related i thought about posting it here. I live in Athens - Greece and am a major fan - friend of american comics. I have over 5k comics half of them being from the silver, bronze age. For many years i wanted to submit to cgc but i was always afraid of the customs here in Greece.. They can be dreadful..So i wanted to ask if cgc knows anything about Greek customs here (which form should i use) and furthermore if they have any plans about setting up an office in Europe (it could be easyer taking my comics there in person). We live in a globalized world and american comics is a global phenomenon anyway.. Thank you for your answer.