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  1. I have 1, 2, and 5....need all of the rest, so if you have just these issues, or the whole set, let me know!
  2. All 3 issues, $60 + shipping CONUS only please. Read these once, and put them away.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies...I'm very happy with the art. I look forward to making this a focus of my future collecting.
  4. Thinking about selling this, not sure where it falls, single staple, cover is completely detached from this only staple. Thanks!
  5. Yep, being lazy and impatient can be it's in a tape free bag!
  6. Thinking about selling this, not sure where it falls with that tape pull?
  7. Good news all, Mike replied yesterday, Indicating the art was going out, along with tracking info! Thanks everyone for your comments!
  8. Nothing would make me happier than to go home, and see the piece! I have no doubt it will arrive, but communication would be nice! I bought a motorcycle last year from Virginia...took 3 months to make it to me in Florida...but at least they kept replying to's coming, it's coming!
  9. I paid on 8/6, and when I didn't get anything for a few days, emailed him to let him know I paid...that was on 8/9. He replied that he received the payment, but nothing more. A few days later, I requested any updates...nothing. Few days later same...nothing. Sent something earlier today too, hoping for some info. Only concerning thing, he was quick to reply before I purchased...even proactive in communication in some cases. After purchase, things went dark on me. My purchase was likely small potatoes to him, $1300...but was hoping to just get something quick...let me know I'm not forgotten.
  10. Man, I hate talking on the phone these days! But I get it...looks like it might be time to make a call. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
  11. I'm confident I'll hear back soon...just concerning, he was very responsive initially, but after payment...nothing.
  12. Wow that's nice, bet you have some awesome pieces...maybe my purchase was too small potatoes to warrant him responding?
  13. I wasn't too concerned about getting scammed, since I paid with a Credit Card...but he was a bit encouraging of me sending him a check to avoid fees, which I get...but something I would never do on a first transaction. Add that to him going no contact, and I was getting a bit nervous. It never helps when you're dying to receive the any case, many thanks for responding!
  14. Hi guys, I bought a piece of Gil Kane art from the Romitaman site, and had consistent communication with the seller, right up until I paid. Now I have asked for delivery details on several occasions, and get nothing back. Anyone have similar experiences...looks like a trustworthy site, but this sort of behavior concerns me.
  15. I'm leaving this up until Sunday evening...drop me an offer before eBay! Selling my low grade BB28 raw. $1000, shipping included. Probably the cheapest complete copy out there, but I'm open to offers. No trades...I have a piece of original art in mind that I want, and this will be my justification for spending the money! I estimate this is a 1.0 - 1.5 Cover still has quite a bit of gloss. Book doesn't appear to attached at staples, but is still hanging on to the book. Will only accept PayPal as payment. I will ship USPS priority w/ signature required, fully insured. No offers from probation list or in the HoS. 1st has priority over PM's.
  16. Have you ever consigned with either of them? I agree on the headache part...if they do it, might be the way to go. I didn't know they did consignments.
  17. I have heard that registered shipping just confirms receipt of the package, but if the recipient says the package was empty, it doesn't help. I think the respectable middleman would have to be someone with a professional reputation within the comic community...I guess I would expect a percentage for doing the work of course. Would insurance cover a "disappearing" comic? I thought about video-ing me packing the book, and signing the tape after sealing...then requesting the recipient also video the opening...maybe too much?
  18. I've sold and bought books online, as well as on these forums in past...never recall selling a single book over $500 though, although I did sell full boxes for around $350 or so. Nothing too pricey. I have a few books that I, from time to time, think about selling, but I've heard the horror ship the book, but receiver states the box was empty and wants a refund. How do the big guys do it? If I sold a $10k book, and someone indicated they didn't receive it...well, that's more than I'm willing to risk typically. What are the closest to foolproof methods of shipping the book, and protecting yourself from a scammer? I could probably sell locally, but the obvious downsides to that appear...less buyers, likely less money for the sale...but cash in hand transaction. Be nice if someone had a respectable middleman service everyone could use...aside from an auction house. I sell the book, and just get a 3rd party to hold the book, until the buyer provides the funds. Thanks for any thoughts and advice!